Prelude of Danger

It was dark and the full moon was the only light they had, not that they needed any of it. Two mysterious figures crept in the shadows of mansion, the short one was the first to get to the door using her lock picks to unlock the door as her partner grunted. "Oi, shorty."

"I am not short!" hissed the short petite woman as she head the lock clicked and the door swung open. Quietly the duo walked into the house, while looking out for anything suspicious.

"Are you sure we got the right house, bookworm?" asked the tall muscular man with gleaming red eyes.

"Of course we do! Mira sent it herself!" His lovely book reading partner grumbled about teaching him a lesson after the mission was over. The man grinned at the thought before hoping they would find what they needed fast so that he could have a little fun with the bookworm in front of him. The infiltrators went upstairs carefully looking behind every door and corner of the place, until they reached an office. The office was clean and business-like, nothing to grand or suspicious, but the small blue haired mid twenty year old woman knew something was here. She could feel it in her bones.

"Oi-" Having enough with her partner's complaints, the 'bookworm' turned around and kissed her boyfriend, who was leaning over her making it easier to reach him. He had nothing, but complain since they first got this mission. Levy knew he would much rather be on a 'kill and go' mission as so he called it than be here scouting out for evidence on a certain blue haired and tattooed man.

"Just shut up for five minutes, Gajeel and let me work!" Then she turned and got back to work much to the dismay of her lover who grumbled about getting her back for that later, but secretly he was pleased. Gajeel reminded himself to complain even more just to annoy the shorty. Soon the small woman found something, but it was important that was hidden under the desk.

It was pictures, but not just any pictures. Pictures of her friend, Lucy and her friend's crush, Natsu. Pictures of the two walking in a park, in their house, and what seemed recent a picture of them dancing. All were taken in different angles, but professional enough to know at a glance. Some were so close that Levy could see every single one of her friend's eyelashes.

"We need to get this back to Mira! Jellal could be suspicious of them already!" Quickly as she found them she took out her cell phone and copied the photos onto her phone to bring back to Mira. Suddenly Gajeel heard footsteps in the halls and went over to Levy, who was down to the last photo and opened the window door to the balcony. While Levy looked up wondering what Gajeel was up to now as he held her by her elbow walking towards the balcony. "What are yo-"

"Levy." Levy's eyes widened in surprise at her name coming from Gajeel's rough lips. He had always called her by his nicknames. Shorty, bookworm, chibi, smallie, all sorts of names, but never Levy. The small secret intelligence spy opened her mouth in protest as Gajeel pushed her out to the balcony then locked the door to the balcony and closed the curtains just as the wooden door to the office opened. Levy didn't pound on the door, she knew what he had just done. He had sacrificed himself so that Levy couldn't get caught with evidence her small soft hands at that moment. She wouldn't get caught no matter what happened. Levy would come back for him.

Like any good spy Levy jumped off the balcony safely into the bushes below the balcony.

"What do we have here?" said a mocking voice as the lights to the office were suddenly turned on. Then Gajeel closed his eyes in surrender, and felt a sharp pain rushing through his body from his neck.

Sorry, Levy.

The small blue agent ran, then her cell phone rang. "Hello?"

Then she heard Gajeel shout in agony, Levy felt her legs tremble as a man spoke in cold menacing voice. "If you want to see your partner alive, you'll do as I say..."

"...I'll do it." Levy said, almost immediately in her mind forming a plan.

"Good, then come back to the mansion...If you don't.."

She heard a grunt of pain from Gajeel. "S-stop!"

Levy gritted her teeth as the man on the other line chuckled before cutting off the call. The torn spy noticed water was falling from the clouds and her tears mirrored the action. She turned around and went to her caller's log and turned around and ran."...Sorry Gajeel."

I have to hurry.

"LAXUS!" shouted Mira entered the briefing, Laxus looked up from a file then saw Mira with a look of pure rage. "...Mira."

"Get me Gray and Juvia."

"But they're-"

"I need Gray and Juvia NOW!"

"Oi! Calm do-" Mira whipped around jabbing her husband in the chest. "Don't you dare tell me to calm down! One of our toughest agents is now in Jellal's hands and one of them didn't report it to me and possibly went rogue. Now get me Gray and Juvia on the line now, and don't act like you don't care."

Laxus shook his head dialed Gray's number from the agency's private connection line.

"Hello?" said a female's voice coming from the line.

"Juvia? Is Gray with you?" asked Laxus.

"Yeah. We just finished up our job." said Gray. "Is there a problem?"

"I want you and Juvia to break out Gajeel."

"What?" said Juvia surprised that her long time friend actually got caught.

"I need you to also track down Levy, the two of them were on a mission. Gajeel got caught and she's blocking all my calls."

"Do you have any proof?" asked Laxus. He knew it was on Juvia's and Gray's mind at the moment and his. Mira sighed and took out a C.D that she had gotten moments ago by a anonymous person, who Mira knew in her guts that it was Jellal. Sneaky bastard. If I get my hands on him there will be hell to pay. Mira put the C.D into the player and closed her eyes as Laxus and the duo on the other line heard Gajeel's shouts of agony.

"Is that proof enough?" The former 'Demon' woman asked silently. Mira could hear Juvia struggling hard not to cry as Gray said firmly. "We'll bring them back."

Laxus dismissed them with information on Levy and Gajeel's mission, but didn't know what the duo had found. Once the line was cut Mira calmly sat down next to Laxus only to pulled by him onto his lap. The white haired woman then and only then let her tears fall.

"We'll find them, Mira."

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