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Warning: Some language.

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Who I Am

Chapter 1: Misaki Who?

To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction

- Newton's Third Law of Motion

"This party is lame."

Misaki Takahashi, a twenty-one year old college student, could not have agreed more with his senpai, who at the moment was very drunk.

There were no invitations for this particular get together the two attended, and Misaki could understand why. It was a complete dud.

His friend, Sumi-senpai, had heard about this "great" party, close by and exciting. Misaki was surprisingly reluctant, usually being the one to jump at the chance at a party, but Sumi was adamant about going so he came along.

It resulted in a heated argument over the phone with Usagi-san, his eccentric landlord and lover. The two argued extensively with Misaki fuming at the lack of trust and not being able to go out even though he was already twenty-one, an adult capable of making his own decisions; Usagi-san retaliated by saying the college student would make a fool of himself and could possibly be taken advantage. Furious and slightly hurt Misaki stated he would be going to the party and there was absolutely nothing Usagi-san could say or do to change his mind.

As a result he and Sumi-senpai took off to the party before Usagi-san could race over in his red sports car. Misaki's phone remained on silent receiving over twelve missed calls before the calls ceased for good.

If the party were any good Misaki might have not felt so guilty arguing with his lover to attend some lame party that he couldn't even drink at. On the other hand he did try to tell the younger male what to do and released the possessive monster residing within him. And the fruits of his success were the job of designated driver (or babysitter), three hours of boredom, and an empty stomach. Sumi obviously invited him to assist the man home when he became completely wasted after doing nothing but drinking tonight.

The party was stale, although at one point things were lively, but everything went downhill after someone knocked over the stereo system. And since the college student was sober the steps before the party deteriorated could be listed. It went something like this...

First the stereo broke.

Then the dancers, the majority girls, left.

With no girls the guys that were planning on getting lucky tonight disappeared.

The alcohol started to run low since there was nothing to do but drink.

And now everyone was drunk save for the few designated drivers, Misaki included. But with so many intoxicated people babbling at each other incoherently Misaki worried a fist fight would break out as their emotions became more and more exaggerated by the minute. Also the shouting from some angry drunks in the next room was audible and the teen watched fellow Sobers gather up their friends preparing to leave. Misaki felt particularly pitiful to a girl with glasses that had to carry out four guys that tripped over their own feet as if standing were the most difficult task in the world. He felt it wise to follow suit and drag his tipsy friend and run. It was past midnight and Sumi-senpai looked about to drop dead.

"Senpai," Misaki said shaking his friend gently. His head rested comfortably against Misaki's shoulder and his glasses slipped off his nose every few seconds. "It's time to go."

"I don't wanna," Sumi groaned languidly turning onto his side away from the teen. If Misaki wasn't so tired he would have found Drunk Sumi quite funny mainly because he'd never seen his senpai so drunk; although the teen had to give credit to the intoxicated man for acting so passive in his state. Misaki probably would have made a fool of himself by spouting out something so embarrassing he'd find the deepest darkest hole in the universe to hide in for the rest of his life.

"Get up, senpai," Misaki said firmly yanking on Sumi' shirt sleeve. The man merely yawned. He's too heavy! Misaki thought, blaming his weak body.

Misaki ran a heavy hand through his brown locks in tired frustration. He attempted to pull Sumi up again, this time successful so the man stood balanced on the balls of his feet dangerously. Unfortunately Sumi began to tilt and Misaki frantically pulled the taller male by his shirt to swing him resulting in Sumi falling back to his original position on the loveseat. His smug smile made Misaki want to tear his own hair out. Sumi-senpai can be really childish, he noted.

Misaki sighed again.

"What wrong Misaki?" Sumi said slurring slightly, his face amused. Misaki frowned at his friend's behavior.

"Thinking of Usami-sensei?" Sumi asked suddenly with a lopsided grin looking up at Misaki.

"No," Misaki responded a little too defensibly. He really hadn't. But now that Sumi mentioned Usagi-san, it reminded Misaki of a warm bed and body to return to. The teen's face grew red and Sumi laughed.

"Well I am," Sumi confessed unabashed. Misaki rolled his eyes.

After another couple attempts to pull the heavy load from the party Misaki flopped unceremoniously in defeat on the loveseat. His eyes closed of their own accord for a moment of rest.

"Misaki," Sumi said intending to not allow the kohai rest.


