Rosario + Vampire: Senior Year Season 2.

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I am going to finish season 2, but it will be longer than season 1 as in the season 2 manga things have heated up immensely opening many story options for me too work with.

The Akua and Tsukune pairing will have great importance in this story line, even if some of you do not like it. If you stick with the story you might be pleasantly surprised, at least I hope.

The first four chapters will be edited and re-written. Chapter One is mostly in the original format, but I have added some more to the story.

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Rosario+Vampire: Senior Year/Season 2 Chapter 1:"Healing + A Vampire"

My name is Aono Tsukune, I am 18 years old and this is my final year at Youkai Academy. Actually this is the beginning of the final semester before finals and graduation. My life has been turned upside down, inside out, and any other words that can describe the shear madness that is now my life.

Ah you want an example right? Well here goes.

I believed I was a human for 17.5 years, until my family decided to drop the bombshell on me, by telling me after the fact, that I was a pure blooded vampire, and the heir to the throne of the vampire realm which is currently ruled by my Great-grandfather Akelam Joseph and Great-grandmother Akelam Anniana.

Moka nearly killed me by injecting her blood into me as she attempted to turn me from human to vampire, her blood nearly turned me into a ghoul, and this was the main reason that transformation nearly happened because I was already a vampire from birth, which I did not know at the time.

Her Shinso blood was poison to my normal vampric blood, and thus my mother who is the eldest daughter of Issa Shuzen and Naomi Bloodriver who I thought was my cousin Kyoko, who is also a very old vampire herself, more than one-thousand or so years old, had to save me.

Well you know all that from season one, so I won't go back over what has already been written, just go back and read it yourself if you haven't already.

Well too make a long story short, to save Moka, and the dark lord Tenmei "Baruku" Mikogami, who is also Youkai Academy's Board Chairman, I had no choice but to marry Akua so that with our combined powers we could overcome the Fairy-Tale's leader, Manaxus.

Well after words, Moka who was not about to lose me to her elder sister, married me also, and let me tell you something, though it is fun sometimes, it is also a living hell, as Moka and Akua have a running bet on who will get pregnant first. Pause a moment. . .wait for it...understand why I said my life is madness?

Akua also wants to spar with me in our true battle forms, which here at Castle Shuzen we have plenty of room to train, I usually get the snot knock out of me especially when Moka joins in..

Oh and to add to my problems my dear father-in-law slash Grandfather Shuzen Issa, invited Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari, and Rubi-san to stay there also, plus Kocoa, Uncle James and Aunt Kahlua as well as Gin sempi. How much more crazy will everything get?

I don't know, but this is sure turning into an experience that I will not soon forget.

Also I am having a growing feeling of dread that our conflict with Fairy-Tale is not over yet.

Akua and Moka tells me that I am just over-reacting because of the trauma we all went thru earlier this year, but I don't buy that at all.

I have long since learned to trust my feelings, so I enter each day of training with my whole heart, for I believe what is coming is far more dreadful than what we just experienced not that long ago.

Oh I hear Kyoko, oops I mean my Grandmother calling for me, dinner is served so I best close for now, be back latter.

As Tsukune descended the stairs to the main ball room, Kyoko who is actually his grandmother slash step-mother-in-law and younger sister of Akasha Bloodriver, Naomi Bloodriver Shuzen, met him half way.

"I thought I was going to have to drag you down here for dinner Tsuki."

He smiled at her and said, "Let me guess the tomato soup is growing cold?"

"Not actually cold, it's still warm enough to melt Mizore if she spills it on her." Naomi chuckled as she started walking next too Tsukune.

Naomi's smile then became a frown of concern, then a serious look crossed her face as she inquired, "You can sense the coming storm can't you Tsuki?"

He was nearly taken a back with her bluntness, then realized she could also sense what he felt.

"Everyone is taking things way too easy since the fall of Manaxus, but I sense a stronger than Manaxus has taken over the leadership of Fairy-Tale, as a matter of fact I think Manaxus was a pawn to someone or something stronger and more dangerous than perhaps Alucard himself.

It is dangerous for us too think we've won the war from just one battle and I know for this whole thing to end, Alucard must be completely destroyed."

