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Throughout the entire movie Fionas' gaze kept drifting over to Imogen. She just couldn't help not looking at her. She made sure not to stare too long so she wouldn't get caught but she had a feeling that Imogen could tell what she was doing anyway. Fiona wanted to do something but she didn't want to be the one to initiate it. So instead she moved her hand so it was closer to Imogens'. Fiona sat there hoping that maybe Imogen would notice and at least do something but that didn't seem to be the case. Eventually Fiona was able to force herself to keep her focus on the movie and nothing else.

After the movie had ended the girls walked out of the theater noticing that it was slightly colder then it was when they went inside earlier but still stuck with their plan of going for a walk.

They had been walking around for at least 15 minutes without exchanging any words to each other until finally one of them spoke up.

"So the movie wasn't all that bad, pretty good actually," Imogen said casually.

"Yeah I guess it was," Fiona responded.

"So, um, if you don't mind me asking why'd you want to hang out today?" Imogen asked her voice quiet and unsure.

"Just wanted to, you know, talk and stuff. I don't really know why I just thought it'd be a good idea or something," Fiona rambled slightly.

"Yeah that kind of makes sense. It was indeed a good idea," Imogen said in return.

The girls stopped talking for a while and continued walking their way down the path they used to take all the time just 2 years ago. This was something the girls did often, go on walks, they would always say it'd be an adventure but every time they went they took the same path leading to the same place. So the word 'adventure' just came to a different meaning to them. Essentially it meant they'd go on a walk to their 'special place' that apparently not many people knew about or at least wasn't very popular to go to because the girls rarely ever saw anyone else there. This special place wasn't exactly special at all just somewhere that the two of them liked to go to every now and then. They shared some special memories there. Fiona hadn't been there since Imogen left 2 years ago but she thought of going there once before. She immediately threw the idea out because it would have ruined what that place had meant to them so she had never gone but she did walk along part of the path from time to time. That way she was technically near the place but didn't disrupt there special place. Somehow the girls managed to head down this path for sometime before either of them truly realized that that was where they were headed.

"For old times sake?" Imogen asked lifting her head in the direction that there special place was.

"Why not," Fiona responded with a slight smile.

Fiona knew what she wanted to happen. She knew exactly what she wanted to talk to Imogen about. All night the thought was racking her brain because she didn't truly know what she wanted to do or say about all of it. She thought maybe she should give it time and thought that that would be right but threw the idea out almost as fast as she thought of it. She already lost Imogen once and she wasn't going to let it happen again. Fiona knew she couldn't just be friends with Imogen; they had a special connection and she wasn't willing to give it up altogether. Going to their special place was all the better; what better place to bring up a subject like this somewhere where they shared many memories.

They walked off the path and wandered onto the dirt path continuing that way for a few minutes before making it to the clearing they had found more than 2 years ago. A smile spread across both girls faces as they walked about in the clearing adoring the scenery they hadn't had the joy of seeing in so long. Fiona noticed how the little pond off to the side had more fish in it than ever before and how there were more flowers in the clearing. The old bench was still there resting under the trees in the shade slowly rotting away and growing old from years of improper care. The bench was discolored from years of wear sitting outside all year round taking whatever weather came its way. The variety of flowers increased making the clearing even more colorful than it had previously been. Overall the girls seemed to enjoy all the changes the clearing had endured in the past 2 years.

Imogen eventually stopped walking around the clearing and stood off to the side in an area covered entirely in flowers of all kinds. Fiona walked over and stood so she was facing her but she remained quiet. Imogen waited for the older girl to speak and while she did so she adored how the light was shining on the older girls' face. It made her eyes gleam and she just looked absolutely stunning in the light.

"God, I want to kiss you so much right now," Imogen thought to herself. She turned away from Fiona suddenly realizes what she was thinking and knowing she shouldn't let herself do something like that. She thought that if she did she'd just mess up any chance of having Fiona back in her life. She began to walk slowly away to distance herself when Fiona grabbed her wrist gently and spun her around so she was facing her again. Fiona wasted no time in closing the little space she left between them and she kissed the younger girl sweetly. When they pulled apart both of the girls were smiling and giggly.

"I've been waiting so long to do that. You have like no idea how many times I've dreamed about you coming back and being able to kiss you again," Fiona admitted.

"Well I can kind of get the idea. I spent a lot of time dreaming about that too. I regret not coming back sooner to fix things but at least I'm here now," Imogen said with a smile still plastered on her face.

"Mm, good thing you are," Fiona said quietly before kissing her again.

Once they pulled apart they rested their foreheads together and arms wrapped around each other.

"Promise me you'll never leave like that again?" Fiona asked quietly and hopefully.

"I promise," Imogen said honestly before giving her a quick but gently kiss.

"It feels so good to be back in your arms again," Fiona whispered hugging her closer and tightening her grip as if she'd never let her go again.

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