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Standing in front of Megatron in his throne room would have most Mechs shaking in their frames as they were looked upon by the warlord. However Sound-wave was different, not a single expression was shown or seen as he stood in front of his leader.

Megaton on his part looked calculating as he sat on his throne watching his third in Command "you want to create a sparkling?" Megatron questioned calmly as he moulded this idea over his processor. It was known that Sound-wave could split his spark and create new sparks-example his caskets- but to create a sparkling?

Megatrons Second in command-Star-scream- stood off to the side listening quietly. Star-scream himself thought it was a ridiculous idea, to bring a sparkling into the middle of a war? Not that he cared much for sparkling's since they cried, fussed and whined just about everything and in the middle of war the Decepticon couldn't afford to care.

But Megatron had other ideas. He knew that his race was dying out and with the all-spark gone…It was a dark ending, one that he wanted to try and change and if Sound-wave had the meaning to bring a new generation into the world….then so be it.

"Granted" Megatron said with a small wave of his clawed servo. Sound-wave was about to bow and leave when a screechy voice broke in "What! You can't be serious!" Star-scream exclaimed loudly as he spun to his master.

Messaging his temple with a clawed finger Megatron turned his cold crimson optics onto Star-scream "is something the matter Star-scream?" Meatron asked calmly but his Optics showed the fiery rage he was building.

Star-scream however ignored it "this is ridiculous! You would have to be stupid to bring a Sparkling to life in the middle of war!" Star-scream accused and continued to rant, ignorant of the clenching fist and narrowing optics of his leader "are you accusing me of being stupid, Star-scream?" Megatron interrupted Star-scream slowly. Star-scream for his part realised where his master was going, spluttering to a stop Star-scream's optics widened in panic "N-No My L-Lord. I was just….giving my opinion of the idea" Star-scream squeaked out.

Rolling his optics Megatron spared at his SIC one last look before muttering a growled "if I wanted your opinion I'll ask" before looking back to Sound-wave "you have my permission Soundwave. However there are some conditions." He drawled out.

"yes Lord Megatron?" Soundwave asked as impassive and motion-less as possible "the sparkling must be agile and quick, speed must be on its side for battle. But I don't want it to be small. It must be able to grow at least as big as a full grown Mech and brute strength is a must. If it's going to be with the Decepticons it must show it belongs here and earn its rank." Megatron ordered as he thought about the possibilities this weapon could have.

His thought were interrupted however when Star-Scream suddenly shouted out "WINGS!" both Sound-wave and Megatron gave the SIC an annoyed glare though Sound-waves was hidden behind his visor.

"What!" Star-scream demanded as he noticed the strange and annoying looks he was receiving "he should have wings. The Autoscums have no fliers, the more wing Mechs the better!" Star-scream finished with a light smirk. Megatron nodded once "fine. Sound-wave can you find a creature which resembles what we are looking for?" Megatron inquired.

Sound-wave thought about all his caskets 'Ravage looked common with an earth panther, buzz-saw and laser-beak took on bird looks and rumple had two legs like a human. But still he couldn't think of the right creature. Ravage was the closes when it came to strength, speed and stealth but his frame did not come with wings. Buzz-saw and Laser-beak had wings and are agile and graceful but they don't have the strength that Lord Megaton wanted?

As Sound-wave thought over some ideas, Megatron and Star-scream were doing the same. Megatron wanted a creature which would freeze the energon in Mechs at the sight. Something that would be vicious and powerful. It would make the disgusting flesh bags run and hide like the cockroaches they are and make Optimus think twice before attacking. It must be perfect!

Star-scream however was thinking something different. He was trying to remember what Thundercracker talked about last week. It was about a creature that had wings and was seen as something from nightmares in the flesh bags minds. Concentrating Star-scream thought of names close to it ' Dron, Drugn, Drano, Dragon, DRAGON! That's it' a slow smirk appeared as he looked up information about dragons.

As he looked over the info his smirk grew double in size. Finally satisfied Star-scream looked over to his leader "Lord Megatron?" Star-scream called lightly, the smirk appearing in his voice.

"what!" Megatron barked at Star-scream for interrupting his thoughts. Stepping curiously to his leader, not wanting to get a beating, Star-scream uttered one word "Dragon?".

Confused at first Megatron just glared at his SIC 'What in the Pit is a Dragon' Megatron snarled in his head. Star-scream seeing his Masters Confusion elaborated "would a Dragon be to your liking as the sparkling's frame?" he asked still curious but relaxed once he saw his leaders optics dim as he looked up the term Dragon.

Megatron was slightly surprised though he hid it well. Dragons were impressive and the more he read the more he liked. They were fast, agile, large and their brute strength was perfect. This creature was perfect and better yet it breathed fire, which reminded him of certain dino-bots.

He was bought away from his thoughts yet again by Star-scream "-and they're known to be cunning, just like a Decepticon. I say it's perfect" Star-scream finished with a proud smirk on his faceplates. "indeed star-scream" Megatron rumbled "they are said to be bloodthirsty beasts which hunt and prey on the human insect and their herds. However they are also known to be smart as well as strong." Star-scream said as he thought about more of what Thundercracker said.

"Sound-wave the sparkling's frame will be a dragon" Megatron stated to the silent Mech in front of him. Sound-wave began looking though as much information as he could to see how close he would be able to get his sparkling's frame to this Dragons abilities and appearance. "Acknowledged" Sound-waves monotone's voice rang out.

It was quiet for a few seconds before Megatron waved his clawed Servo "dismissed Sound-wave" Megatron muttered before going back to his previous thoughts about his knew weapon.

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