"As I said earlier I do not believe Manaxus was the real leader of Fairy-Tale, he was up the chain of command, nearly at the very top, but I sense someone more powerful is at the reigns."

Naomi upon hearing what Tsukune said, was impressed with his ability to see into where others could not.

"Well I agree with your assessment Tsuki even if the others don't share it."

"Then the rest are fools not to take this seriously now." Tsukune shot out in frustration and anger.

Then she decided to pose another question to him.

"Tsuki what do you make of the report that Kocoa and Rubi gave about the egg they discovered in the snow women's village?" She inquired.

"All I know is that Kahlua nee-san helped plant the egg, but she didn't know entirely what it was, I can't even make a guess what it could be." He answered as they entered the elaborate dinning hall.

Dark lord Mikogami starred intently at the egg in the snow women's village.

Standing next to him was the Snow priestess Arreena Sikkitto, who quietly waited for the dark lord's assessment of the egg.

"This is quite fascinating," lord Mikogami finally remarked as he kept starring at the egg.

"If it wasn't for these root like appendages that grow out from the egg, I would say this was a dragon's egg.

But the power this egg radiates and how these appendages controls the seismic instability here leaves even me at a loss.

I have already sent for lord Touhou Fuhai so he can also assess the egg.

I have also received reports that these eggs are all over Japan, maybe in other countries as well."

The Snow Priestess commented as she looked intently at the dark lord, "This thing is feeding off of the energy that makes up this realm master Mikogami, and it feeds off of us as well, my people are growing weaker by the day, and I am afraid that if we don't do something in the next week or so, many of my people are going to die."

"Until I can work this out Sikkitto-san," the dark lord replied. "evacuate the village and go to the Academy, I will create a temporary snow village there until I can find a way to destroy this thing. For now this is the best I can do."

Akasha Bloodriver stood before her master Alucard as their minds merged into one.

She fell into a dream state as their connection was made. "Is all things ready yet woman?" Alucard spoke with the coolness of an iceberg.

How she wanted him dead, but she had no power to over-ride his power over her.

Had she known that this was going to be her fate for saving her precious daughter, she would have found another means to do it.

"Another week or two and we will have the manpower restored my master."

"And my eggs?" he also inquired.

"They will hatch in a couple more days if our time table is correct."

"Excellent, soon I will be strong enough to make that fool Akelam bow before me, just as I have made you to bow Shinso Akasha."

She bowed her head, then inquired, "Is there anything else my master?"

"Yes," Alucard responded, "I want Akua brought before me alive so I can eat her, and I want your daughter Akashyia and her husband Aono Tsukune brought to me alive as well.

That boy Aono is a threat to our plans, he even matches or exceeds your Shinso powers at the moment as it was he who defeated my father Manaxus.

For this that boy must be added to my being as you have been. Is this clear to you my slave?"

"And my daughter?" Akasha replied.

"You know I need her blood and her soul too fully awaken my slave," he responded coldly, "With her out of your life, you will have nothing to hinder your service too me.

Enough of your questions, now go and accomplish my commands."

It was later on in the evening when Tsukune nearly dragged himself into his room, and flung himself onto his bed.

It had been a long hard day and he was looking forward to a good nights sleep.

As he finally got his pajamas on, there came a soft knock on the door.

Sighing to himself, he walked over and open it to reveal Mizore standing there with just a robe covering her.

"Can I come in Tsukune?" she inquired and walked right in before he could respond.

"Mizore-chan!" he exclaimed in fear, "I don't think this is a good idea, Moka and Akua could walk in any minute and how will I explain to them why you're in our room?"

Mizore just slyly smiled and said, "They won't come up for a while yet, we have time for you to make a baby with me."

He grimaced within himself, then as gently as he could, he responded, "I can not give you a child Mizore-chan, I am a married man and I can not nor will I ever be unfaithful to either Akua and Moka."

"You don't love Akua-chan Tsukune." she responded as she fought back her tears.

"I know you love Moka, but can't you love me also?

I am willing to do anything, even be your concubine to be with you."

"So would Kurumu-chan, Yukari-chan, and Rubi-san, Mizore-chan." Tsukune answered.

"But I do not want concubines, besides my concubines if I were to have them would have to be pure-blood vampires, which you guys are not." he responded as kindly as he could.

