"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you figure out why…"
-Mark Twain

Chapter 1: Introduction

December 2011

Sue didn't understand why her daughter was coming home. That was what she told herself anyway. It had been months since Leah had graduated with her Master's Degree and decided to stay in California. It still blew Sue's mind that she could brag and say that her daughter had received two degrees from Stanford University. She could still remember the day that Leah stood jumping up and down in the house after receiving her acceptance letter. After all of the supernatural craziness died down, Leah worked hard to bring her grades up and aspire for better or a normal life. She constantly would tell her mom that she could do better than this life. Sue was secretly hurt by Leah's comments, she didn't think anything was wrong with this life. She chalked Leah's attitude up to her still feeling hurt that she didn't get the happy ending that she expected.

Sue sighed, and paused in her cleaning up of the living room and looked a Leah's framed graduation photo. She looked so happy, smiling there with the dean. Sue was so proud, but it was another hurt when Leah had asked her not to come. She understood that it was because Leah knew that she'd bring Charlie, and his presence would just remind her that her own father is gone and that her mom had remarried. Sue didn't want her daughter to feel guilt on her special day. Leah sent pictures, tons of pictures, and called her mother daily letting her know that she loved and missed her. Sue caressed the glass over her daughter's face and clenched her jaw a bit. Leah's birthday was in a week and a half. Her first born would be twenty five This would normally be a major milestone, to be celebrated, but it caused Sue to worry subconsciously little.

"It's just a myth. A silly myth." She whispered to herself and placed the picture back on the mantle, then turned back to the pledge and cloth she'd left on the coffee table. After she'd been cleaning for only a couple of minutes, there was a knock on the door. Sue opened it to find Ann, her best friend, on the step, looking at her with worried eyes.

"Hey," Sue greeted her but did not invite her in. Several members of the tribe had been trying to contact her, and she was avoiding them, because she didn't want to talk. The rumors had begun to spread.

"Your aunt sent me." Sue groaned and stepped to the side so the Ann could come in. Sue respected Mirabelle more than she did most of her family members, however her head was full of the legends that we all considered myths, until oooh, about five years ago.

Both women sat down, Ann on the couch and Sue in Charlie's favorite chair. "Is Aunt Mir okay?" Ann nodded and tapped her fingers on her kneecaps nervously.

"Uh… yeah she's fine. She wanted me to talk to you about Leah and her birthday." Ann murmured slowly, barely giving Sue eye contact.

"That is a MYTH!" Sue spoke calmly but her tone was so rich that it sent a creepy chill down Ann's spine.

"I know you want to think that Sue, but…" Ann took a deep breath and steadied her voice. "But up until recently we all thought cold ones were a myth and shape shifting was just a fairy tale of sorts. your children are of noble blood. You have to prepare her for what might come." Sue got up abruptly and stood in front of Charlie's desk, her back to her friend. She glanced at a picture of Bella, Edward, and their daughter.

"Leah will be home in a few days," Sue confessed.

"Great! Sue, did you ask her to come home?" Ann asked confused. Sue shook her head.

"She called and said that she'd been dreaming of home, and wanted to visit for a little while." Sue's voice was small. She was curious what Leah could possibly have dreamt about that made her want to come home.

"The prophecy brought her home." Ann was mystified and Sue turned to her sharply.

"It could be that she missed her family and wanted to visit! It doesn't have to be that. It doesn't." Sue shook her finger at her friend for emphasis.

"Look, Sue, the sooner you admit to yourself that this is a possibility, the sooner you can prepare to help your daughter. She is going to be in great pain until will we can figure things out. We must figure things out quickly, before she is defiled." Ann spoke with an urgency, but was interrupted by the front door opening.

Charlie, Ness, Jacob, and Nahuel came in with boxes and groceries in tow. Charlie put his box down and stepped over to kiss his wife on the cheek. "Hey you," he spoke softly and she answered him with a soft smile. "Ann." He nodded towards his wife's friend, who gave him a wave as he went back to work. "Where do you want the decorations?"

"Uh, in the storage closet for now," Sue answered, and then smiled at Ness, her step granddaughter.

"I'm so glad you're going to let me help you cook, Miss Sue." Ness offered as she took the groceries to the kitchen. "My mom cooks some, but not like you."

"Of course, dear. I think Leah will love that you helped out with the cooking; especially the cake; Leah loves cake." Sue chuckled as she remembered a five year old Leah with two fists full of chocolate cake and pink icing across her cheeks. Her baby.

"I just can't believe she's coming home after all this time," Jacob said in disbelief.

"Visits to loved ones are important, they help you remember who you are and what you're… made out of." Nahuel mused aloud and everyone stared at him. He had the tendency to sound a bit like a fortune cookie, but he was a good guy. Jacob thought so, too. He would like him better if he found something better to do with his time than follow him and Ness around, but Jake could understand Nahuel not wanting to be up under the Cullens, too.

"I agree with you. It is important that Leah, and all of us really, are aware of our bloodlines and who we are." Ann gave her best friend a warning glare. "So when is Leah's party?"

"The night of her return," Sue answered. "It really just a dinner with the family… and cake." Sue shrugged off the hurt expression that Ann was giving her. She really wished that Ann hadn't found out about the party, but with her attitude about the Leah situation, she was glad she didn't invite her. Her presence would just keep her on edge.

"I can't wait until Friday!" Jake exclaimed. "Good eating and a little Leah bashing. I can't wait to her what she's been up to."

"I can't wait to meet her. Everyone has such differing opinions of this woman She seems to have many different faces." Nahuel said as he put the last box in the storage closet. "I will come over Friday morning to assist with the decorations since Jacob has other plans." Nahuel informed Sue and she smiled. Sue and Charlie both had formed a liking to this man; he was so polite, earnest, and very good with his hands. He loved to build things and figure out how things worked.

"Contrary to what anyone says, Leah is a good girl. She's just blunt and tough like her mother." Sue said, defending her daughter. She sat down beside Ann who was still expecting an invite to Friday's dinner.

"She's become bitter," Jacob murmured.

"Her experiences have made her bitter. If I'd gone through what she's had to, I would be bitter, too." Ness had rejoined the group in the living room and Jacob's disposition noticeable relaxed.

"You would've never behaved the way Leah did, you're too kind a person."

"Being bitter doesn't make you unkind, it means you're wounded." Nahuel said with his mouth partially full. Charlie and he had gotten a couple of the left over biscuits from breakfast.

"Yes, it is time for my bitter baby to come home." ? Maybe revise this sentence. She could only imagine how this new generation was going to take this- that is if the legends are true.

Author's Note: Okay all. This story is going to be a little weird. I wonder if anyone knows where I'm going with this. I've already made Leah a goddess (Awakening the Elements) so that's not what's happening here. If you think you know what the storyline is going to be shoot me a PM and I let you know if you're right. As always read, review, and no flames.