Rosario + Vampire: Senior Year Season 2 "Phase 2 + A Vampire."

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Chapter 2:

Akua was double checking her possessions before she departed to report back to Fairy-Tale HQ. She felt so sick inside for the betrayal she was about to commit to her step-father Issa, and the upcoming betrayal to her precious sister Moka, and her husband Tsukune.

She read a letter she had received just before the new leader of the organization had sent her word to begin with phase 2 of her mission.

She stopped with her packing and re-reading the letter which said,

Dearest step-daughter,

I have received word that Akasha Bloodriver, that sex toy of your father Issa is now the head of Fairy-Tale, which is something I am about to rectify as soon as possible. As the daughter of Alucard it is I who should lead, and it is I who should be responsible for the fall of the human race. Find a way to get that child of Akasha to Fairy-Tale Headquarters, I don't care how you do it my child, but do it. It should not be hard to convince my father to install me as his right hand. Also try to lure your father to me as well, I have such a surprise waiting for that bastard! Until you receive word from me, follow your current orders.

Your Step-Mother,

Shuzen Gyokuro.

Akua closed her eyes, wishing she could have some semblance of a normal life.

After all was she not a married woman now?

Even though she knew her husband did not trust her, and not sure he cared for her, but still she felt like she had a family once again.

But now she had to follow her grandfather's orders as well as her so called beloved step-mother, and try to lure her sister to her doom.

He needed Moka's Shinso blood for him too finally awaken physically, and then. . .she cringed with the thought of it.

"Nothing is stable." she finally mused as she folded up the letter and packed it with her things.

"I was trained for this purpose no matter what I feel or think, my grandfather's will and desires must be fulfilled." (sigh).


James Morgan stood on the tower balcony at castle Shuzen looking at the night sky, when he noticed a small bat flying quickly towards him.

As the bat reached him, it transformed into human form and bowed before James.

"What is it Forest?" James inquired as he expected the worst.

"My lord, I have a message for you from the Emperor himself."

"Let me have it Corporal." he commanded while the messenger handed to him a large white envelope. James opened it and began to read,

Senior Commander Morgan,

I have received word that Fairy-Tale has reorganized and I am considering calling up for duty the Moraviano Knights and place you in command. I want you and Tsukune to report to me as soon as possible.

I have already sent word to dark lords Tenmei Mikogami and Touhou Fuhai to be present as well. Tell Tsukune not to tell anyone about what I have told you, and that also includes you as well, no one must know anything except that the two of you are to come to me as quickly as possible.

I will brief the two of you upon your arrival.

Tell Forest to give me your answer and I shall see you both soon.

Respects and Love,

Emperor Akelam.

After James finished reading the message he handed it back to Forest and responded, "Tell the Emperor that both me and Tsukune will be there quickly."

The messenger bowed then transformed into a bat and flew off into the night.

James sighed, then looked at the night sky one last time as he whispered, "Will this madness ever end?"


Aono Moka was silently watching her husband ever since his breakdown the previous night, he was so quite right now as he stared almost blankly out their bedroom window.

She wasn't sure if she should hold him or just leave him alone?

Just as she figured it was best to leave him alone and leave the room, he responded, "My family should have never hid the truth of who I am from me, but I understand why now, though it hurt so bad, I am accepting what I am, but I'll be damned if I let this change who I am."

He finished as he turned to face her with a large smile on his face and a gleam in his crimson eyes.

"I love you Moka and that will never change, and in time I might even learn to love Akua, but I know that this is hard on Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari and Rubi-san not understanding why I won't make them concubines."

"I won't have that lover!" Moka responded with anger as she neared him threateningly.

"It's hard enough for you to be with Akua-nee-san, I never ever wanted to share you with anyone damn it Tsukune!"

He seen his precious Moka fighting her own sadness with the situation.

"Lover," he began as he approached her, "That was not my idea, I had no choice if I was going to save you and lord Mikogami."

She tensed when he embraced her and whispered in her ear.

"You will always have my whole heart, mind, and soul, you are my soul-mate honey please remember this okay?"

