That night Aldwyn couldn't sleep. He laid awake all night, gazing at the night sky. Every time that he closed his eyes thoughts of his parents kept on popping into his mind.

He had never met his parents, but believed that they were out there. Somewhere. Even though he had never seen them.

Aldwyn would dream of his parents. Wishing that they were there with him. There to help him get through everything.

Sometimes he would wake up and think that they were there, but because he was an ally cat in Bridgetower he couldn't live in his fantasies for long. If he did he might risk missing the chance of finding food or a bounty hunter might find him.

Aldwyn remembered a faint voice from one of his dreams; "Good bye Aldwyn." It was a voice that meant nothing but at the same time meant so much. Aldwyn knew they were out there, if he kept on looking at the night sky.

They were out there, somewhere.

Hi everyone! This is my first story, I hope you enjoy it!