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Usagi woke up to see a sleeping Misaki in front of him. He thought back to last night, feeling quite pleased that Misaki finally showed his feelings in front of him.

His sleeping face now was so cute, but it wasn't peaceful. His eyes were red and puffy. He looked like he was in pain.

Usagi-san wanted to do something, anything, to relieve him of his pain. It hurt him so much to see Misaki like that.

Just then, the sleeping boy mumbled his childhood friend's name. His face, if possible, became even more pained.

Even though the older man felt pitiful and hurt for the said boy, it pissed him off, hearing him say that girl's name.

Reaching over to Misaki's face, he caressed it gently, rubbing his thumb over where his tears were falling down the night before. Misaki stirred a little in his sleep, but showed no sign of waking up.

Usagi-san wanted to make him forget everything. Slowly his hand made its way down to the boy's member.

Only a thin piece of fabric separated his hand and Misaki's cock. Usagi-san rubbed it slowly, before reaching his hand in and taking it out from the pajama bottoms.

Misaki groaned slightly in his sleep, his jaw clenching unconsciously. Usagi smirked in satisfaction.

Just a little bit more.

Unbuttoning Misaki's shirt, he fiddled with the boy's right nipple. Rubbing it, then flicking it, he made jolts of pleasure shoot through Misaki.

He bent his head down and bit the part right above Misaki's pink bud. He left a mark, a love bite, meaning 'he's mine'.

Misaki's eyes shot wide open at that. His eyes widened even more when he saw Usagi-san, his tongue licking his body, and his hand holding Misaki's member.

The older man gave him an innocent look, as if something like that was normal, and it happened every day. Misaki glared at him. If looks could kill, Usagi-san would have been dead by then.

'What are you doing so early in the morning?!' Misaki said through gritted teeth.

'Nothing.' Usagi-san said nonchalantly.

The older man then stood up, deciding not to do anything to the boy this time. Misaki, to say the least, was shocked. He thought he would be raped again, but thankfully, not this time.

'I'll prepare breakfast.' He mumbled.

One reason was because he knew that Usagi-san couldn't cook. Another was that he wanted to thank the man for the night before. But mainly because Usagi-san couldn't cook. He didn't want to die yet.

After Misaki finished preparing breakfast, they both sat to eat. Usagi-san was quite amazed. The meal that Misaki had cooked up looked quite good.

When he took a bite of his tamagoyaki, he realized that it was not only presentable, but also really delicious.

'It's really delicious, Misaki.'

'R-really?' Misaki blushed slightly.


They continued their meal in silence. After they were done eating, Misaki did the washing.

They were now sitting on the sofa, Usagi-san reading a book as 'research', and Misaki just staring into space.

Finally, the older man spoke up.

'Misaki… Are you still sad about… her…?'

'No…' Misaki managed a small smile, 'I'm fine now. Sorry for being so emotional last night…'

But that didn't convince Usagi-san at all. He knew it still hurt, even though Misaki didn't admit it.

'You were just like back then… Never truly admitting your feelings, Misaki.' He mumbled to himself.

'Huh…? What did you say?'

'Ne, Misaki… Do you remember…'

'Remember what?'

'…Never mind. Forget about it.'

He turned back to his book. Misaki was really confused now. This wasn't the first time Usagi-san had mentioned something like this.

Had Misaki really met him before?

But… that wasn't possible, right? He would remember, right? Right?

Honestly, he just wasn't sure. His childhood memories were quite fuzzy, except for the parts with Natsuki in them.

Maybe they had crossed each other in the streets? No, it couldn't be. Usagi-san talked as if he knew Misaki quite well.

But then, how could be not remember?

That one question swam around in his head. They drew possible answers but Misaki crossed them all out with his reasoning.

Suddenly, a boy's face popped into his mind. It was someone he had met a long time ago. He couldn't quite remember the boy's exact features.

Except for his lavender eyes… He looked up and his green eyes met lavender ones.

But… it couldn't be could it?

Misaki barely remembered anything, not even the boy's name, except for when he felt sad when he had left, moving to a new city. But when it was time to say good bye, he put on a brave smile and saw him off with a happy face.

'What is it, Misaki?'

Misaki realized he was still staring at Usagi-san's face, while daydreaming.


'Do you finally remember, then?'

'Will you just tell me?!'

Misaki was losing his patience. He wanted to know so badly.

'No, you'll have to remember it yourself.'

Misaki finally snapped. He pulled at his hair, and his skin, until he was satisfied. Sighing, he sat back down on the couch.

He couldn't remember.

He wanted to know. Really, really bad. But Usagi-san wouldn't tell him.

What was he going to do?

And so, he didn't manage to sleep at all the whole night…

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