"But I will never have you all to myself , don't you realize what that is doing too me?" Moka shot out in anguish.

But Aono Tsukune did understand how she felt though he would not tell her this, for he longed to see Omote Moka, and knowing that was an impossibility now that the two persona's were now one. After all was he not also sharing himself with two Moka's?

He gently placed both of his hands on her cheeks and responded.

"I hear you lover, I really do, and if all things were perfect, which they are not, we would be far away from all of this and live our lives together just you and I."


As the flying fortress of the Fairy-Tale headquarters was now at its maximum altitude, Akasha Bloodriver was watching as a helicopter was nearing to set down on the helipad.

She cringed inwardly as she seen the person who was on board step off making her way quickly toward the command room.

"My daughter is here is she not?"Alucard inquired from his puppet.

"She is master, and I believe she is here to take my job."

That bothered Akasha immensely for that would mean if Gyokuro was to take her place, that meant she would once again be consumed by Alucard, and secretly she swore that would not happen to her again.

"In time she will Bloodriver, in time, for now you are too vital for me to terminate.

You are my link to Akelam and the Imperial house.

With your family out of the way, my plans to destroy humanity will go unchecked, welcome her warmly and I will speak to her through your mouth."

It was not long after Alucard grew silent when his daughter Shuzen Gyokuro entered the command room stepping toward Akashya.

"Welcome too the Fortress Gyokuro-chan." Akasha bowed in welcome.

"I will have words with my father alone sex toy." Gyokuro ordered as she walked past Akasha towards where her father lay dormant.

Alucard upon hearing his daughter's words spoke his anger to Akasha's mind and the puppet of Alucard opened her mouth to speak.

"Careful my daughter, you give no orders here as yet, and never will if I decide so, do you understand me?"

Gyokuro turned on Akasha, not realizing that her father was using her as a mouth piece and responded in rage, "How dare you speak to me as if my father spoke thru you bitch!"

Alucard using Akasha's body as his own, back handed his daughter hard across the mouth sending her head long into the Plexiglas window that separated the chamber from the command center, and leaving a bloody wound to the back of her head.

"Me and my puppet my insolent daughter are SHINSO'S do not ever speak at us with that tone or I will kill you as I killed your whore of a mother, understand me girl?"

His daughter staggered to her feet, rubbing her head then looking again at her blood stained hand, and bit her tongue before responding. "As you command father."


Issa Shuzen was on his way alone towards the garden of his castle when a dark figure struck him fully at the base of his neck, with such force that it rendered him unconscious.

While the dark figure stood over the head of the House of Shuzen, two other figures stepped from the darkness holding silver links of chain to bind the vampire with.

Then the dark figure pulled back the hood covering its head, while the two others working quickly and in unison bound and placed Issa unceremoniously into a body bag they had also brought with them.

"Make sure he gets to H.Q. in one piece," a female voice commanded.

"If he is harmed any other way than what he is already, your heads will be mine do you understand me you two?"

The two figures nodded their understanding as they easily lifted Issa as one of the two inquired, "What shall I tell Senior Commander Bloodriver the time line for the capture of Aono Moka?"

"Tell her nothing, you will give your report to Commander Shuzen Gyokuro as this is her plan we are carrying out." the hooded figure answered as she turned to walk away.

Then she paused before she dismissed them, "Tell my step-mother that Aono Moka will be in her possession within forty-eight hours, be here at this very spot tomorrow night at this same time understand?"

"Yes Commander Akua, one more thing if I may inquire?" the one dark figure asked.

"What?" Akua responded as she was on the verge of losing her patience.

"If Senior Commander Bloodriver sees us with Shuzen Issa, what do we tell her?"

"See to it that she doesn't see you, you both are good at that, be here tomorrow night at the same time with the same equipment, now go!"


James knocked on Tsukune's bedroom door, and after a few moments Tsukune opened the door seeing his uncle standing there with a stone like expression on his normally cheery face.

"Something wrong Uncle?" Tsukune sleepily inquired.