"I'm sorry I tried to steal Usami-sensei from you." Misaki's eyes opened in surprise. The two had never spoke about that incident making the younger male wonder why Sumi would bring it up now after all this time. Then the answer hit Misaki: Sumi. Is. Drunk. With so much alcohol in his system Sumi was bound to say whatever was on his mind.

"Oh... Senpai, its okay. That was two years ago you don't need to worry. It's in the past."

"I never apologized." Sumi stressed. A smile graced his lips and he leaned in close to Misaki. "And don't worry. I will not take Usami-sensei without your permission first." Misaki narrowed his eyes at his senpai.

"Did you know you were going to drink so much?" Misaki asked distastefully.


"Is that why you invited me to come?"

"Bingo. Misaki you're so smart."

"UGH!" Misaki groaned. Sumi-senpai's so mean when he's drunk! he thought.

"Why do you want to leave so soon? Do you miss your Usagi-san?" Sumi teased. Misaki narrowed his eyes at his senpai giving his best glare. Two can play at that game, Misaki thought with a grin.

"Why don't you want to leave, senpai? Lonely?"

"Yes." It wasn't the answer he expected.


"I'm so lonely," Sumi cried dramatically, but truthfully throwing his long arms around the squirming kohai. "I don't have a handsome author to go home to. Can I please borrow him?" Sumi's breath reeked of alcohol.

Misaki squirmed in the man's hold until finally pushing Sumi away. Sumi in return sank into a ball of depression at the brunette's side silently sulking. He inquired the man's well being but Sumi merely muttered words too low for him to hear.

"Huh?" the brunette asked leaning closer to the man.

"I said we can go now."

Misaki opened his mouth to voice his concern for the man again when a loud crash interrupted him and demanded everyone's attention.

The two angry drunks had stumbled into the room bumping into an expensive looking vase on the way in. Said vase lay shattered on the hard wood floor.

"You think you can call me a bitch and get away with it!" the larger male shouted. He was clearly not as intoxicated as his opponent (he can stand upright), but still buzzed enough to be swayed by his emotions rather than think first. Muscles bulged through his clothing and he could probably crush Misaki's entire head with one hand.

"I can- I can say whatever I want! And if you have a problem with it, then come- come on, bitch!" Muscle Man's challenger was the more intoxicated of the two and sadly much smaller. He stumbled over his own feet yet never took his dark eyes off the giant before him. His hair was a sweaty mess sticking to the pale skin of his face sticking out at odd angles. The blond clearly provoked the larger male, but Misaki pitied the blond seeing the disadvantage.

Sumi-senpai pulled on Misaki's coat weakly urging him to lead the way out. Instead the kindhearted male stood rooted to the spot, unable to depart. Behind Muscle Man were an entourage either encouraging the fight or attempting to coax the male into walking away. Misaki noticed that not one person existed on Blondie's side. He remained alone and barely standing. His heart went out to the lone man even if he was the antagonist of the current situation.

What if he gets beat up? Will anyone help him or will he end up here all alone? The brunette's thoughts raced across his mind. Worry filled the pit of his empty stomach and his conscience refused to let him be. Sumi-senpai tugged harder on Misaki's shirt the fear sobering him up.

"Misaki! Misaki, let's go!" His pleas went unheard as Misaki rose from his place and took an unconscious step towards what he was positively his impending doom.

What am I doing?! This guy is going to squish me like a bug. Despite his worries he continued his trek pushing his way in between the rowdy crowd that had formed round the testosterone fueled males in the center of the circle.

"Kick his ass," a random girl instigated.

"Hurry up already," a voice screamed from Muscle Man's group.

"Is anyone going to do something?"

The voices faded into the background and time took a pause. His heart beat a mile a minute echoing throughout his body. He felt it resonating and pounding in his head and especially hard in his chest. If Misaki died tonight he'd claim this was probably the second bravest thing he'd ever voluntarily done (the first being his love confession to his lover, Usagi-san). Misaki finally squeezed his way through the gathering and stepped into the fire.

Whew, it's complete... well the first chapter at least. Looking at it now, this story is going to take a lot of chapters in order to become what I envision it to be. I planned on making it longer, but that last sentence simply demanded I let it be the final one. Thank you to anyone who will review and feedback is appreciated. If you comment at all I see it as a victory. The second chapter will be up as soon as possible, but I'm tired and surrounded by drunks at a party (hah, guess you can see where I got the inspiration for the first chapter from) so don't expect another chapter tonight.

And just to keep the readers looking for romance to stay I will say that the only reason I only put down Misaki for the character pairing is because I believe this story resolves mainly around Misaki. But don't worry there will be romance incorporated.

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