The screams were never ceasing. They were locked in a cage dangling above the pits of hell. Xander and Cordelia had seemed to lose track of time as it ticked endlessly by. Where was Buffy? Surely they would have found out if she lost the final battle. They would not be caged above the fire. They would be in the fire.

"Wh...where is she?" Cordelia muttered. Her wailing had finally stopped after days of yelling for help; help that never came.

"I'm sure Buff's just mentally planning. She'll be along in no time." Xander was trying to be the strong one. He was so use to Buffy saving him; telling him what to do. Being in charge was not something he excelled at. But Cordelia was on the verge of breaking. When she wasn't being a bitch, her helpless state was hard to watch.

"She's dead. She has to be. There is no way it would take this long. You said that Willow, Giles, and you were so close together. Surley Spike and Buffy have already gone."

"If they had, wouldn't they be in here with us? Or atleast have gotten us out by now? Maybe it was tired of losing that it took a little break from all the fun." Xander chuckled but Cordelia didn't seem to be in the mood to laugh.

Her fingers clutched around the bars as she gazed out at the blazing inferno. It had taken her days to open her eyes to what was around them. And now that she had, she rarely looked away.

"Cordy..." he began. "I know that this sucks but we just have to believe that Buffy is going to come for us."

She nodded her head slightly before turning a tear streaked face in his direction.

"Xander?" He looked at her. This was the first time that she seemed to be looking at him directly. She continuously panicked and sought out reassurance that he was unable to give.


She moved closer to him on the metal base that they rested on.

"Hold me," she whispered as another scream echoed throughout the evil abyss.

Xander had imagined Cordelia in his arms many times, but as they held eachother in fear, comfort was all that was on their minds.