"So I tried to be like you"


My phone rings around twenty minutes or so after Izzy drops me off. It's Izzy.

"I'll be over in ten minutes to kidnap you for the weekend. Pack your stuff up and wait at the door. Also, I've already verified it with your mom and Luke both of whom I already know are on a date so you aren't allowed to object. See you soon!" Izzy says sounding a little too happy, like she's plotting something.

"See you on Iz." I say.

Izzy hangs up so I just stare at my phone and shake my head. She's completely insane but I don't mind because she's also really nice and weird which is why we get along. Anyway, I shove my phone into my pocket and carelessly throw any and all things that I might need for the weekend, and then I scribble a note down for my mom and Luke (just in case Izzy wasn't being entirely truthful about verifying my coming over with them). I check the window for Izzy and I see her car coming down the street. I look up and head outside.

"Hey Izzy." I say as I jump into her car and throw my stuff into the back. It's a midnight purple Nissan Skyline GTR and my brother would have liked it.

"Hey Clary." Izzy replies, grinning in a way that instantly worries me.

"So, what are we doing this weekend?" I ask.

"We're going to a movie first." Izzy says.

"Which movie are we going to?" I ask.

"Well," Jace starts and I spin around in the seat to look at him, "I wanted to watch a scary movie but Izzy wouldn't allow it." Jace says behind me.

I stare at him. How did I not see him before?

"What's wrong Clary?" Jace smirks.

"H-how did you-When did you?" I splutter.

"Oh, you didn't notice me when you threw all your crap at me when you jumped in." Jace informs me while digging in my backpack.

"Hey! Get out of there!" I say.

"Oh these look nice. Hey match your hair." Jace smirks, holding up my red underwear, waving it around my face like some kind of flag.

Five words: I'm going to kill him.

"Jace!" I shriek, unbuckling my seatbelt to smack him upside the head.

I miss and he grins. "Now they match your face too."

I jump into the back with him and steal my underwear back, shoving it into my bag. Jace starts laughing as I frantically shove all the stuff he took out back into my bag.

"What's so funny about this?" I growl, glaring at him.

"You just...your face...sorry Clary but...that's so funny!" He laughs.

Somehow, watching him laugh makes me laugh too. His face is all red because he was trying to hold the laughter back for so long and his laugh sounds like music...I like it.

"What are you laughing at Fray?" Jace asks, calming down.

"Your face." I reply sweetly.

"Shut up Fray." Jace says, rolling his eyes, his previously happy face replaced with an indifferent one.

"Just when I had hope for you two." Isabelle sighs, pulling over at Simon's house.

"Why's Simon coming?" I ask, instantly worried about where this is going.

"Good to see you too Fray." Simon says, sitting in the shotgun seat.

"Why don't you give him an attempt at a murderous glare when he calls you that?" Jace asks.

"Because you're annoying and he's not." I answer.

"Yeah, I'm not annoying." Simon echoes.

Jace raises an eyebrow.

"Okay, he's less annoying." I restate.

"Hey!" Simon complains.

"Sorry Si, you brought that on yourself." Isabelle laughs.

"Are you gonna answer my question Isabelle?" I ask, using her full first name on purpose.

"What question?" Izzy asks innocently.

"She wants to know why Simon is here, oh brilliant sister of mine." Jace informs her.

"Shut up Jace." Izzy says.

"Iz?" I ask.

"Oh I forgot to tell you. It's a double-date!" She replies, sounding way too happy about this. (This is why I was worried when I was on the phone with her.)

"So you want to guess who your date is Fray?" Jace asks.

"Alec?" I guess.

"I don't think Magnus would be too happy to hear you say that." Simon laughs.

I groan, remembering to buckle my seatbelt as I slouch into the seat since Simon took mine.

"Oh come on Fray, many girls-and some guys-would be overjoyed to have this wonderful opportunity to spend time with me." Jace says with a smirk.

"You heard Izzy. Shut up Jace." I say, staring out the window.


I don't know why Clary hates me so much. I've never really understood it. Everyone else likes my smart aleck act but she doesn't. She thinks it makes me rude and has called me an asshole before...Not one of my shining moments. I just wish I knew why exactly she hates me so much and I'd also like to know why I care so much about what she thinks. I mean, she's just some girl...right? I hate the way she makes me feel. She makes me feel so alive when we argue and tease each other. The only problem with that is that my father would always say, "To love is to destroy." I'm worried that I might destroy her if I allow these feelings I have for her to grow. It's just...I like bickering with her and getting under her skin and fighting with her because I piss her off so much...I like it because she's different. She doesn't let me mess with her without consequences. That's why I tease her about her hair and I made the comparison to her hair and underwear. The look on her face was just so funny...I actually laughed and I haven't really laughed since what happened with Max...I just like having Clary around I guess. That's why I made Izzy invite Simon and let me tag along for the Izzy-Clary mall-movie night.


We walk through the mall and it's pure torture. Every guy in the building stares unabashed at Izzy even though she and Simon are clearly together since they're holding hands. There's also just about every female gawking at Jace and quite a few try to stare at Simon until Izzy gives them a smoldering glare that makes them stop looking at Simon very quickly. Anyway, this is all annoying for various reasons, one of them being that it's like I'm invisible-no one bothers to give me a passing glance. I'm tired of being invisible.

That's why when Izzy says, "Hey Clary, you should let me give you a make-over."

I say, "Sure Iz."

Izzy gasps, "Seriously?"

I shrug, "Why not?"

Simon looks shocked and Jace is looking at me funny but I don't care. I'm tired of being invisible. I want to be noticed-like them and Izzy.

Izzy grins and drags me into loads of stores, making me try on enough dresses to make my head spin. We finally decide on a green and black dress of reasonable length with spaghetti straps. She makes me buy black heels to go with the dress and then she drags me into the bathroom where she has me put on the new outfit. Then she does my make-up and styles my hair.

"All done. What do you think?" She asks, spinning me around to face the mirror.

I gasp. I look like my mom-which is a good thing because I like looking like my mom. Izzy actually made me look kinda pretty. "Thank you." I whisper, in shock as I gather my things.

"Come on, let's go show the boys!" Izzy grins, dragging me out of the bathroom.

"Slow down! I'm not so good with heels!" I remind her, nearly tripping as we rush out.