"Is Moka and Akua sleeping?" James asked in a whisper.

"I don't think so." Tsukune whispered in return, then almost jumped out of his skin when Moka slid in next to him at the door and inquired seriously as her eyes shown her frustration for having her sleep disturbed.

"What do you want Tsukune for so late, Brother-in-law?"

"It's a personal matter little princess," He smiled and shrugged.

"I'll have him back at your side before too long alright?"

She sighed and turned back to go back to bed.

"Walk with me for a bit Tsukune." James ordered as Tsukune began to follow, closing the door behind him.

As the two began walking James remained quiet until they were outside and in the training arena before he spoke.

"Tsukune," he began with all seriousness.

"I received an important message from the Emperor earlier tonight."

Tsukune looked puzzled as he inquired, "What does Great Grandfather want?"

"He wants both you and I to come to him at his home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in America, two nights from now. We are to bring lord Mikogami and lord Touhou Fuhai with us as well." James responded.

Tsukune inquired again shaking his head in confusion, "What is going on Uncle, why does Great Grandfather want me there for? And what am I supposed too say to Moka and Akua?"

"Nothing nephew, those are the orders I had received.

Tell your wives that you and I have some business in the human world that will take a couple of days, and if she inquires of you what kind of business we are having to take care of, tell her that you are not sure yet, that all you know is that I need your assistance is all.

This is what I am going to tell Kahlua also, and knowing her that will be enough, but as for Moka and Akua?

Well I hope you can convince them, and it will be easier for you to do this if you don't know anything more until we board the plane tomorrow night."


Back at Youkai Academy both dark lords sat in Mikogami's office as lord Touhou Fuhai was still assessing in his mind what he would do to destroy the eggs they had seen, not only in the Snow Women village, but at numerous locals throughout Japan.

Then rubbing the bottom of his weathered old face he sighed then gave his old friend his assessment.

"I don't think I can destroy the egg, but I believe I could seal it and make it harmless for a time."

"We are truly powerless to stop multiple hatchings, the only way I see to kill these eggs is to destroy the parent, and I am not so sure who that might be as yet?"

"Do you have any ideas my friend?" lord Mikogami inquired without his normal smile crossing his face.

Touhou Fuhai nodded as he answered his friend, "Either the parent is Alucard or his daughter Gyokuro Shuzen."

Then he inquired of his friend, "I cannot remember this but do you know the story of how Alucard became what he is? I mean we heard the short form of it, but I really don't know the whole story, do you?"

Mikogami now smiled as he responded to his friend, "The same story you know is the same story I know, but I do know one person who knows the complete story, and he has hid that from everyone but I feel he needs to tell it now."

Touhou Fuhai narrowed his eyes in understanding as he finished what his friend was about to say. "Vampire Emperor Akelam!"


In America, just outside the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana inside his three-hundred plus year old plantation manor, Emperor Akelam stood by the fire place in his grand library looking at a small yet ancient figurine dating nearly five millenniums old.

He looked sadly at the figurine as he remembered the vampire that became both the first Shinso, and a power crazed madman who in his final form became a danger to both the human race, and the world itself.

"Well," he began talking silently too himself, "it looks like you have forced me to tell the story in its entirety Pruza, and you are forcing me to avenge both my daughter and the innocent blood being spilled today."

As he was reflecting on his past, his eldest daughter Sabina Akelam Alucard entered the library carrying what remained of the records from the late brother of Shuzen Issa, Saito.

"You seem deep in thought poppa." Sabina remarked as she sat the records down.

"I was remembering what kind of man your husband once was sweetheart, and what kind of beast he became."

"Don't forget what kind of beast my daughter has become also poppa." Sabina commented as she hugged and then kissed her father on his cheek.

"After all," she began as she let him go, "what you done to his mind to make him think he killed me is our ace card don't you think?"

Smiling sadly he responded, "Yes in a sense sweetie, but it can also cause an already insane beast to go into total destructive madness.

You were the one my daughter, that knew how to control him, but I have to think when he tried killing you, that your hold over his true heart was completely severed."

