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Sky Daybreak

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Author's Note: This is the first I have written anything in a really, really long time. So please be kind. I'm a little rusty.

This fic is a loosely based off of the Megaman Cartoon Series. Be forewarned, I may change a few things up, here and there, to suit my storyline. BTW, I don't know anything about hiking/climbing so if something sounds farfetched, sorry it probably is. This is a complete work of fiction and solely for entertainment. Oh yeah, and except for the song quote, Italics portray character thought.

"And now we're grown up orphans

that never knew their names

We don't belong to no one, that's a shame.

But if you could hide beside me, maybe for a while

And I won't tell no one your name

And I won't tell 'em your name."

Goo Goo Dolls "Name"

The skulker and its crew were currently on their way to the Southern Japanese Alps. To be exact, they were headed to Kita-Dake, the second highest mountain in all of Japan. Hanging on to the port side upper support beam, Protoman leaned outside the skulker and closed his eyes. He felt the wind swirl around his body as it passed quickly over him, and for a moment, he allowed all of his thoughts to be carried away with it. He couldn't explain it, but part of him felt like he belonged here. Why did this place, this mountain, seem to carry special meaning for him?

Protoman's introspection was sharply interrupted by the leader of the vessel.

"Protoman! Protoman! What are you doing?" Wily cried with seemingly hysteric rage. "Come take the controls. We're almost there."

Protoman sighed and took a last breath of fresh air before closing the bay door and returning to his co-pilot seat in the cockpit. He switched the auto-pilot back to manual and felt the craft transition into his control. After a few moments of silence, Protoman took a passing glance at Dr. Wily and observed that he seemed to be studying a map intently. "Come on Doc. What are we suppose to be looking for anyway? "

Wily glanced up from his map and cast a smirk of superiority at Protoman. "It's quite simple actually. My new plan is flawless! Not even that do good brother of yours will be able to stop me this time."

Protoman smirked at the evil doctor's musings and replied. "Yeah, Doc. I've heard you say that before but what are we doing up here?"

"There is an ancient Japanese legend that foretells of an object of endless power. It is said that this object can grant its owner any wish." Wily paused, smirked deviously in thought, and then continued. "I will wish to rule the world and will bring everyone and thing under my control. With this object, I will be unstoppable. "Wily cackled insanely in glee and rubbed his hands together anxiously.

He looks like an excited toddler on Christmas morning. Protoman mused and coughed quietly, clearing his throat to keep his amusement under control. He shook his head as his trade mark smirk reclaimed his face and set his mind back to his current task.

"Soon, Very soon," Wily cried with self proclaimed victory, "I will be unstoppable!"

Chapter 2

"Rush! Rush, wait up boy!" A young boy dressed in dark blue cried in exasperation as he chased after his robotic dog. He dove forward and caught his wayward hound, wrapping his arms around it's robotic rib cage.

This, of course, is the site Dr. Light discovered as he came over a ridge of snow and couldn't help but laugh. It was a sight he wished he could see more often and one of the main reasons they were on this particular trip. Megaman, his son, was still tackling Rush and laughing with carefree joy as he tried to settle his pup down. "There you go, Good dog. "Megaman praised as he sat back on his haunches and pet the excited tail wagging Rush on the head. "You don't want to get too far up the mountain without us. The higher we go, the colder it will get, and you don't want to get lost, right?"

Glancing up at his father, Megaman stood up and patted off his snow covered clothes sheepishly. He was enrobed in a dark blue shirt, with a white skiing jacket hanging loosely from his shoulders, a pair of dark blue denim jeans, and white running sneakers. Dressed as he was for the weather, he still knew that the protection would do him little good if he allowed it to become soaked with melted snow.

Dr. Light, still grinning but willing to ease Mega's embarrassment at being caught acting like a kid, decided to redirect their focus. "The clearing is a few miles ahead. From that point on, there will be no more trees. It will get much windier as we go. I suggest you stay close. The weather is supposed to stay pleasant but I would hate for a storm to descend and catch us unawares. I do not wish for us to get separated from one another."

Mega nodded. "Right Doctor Light; we'll stay close, right Rush?"

"Woof, Woof!" Rush barked in consent.

Taking a deep breath, Dr. Light let the fresh mountain air saturate his lungs. He leaned back and stretched his back with a pleased yawn. "It's been too long. It truly is beautiful up here," he murmured. "How I miss..."

