"I wanted to be like you"


It's the beginning of the school day. I get to class early as usual and start drawing. I stop as I hear laughter-Jace must be here. He makes everyone laugh but I've always found it odd how he rarely smiles. In fact, I can't recall a time I've heard him actually smile or laugh. I mean sure, I've seen him smirk and I've heard him chuckle but neither of those really count; he didn't actually seem happy. I find this so weird because we've been going to the same school since I moved here when I was ten.

The bell rings and Jace takes his seat beside me. "Did you enjoy the show?" He smirks. "I know you were staring."

I blush and look away. "No I wasn't." I lie.

"Yeah you were. Were you day-dreaming about me?" He asks.

"Not really. I was just noticing the resemblance between your hair and a golden retriever's tail." I shrug.

This causes him to chuckle. "Yeah, just like your hair reminds me of a tomato." He says.

"Not all tomatoes are red." I point out.

"Fine then, your hair is the color of a cherry tomato. Gee Fray, you're starting to talk about hair just as much as Izzy." Jace says, shaking his head dramatically.,

That's the one and only thing we have in common: Isabelle. She's my friend and his sister. (Although I don't know how since they look nothing alike but oh we'll, I didn't look like Sebastian either but he was still my brother...I'll tell you more about him later.)

I roll my eyes. "Izzy would be ashamed of us if she heard us bickering like this." I say.

"Yeah, she wants us to get along but you keep making it too difficult." Jace smirks.

See? There's that infuriating smirk again!

"Jonathan! Clarissa! Would you mind ending your little discussion so we can start class?" Ms. Johnson snaps.

I can feel my face turn as red as my hair. I hate getting in trouble with teachers; I never know what to say. Jace in the other hand...

"We're sorry Ms. Johnson. We were just saying how much we wish you could be our teacher next year too since you're such an amazing teacher." Jace says, flashing her a smile, exposing his one imperfection (aside from his arrogant personality,) which is his endearingly chipped tooth. The only reason it's endearing is because he got it after getting into a fight with Izzy's creepy stalker ex-boyfriend Marvel be ause he wouldn't leave her alone andts tarted threatening her if she wouldn't start going out with him again. Of course, Marvel didn't expect Jace to best the crap out of him-they had been friends before the stalking issue; needless to say they aren't now.

Anyway, all the girls in the class smile and sigh at the sight of Jace's smile-even Ms. Johnson (which is really unprofessional and kinda gross since she's old enough to be his mother). I think I'm the only girl immune to Jace's 'charms' (well, aside from Izzy but she's his sister so she has to be immune to his 'charms'.)

Despite all this, I kinda wish I could be more like Jace when it comes to speaking in front of the class. Whenever I try my voice gets all mousy.

"Is that true Clarissa?" Ms. Johnson asks.

"Y-yes ma'am." I reply. (See what I mean?)

The entire class laugh and it's times like these when I wish I could be just a little bit like Jace-just when it comes to public speaking.