Megamanman Battle Network Rock's final battle and Roll's Despair

A Rockman VS Bass/RockmanXRoll Fanfiction


The sounds of explosions and the screams of the girls blue friend were heard from the area beyond hers due to her friend fighting his enemy again.

The boy in blue with a blaster for an arm was screaming due to the extreme pain from the caped man's attacks, "Hmph you've grown soft Rockman" said the caped man.

"i I won't die yet Bass I'll defeat you Netto send a chip" the Blue Bomber asked his NetOp to send him a battle chip which he did reaching Bass and landing a fatal sword blow to the midriff area.

The fight dragged on for what seemed to be hours but lasted only half an hour as Rockman finally laid the deleting blow but with injuries enough to kill a human.

"Well done you beat me for the last time there's no coming back for me this time" Bass gave Rockman a look of respect for the first time ever as he was deleted forever but then Roll showed up.

"ROCK" the pink Net Navi ran over to her friend who was lying on the floor then held him in her arms with him looking at her smiling, "Roll i it's over Bass is d defeated for good", the Blue Navi could barely speak but worse he couldn't even move.

"Rock please don't die not now" Roll Rockmans closest friend pleaded Rockman not to die while Rockman saw her crying he smiled and began to speak "Roll it's too late for me now I can't keep my system running I have to shut down but before that I need to tell you something so could you bring your head closer."

The pink Navi put her ear next to Rockman's mouth to hear what he had to say and heard it clearly before Rockman shut down straight after with the tears running down her face.

"ROCKMAAAAAAAAAAAAN" the pink Navi screamed her lost friends name as he shut down after telling her his real feelings "no I don't want this I love you Rock please don't shut down now please ROCK."

The girl's cries could be heard throughout the entire net including her friend's homepages signalling her friends what happened and her feelings for Rockman.

Roll had lost the boy she loved.

This is my first attempt at a Fanfiction so I don't know how it will turn out, I'm also working on a Higurashi fanfiction at College so I've got two fanfics in progress but this one is my main focus right now.