"What's that Dr. Light?"

Dr. Light looked up and smiled at his curious robotic son, who was standing before him waiting patiently for an answer. "Oh, it's nothing Mega. I was just thinking. It's quite beautiful isn't it?"

"Yep," Mega replied. "The best part is that it's so quiet! At least we won't have to worry about running into Dr. Wily."

"Yes Mega. That should be quite true. Come, let's continue walking. We'll set up base camp just before the clearing."

Chapter 3

"Just a little further; it must be here somewhere." Dr. Wily muttered, his German accent heavily bleeding through.

He and his bots had been searching the woods near the base of the mountain summit for hours. They were looking for some "opening" that would lead to this supposed ancient "source of ultimate power." So far they had found nothing and it looked to Protoman as if they would only find more of the same. How do we even know this thing is real? It could just be an old human legend. "Wily! It's getting dark and the temperature is starting to drop into the teens. Don't you think maybe we should call it a night?"

"Oh Protoman," Dr. Wily replied in mock sympathy. "I'm sorry; I didn't know you were cold and afraid of the dark. Would you like me to start you a fire and get you a warm blanket? I hope you brought your teddy bear with you, humph."Dr. Wily grumbled sarcastically.

Protoman stopped and balled his fists in indignation. "Fine, never mind!" He stomped off in the opposite direction and continued looking. "Suit yourself you crazy old coot," Protoman muttered. "Catch pneumonia or fall off the blasted mountain for all I care."

"Did you say something Protoman?" Proto turned his head and found Wily standing directly behind him. He leaned forward until his face was directly over Proto's shoulder and glared at him with a murderous look. Proto laughed nervously, turned, and backed away with his arms waving high in surrender.

"Uh, no way Doc! Just can't wait till we find this things lair." Protoman smiled innocently.

Dr. Wily quirked his eyebrow suspiciously and advanced upon Protoman. The latter found himself back pedaling until his back pressed firmly into the nearest tree, arms still raised in surrender. Dr. Wily growled and grabbed Protoman's scarf with one hand, drawing him close until their faces were mere inches apart. "Did you think I wouldn't hear you? Do you need another lesson in humility Protoman? Did you forget who is in charge here?" Fear filled Protoman's eyes as he watched Wily reach behind his back and under his lab coat.

"Hey Doctor Wily, I think I found it." Dr. Wily released Protoman swiftly and turned to see what Cutsman had found. Protoman, ever thankful for his shield, closed his eyes and exhaled in relief. Whew! That was a close one. I've got to be more careful with what I say!

"No, No, Nooo! You idiots! That's a bear's den not a …aaahh!"

Feeling vindicated, Proto crossed his arms and leaned back against the tree smiling. Now who's in charge?

Chapter 4

Dr. Light and Megaman had just finished setting up the campsite. Dr. Light finished securing the tent while Mega and Rush gathered sticks for the fire. After placing stones in a circle to keep the fire contained, Dr. Light placed the kindle and gave Megaman the okay. "Remember Mega, a small burst should do nicely."

Mega laughed. "Right Dr. Light, we don't want to be the reason for a forest fire." Megaman fired a small buster blast into the kindle and it exploded in flames. "Oops!" Mega looked around sheepishly and blushed. "Sorry Dr. Light. I guess we should have just used matches."

"It's okay Mega," Dr. Light smiled at his son good-naturedly. "We wouldn't have any fun on this trip if we didn't do some things our own way. The funny mishaps always make the best memories."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Mega was still a tad bit embarrassed and decided to take a seat beside Dr. Light. The latter sighed and wrapped his arm around Mega. "I'm glad we were finally able to do this. All fathers should go camping with their sons. I'm sorry it's taken us so long. It's just that…."

"What's wrong Dr. Light?"

Dr. Light tightened his arm around Mega. "Yes, I guess it is time. Mega, there's some things I've been meaning to tell you about your brother."

"Protoman?" Megaman looked up to his creator in confusion. He started to ask what his father meant when they heard someone scream. Dr. Light and Mega both jumped.

"Someone's in trouble. Mega jumped to his feet and called his battle armor. He adjusted his helmet and checked the power bar on his blaster. "Alright Rush, let's go!" Rush turned into Rush Jet and Mega jumped on his back.

