The War Outside Our Door


Chapter One: The Decision

For as long as I could remember, Dís has been my mother. Fíli and Kíli are my older brothers, and Thorin Oakenshield is my King before my Uncle. You see, I am not of royal blood, as I was taken in by Dís since my mother and father were killed by a group of Orcs when I was just a baby.

My name is Kíarus, and I am 46 years old, oh-so-close to 47. I was born in 2895. Like Kíli, my beard hasn't started growing yet, but I suspect it's getting close! (It better be. Getting teased way to much.) My hair reaches a few inches past my shoulders, and it is the color of coal. My eyes are a rare green color, which comes from my real mother.

Anyways, back to my story; tomorrow Thorin is taking the three of us Hunting. We will be gone for a few days, and I can't help but feel super excited. My brothers have been teasing me non-stop because of it.

But, hey, I have been training for this! And I finally get to go out and show Thorin what I got.


Dís leaned across the table, swatting at Kíli's elbow, successfully knocking it off the table. She huffed at him, before turning back to the roaring fire, stirring the stew inside. Kíli pouted as he turned back to his empty bowl, stomach growling.

"Kíli, could you go get your brothers?" Dís asked, taking some crushed spices to put inside her stew. The black haired dwarf stared at his empty bowl rather sadly, and stood up. "Fine." He said, stepping away from the table to head to Fíli's room.

Once he arrived, he entered without knocking, and spotted the older sibling sitting atop his bed. "Mother told me to come get you, breakfast is almost ready." Kíli announced, scanning the room to see if their younger brother was in here.

"Where is he?" Kíli narrowed his eyes, he was in here the last time he left. Fíli shrugged, also scanning his messy room. "I dunno, or, I think he went outside." Fíli replied, putting his fiddle away in it's case.

Kíli grinned, "Shall we go find him, then?" His eyes sparkled in a michievous way.

"Aye," Fíli replied, an equal grin spreading on his face as he stood from his bed.


Kíarus' soft green eyes darted from the bird back to the papers in his hands. He made gentle strokes with his quill on the paper, careful to get all the details of the wings right. He nibbled on his bottom lip as the bird continued to clean itself.

"Kíarus!" The young dwarf flinched, watching crest-fallen as the bird flew away from fright. He lowered his gaze to glare Fíli and Kíli. "Brothers, what an unpleasant surprise." He smiled innocently in a teasing way. Putting the small book inside his bag, he climbed down from tree, landing on the ground with a thud.

"Mother said breakfast will be ready soon, but it probably is ready now." Fíli said, motioning for the two to follow him. The three went down a narrow path that lead back to their home in the Blue Mountains.

"So, what were you drawing today?" Kíli asked, his eyes scanning the area before settling on Kíarus. Kíarus' hand tightened around his bag, as he smiled micheviously. "Oh, just a bird that you scared away." He stuck his tongue out childishly.

"Let's see it, then." Fíli said, cocking his head at the bag Kíarus held protectively in his grasp. The youngest shook his head, his hair falling into his face. "I refuse." He replied before he broke out into a run as soon as he spotted their home.

Once they all made it, Dís has just finished laying out everything necessary for their breakfast. Surprisingly, Thorin was seated at the table, seemingly studying a map. His eyes lit up as the three entered rather loudly, "Ah, perfect timing, boys. Your mother has agreed to let me take you out on a Hunting trip." He smiled at their delighted faces.

"Even me?" Kíarus beemed up at Thorin hopefully, turning to look at Dís, then back at Thorin. The King nodded his head, rubbing Kíarus' head gently, "Yes, even you." He grinned. The dwarflings green orbs sparkled happily.

"Yeeesss! When!?" Kíarus demanded, practically hopping in his seat. Dís hide her smile as she began serving everyone, neatly placing the bowls back on the table.

"Tomorrow." Thorin replied, taking the spoon from Dís' offering hand with a polite nod. "So you three better make sure to get a good nights sleep." He added with another nod, a serious look on his face.

The three brothers nodded, as they all began eating their mothers delicous stew.


The day went by in a blur, and the sun had fallen to welcome the moon. Bright stars littered the dark blue sky, and dwarves were finishing with their work or dinners, and getting ready for bed.

Of course, this did not count for one particular dwarf. Said dwarf was in his room, sitting on his comfortable bed, restlessly bouncing for entertainment.

His brothers had surprisingly long ago went to sleep, and the house was dead silent. Kíarus told himself to get to sleep, remembering his Uncles words from breakfast.

"Okay, I'll go to sleep... now." Kíarus huffed, his head hitting the pillow. He waited a few seconds, but his eyes were still wide open, and he let a drained groan out. "Come on, sleep. I demand myself to sleep." He whispered harshly, kicking the edge of his bed in annoyance.

A few minutes of elapsed silence, and Kíarus was back in a sitting position, lighting the candle by his bed. He shook his leg as he looked around his messy room, eyes landing on the bundle sitting in front of the door.

"No," He scolded himself. "I already went through that five times." He sighed, rubbing his eyes tiredly. Sure, the sleep nagged at him, but he just couldn't keep his eyes closed for long.

Kíarus shifted from the bed, wary of the creaking noises as he reached for his small bag. He produced the same book of papers he had earlier, and pulled out the drawing of the bird he was doing before his brothers had scared it away. He ran his finger on the curves of it's wings, smiling a little as he knitted his eyebrows together. He put the drawing aside, and pulled up another paper. This one had writing on it.

Messy writing, mind you.

On this old paper, is where he was practicing his Khuzdul. He was learning from Balin, one of Thorin's old friends.

Ah, yes, Thorin...

Kíarus' thoughts drifted to when he was a child. So innocent and confused.

He grew up believing that Dís was his real mother, and that Fíli and Kíli were his real brothers, but until that one day; when he heard Thorin talking with Balin and Dwalin. He remembered how his heart broke when he heard that he was nothing but an orphan, he belonged to no one.

The teasing, the arguments...

He remembered how warm it was as Dís held him in her arms the entire night, humming to him softly as he continued to cry openly into her fur covered chest.

Kíarus reached up and wiped at the tear that trailed down his cheek with a distraught frown. He sniffled and pushed the paper away, focusing on a blank page. Reaching to snatch the ink and quill from his bag, he knocked over the pile of dirtied papers.

He growled lowly, picking them up with a scowl. He shuffled through them, spotting one he had done not to long ago. A small smile found it's way to his face. It was of his mother, Dís, she had agreed to let him draw her. He had perfectly captured the way her hair fell, her braids neatly hanging from her sides, leaving room for her pretty bread.

Envy flooded his system, but was soon replaced with longing. He shuffled to his desk, gently tucking the portrait inside the wooden drawer, knowing it'll be safe there.

Kíarus stepped away, marching back to his bed rather noisily. He plopped himself on his bed, regretting the choice when it creaked loudly in protest.

Making a mental note to get someone to build him another one, he lay back down, pulling the furs over his head to hid his soft smile.


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