"I am so sorry Mizore-chan, but I cannot make a baby with you, or take you as my concubine, I love you as a friend and I don't have any other feelings for you but that one."

"Tsukune please?" the snow girl pleaded.

"I would be good to you, we could run away from all of this and have a normal life together."

He lowered his head in sorrow as he softly answered her.

"What is a normal life Mizore-chan? Everything that I have endured this year especially has been far from normal."

"The Tsukune you met two years ago no longer exists Mizore-chan, he was a lie just like his life had been.

If I could have that normal life again, it would be heaven for me.

I keep hoping this is all some terrible night-mare that I will soon wake up from, but it's not, and my future life is still a mystery too me."

As he reached out his left hand too rest it upon her shoulder, she turned from him running for the door.

Moka then entered the room in her inner form, as Mizore ran out from the room crying almost running into her as she left.

Moka looked at Tsukune and knew at once what must have happened as she seen the torment in her husbands eyes.

"That must not have been easy." she commented as she closed the door behind her.

"I really don't want to talk about it right now Moka.." he softly remarked as he turned towards the bed and started for it.

"I have to break the hearts of three others and I don't look forward to hurting our precious friends."

She hurried to him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders and responded, "Lover your life lately has been painful beyond words, and I know I am guilty of adding a lot of that pain.

But somehow lover you have to let it out, so you can move on, or this is going to destroy you in the end."

"Just tell me Moka how I am supposed too do that?" he groaned aloud revealing the torment from within.

"You bury the person who you thought you were Tsukune, and embrace who you are now." Moka responded as she held to him tighter.

"My entire life has been revealed too be nothing but lies, hell I don't even know who I am anymore, and you talk about moving on?

"You don't have too bury those things that makes you who you are Tsukune lover, just those things that makes you cling onto the pain and resentment."

"That is all I have now that makes any sense too me, gives me the killing intent too use against my enemies, that is making me the proper vampire killing machine right?"

"I should have been raised with the knowledge of my heritage starting when I was just a small child, I could have excepted what I am and avoided all of this Moka!" He exclaimed as he tightened the hold they now had on one another.

"But they didn't Tsukune, and you can't change that, just except and move on. You are not alone you know, you have me and Akua to see you through this."

He stared at her for a moment and replied, "And that is another thing that torments me lover, all I want to have for a wife is. . ."

He was cut off when the door opened and in walked Akua.

When she seen the two embracing a tinge of jealousy hit her but she just wore a smile as she approached them. "Did you guys forget the arrangements?"

Moka turned to face her elder sister and responded with anger.

"No we did not forget our arrangement nee-san, and this is not what you think it is, our husband is on the verge of a mental collapse and we have to help him overcome it before it is too late!"

Feeling a bit embarrassed Akua blushed, then she smiled again and replied, "I know just the thing that will help you husband, just get your workout clothes on and meet me and Moka in the training area."

This is not the time to train Akua!" Tsukune remarked in frustration.

"Who said anything about training?" Akua replied as she motioned for her sister to follow her out, "Just get your workout clothes on and meet us there, and that is not a request husband."

Kurumu tried to comfort her friend but also tried to tell her before she made her way to Tsukune's room that she was in for a heartbreak.

"Didn't I try too tell you Mizore that this wasn't going to work?"

The heartbroken young snow woman didn't even look at her friend as she sadly responded. "I thought with everything that happened perhaps there was a chance."

Kurumu sadly looked at her grief stricken friend and replied as she held her tightly too comfort her.

"Tsukune is messed up inside Mizore you know this as well as I do.

I want him to be mine also and it hurt me more than you could ever imagine as he is my destined one.

Mizore look at me and try to understand what I am about to tell you."

Mizore looked into her friends eyes as Kurumu continued.

"I am a vampire now because I let my grief take me down a road where I thought the only way to end the pain was too end my life.

I have an eternity now as a reminder of my selfish actions.

I love Tsukune with all my heart and soul but I realize also that he will never be mine, like Moka is too him."

"But why is he married to Akua?" Mizore exclaimed as her tears flowed once more.

"He doesn't love her, and I was there as you where, he hates her and yet he shares the same bed with her, I don't get it Kurumu and you can't tell me that you do, I know you better than that."