"Wait Mega!" Dr. Light rushed up to Mega and Rush before they could fly off. "Please be careful. I know we joked about Wily showing up but he always has this uncanny ability of knowing where we are. Don't drop your guard."

"Uncanny ability?" Mega laughed. "I thought that was just my bad luck! Warning received loud and clear, Dad. I'll be careful. Please stay here until I get back." Mega winked and flew off.

Dr. Light smiled as Megaman took off and decided he didn't hear the term "Dad" enough. That's my Mega.; always in a rush to help others. I am so proud of you, my boy.

Using the darkness to his advantage, Mega and Rush cruised just above the visible branch line. "I know this means we go slower boy but it's better to be safe than sorry. Hopefully no one's hurt." Mega and Rush moved along slowly until they heard voices. Suddenly, a flash of light lit up the ground below them. "Rush, slow down! Whoever is up there; they are just up ahead. Listen, Rush that's Dr. Wily!" Mega and rush drifted at a snail's pace until they were right above Wily and his bots. Rush transformed back into his original form. Deciding to find out what the mad scientist was planning before taking action, Mega and Rush chose to hide in the trees.

"Cutsman! Gustmans! You Idiots! I was just attacked by a bear because of you fouls."

Cutsman shrugged, "I'm sorry Dr. Wily. You told us to look for any openings."

"Be more careful next time! You almost got me killed, numbskulls! Protoman, what are you smiling about? You had better find that opening before I reprogram all of you."

Proto shrugged but stood back up. "Okay Doc. Sheesh! Don't blow a transistor. We'll find your opening. I'm just not sure what you'll find when we do. If this 'map' of yours is supposed to lead directly to the opening, why wouldn't someone else have used it a long time ago?"

"Quiet Protoman! I will take no more of your insolence today. What we find, we find but I command you to look, so get to it. I will decide what we do once we get there."

"Whatever you say, Doc."

Megaman watched Wily and his bumbling bots search fruitlessly for another 10 minutes or so before he became downright bored. I'm tired of this. It's time to get back to Doctor light. "Well Rush, whatever they are looking for, let's make sure they go away empty handed."

"Hey Wily!" Megaman jumped down from his hiding spot, confronting Wily and his bots. "It looks like you've lost something. Care to tell me what it is? Who knows? Maybe I'll help you look."

"Megaman! I should have known you would show up eventually. Cutsman, Gutsman, destroy Megaman!" Wily stood back and watched his bots advance towards Megaman.

"Hey blue dweeb," Cutsman exclaimed. "I'm going to relocate your face!"

"Yeah," Gutsman bombed in his usual gruff manner. "Then I'm gonna smash it."

Mega made short work of the two robot masters and then turned to Wily. "Come on Dr. Wily. What do you say I take you to jail where you can pay for all your crimes?"

"Oh, I don't think today's a good day for me Megaman! How about….never!" Wily jumped behind Protoman and ordered him to take out his brother. "With pleasure!" Proto exclaimed and sprang into action, firing a charged buster blast. "Long time no see, brother!"

Megaman rolled out of the way and shot a blast of his own at Protoman. Protoman performed a summersault in the air and then lunged after his brother. The two traded blasts for a while and then ended up in a full on wrestling match on the floor of the snow covered forest. Protoman had Mega pinned with his arms beside his face and his legs pinned beneath Protoman's thighs. "Give up, Brother! I've got you now. Join our side or Wily will destroy you."

Megaman struggled but was unable to break free of his brother's grasp. "Grrrh, Never! I'll never surrender to the likes of Wily!"

"Well," Mega and Proto heard Wily chuckle from behind. They looked up to meet his gaze and find Dr. Wily smiling condescendingly at Megaman while leaning against a nearby tree in a relaxed pose. "I guess I'll have to follow Protoman's advice and "kill" you. Unfortunately for you, I didn't say you would go easily into the silent night Megaman. No, I suspect this night will not be silent much longer as it will be filled with your screams." Wily pulled out a laser beam and pointed it at Megaman.

Mega was pinned completely beneath his brother's body and was shocked to feel Protoman flinch instinctively at the sight of the weapon. Megaman frowned and looked at his brother in concern. Has Wily used that on you, Protoman?

Wily started to advance toward Protoman and Megaman but as he shifted himself upright, they vanished before his very eyes. "What's this?" Wily cried. He looked left and then right, but still nothing. Megaman and Protoman had disappeared.