Sabina finally changed the subject by inquiring, "So when shall I meet my great nephew poppa?"

"Tomorrow night, and you do know what I want you to do correct?"

Sabina nodded her acknowledgment and answered, "To test Tsukune to his very limits, too see just how powerful he truly is."


"What do you mean you are going to America to help brother-in-law!" Both Akua and Moka exclaimed in anger.

Tsukune going into defense mode responded, "Hey just wait a moment now, I am only telling you what I know.

He wants me to learn somethings about his business in case he ever needs me to take over for him temporarily, I'll be back in a couple of days." he lied hoping his wives didn't catch him.

But Moka didn't buy his story and she approached her husband and slapped him across his face and turned to run off.

He held his hand against his stinging cheek, as Akua approached him next, with an angry glare in her eyes.

"Moka thinks you are lying too us, but I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt.

But if you are lying my husband, there is no one who is going to stop me from kicking your ass across this entire globe, remember that please?"

Then she kiss him on his other cheek, then turned and went after her sister.

"This had better be worth this Uncle." Tsukune thought to himself as he turned and headed for his room to pack.


"Why are you so angry with him onee-chan?" Akua inquired as Moka sat on the sun bench on the third floor balcony fighting her tears.

"Why Nee-sama?" Moka inquired loudly in response as her tears flowed down her cheeks.

"We are still on our honeymoon and he is leaving us to go with James-sama and you are leaving also tonight, and I wanted Tsukune to know what I found out today."

"What?" Akua inquired as she sat down next to her troubled sister.

"No." Moka responded as she shook her head, "I will wait until both you and our husband returns before I tell."

Akua was inwardly concerned with her sister's statement. Did she know that she still worked for Fairy-Tale and was going to reveal this with Tsukune present?

"Can't you even give me a hint nee-san?" Akua inquired trying to remain calm.

"No, it is as I said nee-sama, this is news that I want to tell with both of you present, and Tsukune and you are leaving soon."


As Tsukune was packing he heard a slight knock on his door, then Akua walked in.

"Sorry to disturb you husband, but I just want to tell you that I am also leaving tonight, but I should return before or by the same time you return."

"Is everything alright?" Tsukune inquired as he turned to face her.

"Yes it is just that I need some time away from things for a spell to figure out what is next in my life away from Fairy-Tale? It is really nothing serious."

"If that is all then, I hope it works out for you." he responded with a smile.

Akua couldn't stand how handsome he looked any longer and she approached Tsukune with a look in her eyes that radiated her desire for him.

She stopped just inches from him, and she felt like she was going to melt just from being so close to him.

Her mother be damned she thought as she cupped her hands to his face, and her voice came out from her mouth in a husky tone that also radiated her desires.

"Before we go our separate ways for a time, can we make love? Please husband, we haven't consummated our union privately yet."

Akua was hoping that as they made love, what she had to do after wards for her mother would just make it easier to refuse.

She wanted too refuse, as she found herself falling in love with the man who nearly destroyed Fairy-Tale.

But from the moment that their clothes fell around them, and he lifted her in his arms to carry her to his bed, all that Akua could think of was Tsukune and the pleasure they would derive from each other, and she wanted it to last forever.


Gyokuro was livid, how could her father favor that slut Akasha too be supreme commander of the organization?

"I'm his flesh and blood daughter, I am the one who arranged for father too be on this fortress in the first place!" she growled as she slammed the door behind her after entering her quarters.

Not long after she had entered, there came a slight knock on her door, in frustration she opened it and was ready to pound whoever it was into the floor.

She swung open the door to see one of Akua's subordinates standing there.

"What the hell do you want Duffy!" Gyokuro inquired angrily.

"A message and a package from Commander Shuzen Akua."

"Well!" she waited with her anger growing.

"The message is that the second package will be secured tomorrow night, the first package is now in cell number 67 B wrapped in silver chains." Duffy responded, bowed then walked off.

"Well," Gyokuro mused as her anger began to abate.

"I think I'll just go and unwrap my package in 67 B." then she began to laugh loudly as she headed for the cell block.


