Prompt: Eating Ice-cream
Author: Kit89
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Charlie/Harry (Pre-slash), Ron Weasley, Bill Weasley, Hermione Granger
Setting: Fifth Year Christmas

Note: This is a one-shot that can be considered a sequel to 'Cuddling' in a way. I'll be doing another one after this...Maybe two. Depends on my bunnies. Lol. Anyway! Hope you like! Review please if you like it... ;) See ya! Kit89


Charlie looked around at everyone gathered around in the lounge at the Burrow. He could see the twins sitting in one of the corners, no doubt planning the next prank victim, or coming up with some other invention of theirs. He thought they were really smart, but were slashing their chances to make a career for themselves by not putting their attention to their grades as well. Such a pity. Oh well, they'll learn. After-all, they could always come to him if they fell into trouble. At least he could be there if they needed him. But he'd let them learn life lessons for themselves. He wasn't going to be their mother... no. Even though he loved his mother to death, she was impossible to live with. He looked around the room again and spotted Hermione standing beside Ron, lecturing him about something. He could definitely see something happening with them in the near future...If Ron could ever take the stick that was up his butt out. He doubted that it would happen in the near future though. Till then, he would make stupid mistakes all over the place. Honestly, he never knew why Ron hadn't come to him yet. Strange...maybe he would arrange some time to spend with him and get him to see his behavior. He'd already pissed off two of his friends...his only friends; next, he'd just screw with the family without realizing it.

His eyes then locked onto Harry, and what he saw had him choking on thin air. He carried an ice-cream container with him, and a spoon was shoved in his mouth so that a one-sided bulge was seen and it seemed he was sucking on the spoon. Good god. He pulled the spoon out of his mouth with a small pop, then went back for more ice-cream. He could see that it was chocolate and then Harry started to lick the ice-cream that was on the spoon in long, slow licks. He shifted on his feet slightly, arranging his robe a bit. His eyes narrowed unconsciously as he watched Harry put the spoon back in his mouth, sucking the remaining ice-cream off the spoon. And again, in he went for more ice-cream.

Charlie had to look away, Harry was a little older than last time he saw him, but that was no excuse for looking at him like that. It seemed as if Harry was developing nicely, and he drove him crazy. The worst thing was – Harry didn't seem to even realize what he was doing!

As he turned his head away, he caught Bill looking at him. Raised eyebrow, smirk on his face, and amusement clear in his eyes. Making his way over, Bill finally stood beside him, and the first thing out of his mouth was –

"You got a crush."

Charlie shot him a look. "No. I don't" he drawled.

"Uh huh. Then why were you staring so intently at something?"

Charlie had nothing to say to that. Blushing slightly he ducked his head a little to hide it.

Bill chuckled. "Just wait a year or two, bro. But be there. You understand?"

Charlie looked back up at Bill in surprise. He saw nothing disturbed in his eyes, and the crinkles around his eyes were deeper, showing his amusement. Nodding, he smiled.

Bill clapped him on the back. Chuckled, and added. "You won't look at ice-cream the same way, will you?" and breaking out into laughter again, he dragged Charlie to the kitchen, and got him his own chocolate ice-cream.