Kurumu looked at her friend and replied.

"You're right Mizore I don't quite understand it except that Tsukune done it to save Moka, and he would have done the same thing to save any one of us as well, that is just who our Tsukune is.

And I will tell you this as well, he is our friend and we are precious too him, remember that okay?"

Tsukune walked into the training area dressed in sweats, and noticed both Moka and Akua dressed in theirs also.

Akua spoke to her sister, "Remove his limiter."

He looked horrified at both his wives and tried to protest, when he felt his bracelet come off, and the transformation began.

In his true battle form, all his rage and anger, heartache and sorrow was unbridled, only the shear power of his will kept those things from erupting, but he knew that he would not be able to contain it for long, and that frightened him most of all.

Akua walked up to him and spoke, "I represent everything you lost to Fairy-Tale Tsukune, including your innocents.

Had I and Fairy-Tale not changed your life, then possibly you may have continued to believe you were human.

Take your anger and rage out on me, for I deserve this and you know it.

You can say this is my wedding gift from me too you."

He just stood there for a long silent moment, then as if something snapped inside him, he began to shake and tremble, then dropped too his knees and let out a very soulful cry.

And he wept and wept, as his wives stood there in shock.

His mournful wales brought the rest of his family and friends running out to see what the commotion was all about.

Naomi knowing what was happening, rushed to her grandson's side, and as she neared him, she transformed herself into the one person he would cling too at that moment.

"Tsuki?" Naomi spoke as she was in the form of Kyoko.

The transformed Tsukune looked at her and seen her own tears falling as she wrapped him in her arms rocking him and saying, "I am so sorry Tsuki, so so sorry, please forgive me and your mother, we didn't mean to cause you so much pain."

Then Issa shocked everyone also, especially his daughters as he walked over and in an action he wasn't accustomed to show, kissed his grandson on the forehead and whispered, "The fault was mine as well my child, and I also apologize for my part in this."

And for the longest time Aono Tsukune screamed, wailed, and grieved until the healing process began.

Touhou Fuhai arrived the next day to the snow village to meet with his friend and other dark lord Tenmei Mikogami.

As they embraced, and began too head for the ice caverns to see the egg that he was told about, he spoke.

"As you know I came as soon as I got word, but I am curious old friend why you insisted on me to come and see this myself?

Your word has always been enough for me."

Mikogami looked at his friend once they arrived in the caverns and then said, "Walk over to the egg and tell me if I am crazy for sensing what I sense from it?"

The other dark lord approached the egg and stopped dead still as his eyes widened, "This cannot be Mikogami!" he softly responded as he turned to face his friend.

"I am not crazy after all am I right Touhou?" lord Mikogami smiled.

"If what we both sense is true old friend," Touhou Fuhai began, "then both the human and the monster world's are definitely in grave danger.

But if she is the reason for this, that must mean that the beast Alucard is awakened and is using her to destroy us, her friends."

"I cannot believe Akasha is doing all of this from her own freewill Touhou." lord Mikogami responded.

"It's not just us Alucard is after then is it Mikogami?" Touhou Fuhai inquired as he still looked at the egg.

"Moka-chan is now unsealed until she returns to school, and her Shinso blood is very much awaken." Mikogami replied.

"And her memories?" Touhou Fuhai inquired.

"Still locked away for the most part, she has no idea that her sister Akua is responsible for Akasha's death, well not death now, but her transformation to evil."

"Well I came a long ways to see this egg," Touhou Fuhai began to speak.

"Let me see if I can do something about this."

"Is everything ready for launch?" Akasha Bloodriver inquired from her lead technician and engineers.

"We have everything ready the ground around the castle has been separated and all engines are a go, my lady." the head technician for Fairy-Tale reported as a uniformed young vampire approached her with a message, and handed it too her.

Akasha nodded to the soldier as he crisply saluted and left the main control room.

As she read the letter, she heard her master respond, "Well I guess I misjudged her, tell her to proceed with phase two of the plan then."

Akasha nodded her response, then commanded a messenger to get word to their operative.

"Tell Commander Akua that phase two is a go. And that the master said well done."

Well here is the first re-written installment of season 2 and I hope you all like this so far. I began this earlier than I expected, but I had nothing else too do.

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