Megaman Battle Network Mega's Final Battle and Roll's Despair

A Rockman EXE X Roll EXE Fanfiction

Chapter 2: Rolls sadness and Mayl's feelings

A few weeks have passed since the day Megaman shutdown, his friends and family decided to leave his body with Roll. Roll would always see Megaman after Mayl returned home from school with Lan but she would still cry.

Rolls walked over to the extra bed she had summoned up and sat on the side next to her one and only love, "Mega why did this have to happen to you" Roll started crying again!

"How's Roll doing Mayl?" The brown haired boy asked his childhood friend with a look of sadness on his face. "Still upset I'm afraid" Mayl said to Lan, "I just can't believe Megaman my brother Hub has shutdown" Lan started to cry as he said that.

"Lan" Mayl ran over to her friend and hugged him tightly crying as well as him "I'm sorry this happened to Megaman Roll didn't make it on time," Mayl apologized as if it were her fault. "You don't have to apologize Mayl you and Roll haven't done anything wrong." Mayl let go of her friend and sat down on her bed with him sitting down with her.

"Hey Lan?" Mayl looked at her friend and blushed a little as she said his name, "hmm what's up?" wondering why Mayl had gone red he asked her what was up. "Well I was wondering do you have a girl you like."

Lan blushed even more then Mayl did before she asked the question, "w why are you asking me that?" Mayl looked down with her hands on her knees "I'm just curious is all" Mayl looked away from Lan as if she would cry hearing his answer.

"Well I do have someone I like but she doesn't know." Lan said looking away from her as she looked at him "d do I know her?" Mayl looked at her friend who had his face turned away from her. "y yeah y you know more about her than anyone else actually" Mayl blushed a little more thinking Lan was talking about her than decided to tell Lan something.

"Hey um Lan?" Lan turned around and looked at Mayl with a red face "y yeah" "I… well um I… l… love you" Mayl said this hugging Lan straight after with him blushing even more and being speechless for at least a few minutes then began to speak, "Mayl your serious?" Mayl looked at Lan and nodded "then I guess I should tell you who the girl I love is."

"Mayl the girl I love is," Mayl looked as if she was going to cry up on hearing who Lan loved and then "none other than you Mayl" Lan said kissing her on the forehead.

"Lan you mean that?" Mayl asked with a look of happiness on her face, "Yeah" Lan and Mayl then had their first kiss as a couple and after decided to check on Roll.

Back to Roll

Roll had climbed into her bed and went to sleep while Lan and Mayl were talking she had dreams where her and Megaman were happily together but always woke up crying! "Megaman" Roll said her waking up after another dream crying again.

Roll decided to go out onto the net and go to a cybercafé in that café she didn't order anything she just sat down and went through her memories of when she was with Megaman.

Roll then made a decision which she knew would make Mayl sad but she didn't want to go through her sadness anymore

Right sorry this took me so long to release College has been a huge pain in the ass and it's been taking up most of my time but next week I've got half term. As for the decision Roll made it will be mentioned in the next chapter sorry about the cliff hanger but I hope you enjoyed this chapter and will look forward to more.