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Chapter 1

'Urghh…' The boy lying on the bed groaned as he got up.

'Where am I?' he mumbled to himself. His vision was still a bit blurry, a side effect from the drugs given to him. He lifted his hand, or at least tried to, to rub his eye but found that they were bound to the bed.

'Wha-?!' he exclaimed in shock. And then he realized that his legs were bound too and he was… naked.

He thought he must be hallucinating so he bit down hard on his lip to wake himself up. But, everything remained the same, except that his lip was bleeding. Suddenly the door banged open and Misaki nearly jumped in surprise. He looked up to see a grey-haired man walking towards him, a lit cigarette in his mouth. When he reached the bed the boy was sitting on, he sat down and took the cigarette out of his mouth.

'So you're finally awake, Misaki. They might have accidently given you too many sleeping pills I guess…' The grey-haired man spoke first. Seeing Misaki's just sitting there and staring at him made him have the urge to kiss the boy, and he did exactly that.

*Misaki's P.O.V.*

Who is this man? And why is he kissing me? His kiss tastes like cigarettes and... wait… I'm not supposed to be thinking about this kind of thing now! What the hell does he think he's doing?! Even with my hands bound, I managed to push him away and glared at him.

'What do you think you are doing?! And who the hell are you?!' I demanded.

But his face didn't change at all. Or rather, he seems amused somehow.

'Kissing you, of course. Don't tell me, that was your first kiss?' he said calmly, ignoring the other question.

'Wha-?! O-of course not!'

*Normal P.O.V.*

The younger male couldn't do anything else but lie to save his pride. It's true, he had never kissed anyone else on the lips in his life before, so it really was actually his first kiss. Not that he was going to admit it though. The older man smirked at Misaki's reaction, knowing that he was obviously lying.

'Oh, really? What about down here?' he said and used his left hand to touch Misaki's crotch.

Misaki cringed at his touch but couldn't do anything to stop him. He pushed Misaki down and started kissing his neck, leaving many bite marks and hickies. His left hand found Misaki's nipples and fiddled with them, making them hard. Misaki's moans could be heard loud and clear in the large room, even though he tried really hard to hold them back. The older man couldn't stand it anymore as Misaki's moans sounded just too sexy to him, so he decided to prepare Misaki. Misaki's green eyes widened in surprise as he felt a finger enter him.

'P-please… St-stop… this… ahh…' Misaki groaned as he came straight away, releasing all his semen onto the grey-haired man's hand. He blushed and squeezed his eyes shut, embarrassed that he came so fast.

'Heh… Are you sure? It doesn't seem like you want me to stop though, the way you are sucking my finger in so greedily. You should really listen to your body, you know…' he replied and added another finger.

His lips found Misaki's and he inserted his tongue into Misaki's mouth. Deciding that the boy was ready, he unzipped his pants to let out his hard cock, positioned himself at Misaki's entrance and thrusts in.

'Misaki…'he said softly while hugging the trembling boy underneath him.

Tears came to Misaki's eyes as he felt the older man's cock enter him. He paused for a while to let Misaki get used to it before continuing. He thrusts in and out of Misaki, groaning at the sensation of Misaki's tight virgin hole. Misaki climaxed first, then followed by the older man when he felt Misaki's already tight hole squeeze him even more. He released all of his cum inside Misaki and then takes out his cock. Both of them lie on the bed next to each other, panting from the sex they just had.

Just before Misaki passed out, he heard the other man say, 'Since you asked, I guess I'll tell you my name. Just remember, that the great Usami Akihiko was the one who took your virginity, kid.'

When Misaki passed out, the older man, Usami Akihiko, moved the boy's head so it was resting on his lap and covered his body with the blanket so he won't catch a cold. He lit his cigarette and blew out a puff of smoke. Seeing Misaki's peaceful sleeping face, he sighed in content and said, 'Finally, you are mine now. You don't know how long I've been waiting for this day, Misaki.'

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