As the plane lifted off from Tokyo International, Tsukune then inquired of his Uncle what this trip was really about.

"The Emperor needs us to see him, concerning the new threat that Fairy-Tale poses for everyone." James responded.

Tsukune clinched his fists as he responded.

"Me and Grandmother knew something big was coming."

"Well there is more too it than that, nephew." James continued.

"What?" Tsukune inquired.

"The Emperor is preparing for all out war.

I come from a elite branch of our family nephew, called the Moraviano Knights and you are looking at its leader."

Tsukune looked at his Uncle with shock and surprise as his Uncle continued.

"I know I told you I was human at onetime Tsuk, but the truth is that I was born as I am now, a true vampire from the bloodline of Akelam himself.

I was raised amongst humans as you were, but the difference was I always knew what and who I was, and that is why I thought it was wrong that the truth of who you were was hidden from you."

Then as Tsukune lowered his head into is hands, James added.

"I know that ever sense the truth about you has come out, it seems like lie after lie piles up, and yes I was ordered not to share these things with you until now, but one day you will see why things went as they did, even though I disagree with the methods they used."

"So what new truth am I going to learn when we see Great grandfather?" Tsukune inquired as he finally leaned back in his seat.

"Nothing new, but I would suggest that you prepare your mind and your resolve as you are going to meet your Great Aunt, and you are going to be tested beyond anything you can imagine, for Sabina Akelam is Alucard's wife, and she is nearly as powerful as both the Emperor and Empress as she is their first born child, so let's just say that this trip is going to beneficial to you in more ways than one."


"Well, well, well," Gyokuro sang out as she entered the cell to find her ex-husband Shuzen Issa chained to the cell wall, wrapped in silver chains to lock away his powers.

"Don't you look so regal right now?"

Issa raised his head weakly and responded by spiting towards her, and saying with a weak voice, "I can't believe I ever degraded myself by taking you for a wife Gyokuro."

"Akasha was more of a woman in every area than you ever were, and the gods help you once Naomi discovers who it was who kidnapped me, and who it was that caused her sister to be destroyed."

"Tsk,tsk,tsk, Issa-sama," Gyokuro responded trying her best not to let what he said upset her more than she already was.

"You are never going to see Naomi or your family ever again, and soon I will have Moka-chan in my grasp, and my daddy will arise from his slumber again and make this world in his own image."

"You are just as insane as your father, I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree."

She lost it, then using a round house kick, she turned out her ex-husbands lights, then stormed out of the cell.


Akua stood in the shadows as Moka made her way towards the garden, she was still upset about Tsukune leaving as she wanted so much to tell him the joyous news.

Then her world went black, as a dart struck her in between her shoulder blades, releasing a potent drug that quickly put her down.

Akua stepped out from the shadows as her two henchmen began tying her sister with silver chains.

"Well done Duffy," Akua responded as she overseen the kidnapping.

"Phase two is nearly complete."


In China in the main stronghold of the Miao mafia clan, the head of the syndicate sat at his desk patiently waiting for the news he had sent one of his most trusted commanders to retrieve.

He had too make sure the rumors were correct before he attempted to activate his plan. He waited so long for the moment, the moment of total world domination, and if the rumors were correct? Well he just had too wait for the news.

A soft knock was heard on his office door then the commander entered his leaders office.

"So what have you learned Lou Chi?" The man at the desk inquired patiently.

The commander bowed and answered, "All that we heard is true my lord, Manaxus has been neutralized by Akelam and Akasha Bloodriver is acting Senior Commander of Fairy-Tale under Alucard's control."

"This is absolutely confirmed Lou Chi?"

"Absolutely confirmed my lord, it is as we've heard, and what you have foretold."

Then the leader of the Miao clan known only as "The Mask King" began to laugh victoriously.

"Tell Shuzen Gyokuro too implement phase 2 of my plan."

And as the commander exited to perform his master's order, the soon too be Supreme ruler of Fairy-Tale, if one could see his expression behind his mask, would have seen a sinister grin a mile long.


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