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*talking through bond*

"Talking in cybertronian"

Opi- "daddy"

CHAPTER 6- Roars, Wings and Schemes

Hiding behind a corner I waited for my next victim to approach…thud…thud…thud…thud…sounds of large Peds coming down the hallway indicated my victim was on the way….thud….thud….thud…thud Sucking in the biggest breath I could, I scrunched my optics close and leaped out from behind my hiding spot. Landing on my peds I raise myself onto my hind legs and clawed at the air as I let out the biggest roar! …..

Opening my optics I was met with the narrowed optics of Lord Megatron "what are you doing!?" Megatron asked, he sounded annoyed.

Putting on an innocent expression I smiled up at him "I'm pr-practicing my roars-s Lord Megatron" I replied innocently as I sat down.

"why the frag would you waste your time doing that!?" Megatron asked as he peered down at me

"shock wave said I should prac-tice roaring and I want to be the best w-worrior ever! Just like you!" I declared proudly and puffed out my chest.

Megaton nodded slightly and seemed less annoyed at my statement "I see" he drawled out "but to become a great warrior you have to practice fighting not pathetic Roaring" he uttered, what's he mean? Calling my roar pathetic? That roar was great…. but I guess it could use some work

Frowning I looked back up at Lord Megatron puzzled "but Lord Megatron, I want to be like you! Y-you tell me when you're heard in attle bots f-freeze! Well…I want to be like that! I want my Roar heard across batt-le-fields and galaxies when I fight!" I stated sternly with a firm nod.

Megtron only smirked "an excellent view, furnace. I find it…entertaining. You remind me slightly of myself when I was a sparkling" Megatron said as he crouched down and lifter me up into his servo.

He started walking down the corridor while absently patting me down my spine with his claw, which drew forth a quiet purr. Soon we came upon Opi's Quarter "when the time comes, you'll have your chance to roar, I can guarantee it" Megatron said before dropping me off on Opi's berth and leaving.

Five minutes later the doors open and the sound of Rumble talking filled the room. I listened to him talk to laserbeak-who's not listening anyway- as they made their way up onto the berth. "And then the small organic insects started screaming when I brought out my drills and then…." Rumble trailed off when he noticed me "Furnace? You're supposed to be with Starscream!" Rumble bellowed which I just shrugged to.

"Starscream oring when he only talks about himself" I defend myself and skipped over to Rumbles side, only tripping TWICE this time!

"so you snuck away?...again?" Rumble dryly asks to which I nodded to. It might take some time until Starscream notices me missing-after he finishes bragging about how great a leader he would be- but he'll eventually find me. He always does, I thought dejectedly.

Suddenly the fins on my helm started to tingle from the sensors, sending me information about an approaching object. Ducking i narrowly dodged Laserbeaks attack. Gracefully Laserbeak swang around before landing in front of Rumble "nicely done Furnace" he purred "those sensors Shockwave installed are working splendidly. You're getting much better with them" he charmingly said.

"really!?" excitedly I jump out of my crouched position "you're not just s-s-saying that are you?" tilting my head I questioned him.

"no young one, would I lie to you" Laserbeak cooed before gliding forward. Landing on my right he wrapped his long neck around my neck, nuzzling my left cheek plating "now I do believe it's time for some energon" Laserbeak said and motioned for Rumble to get some.

"but-but- Urg- finnnneee" Rumble threw up his servos and submitted once he saw Laserbeaks glare. As he walked to the edge of the berth he began muttering about 'Fried chickens'.

I guess Laserbeak didn't find what he was saying funny since he shot at Rumbles servo's -as he began climbing down the berth- making Rumble squeal and fall. With small giggles escaping me-every time I hear Rumble yelp- I move over to the edge of the berth and watch Rumble limp to the energon.

Laserbeak looked away from Rumble shaking his head before looking back at me "now young one, tell me why you left Starcream?" he asked calmly while he moved in front of me.

Sighing I began explaining "I was sooooo boooored and SkyWarp says that 'the cure for boredom is c-curiosity and so I left to fulfil my C-curiosity!" I exclaimed but then frowned as I thought about the second part of that statement "but there is no cure for curiosity…." I said curtly with a shrug before I beamed up at Laserbeak with innocents, which he just rolled his optics at.

Laserbeak was about to retort something but before he could get a word out the door opened. Walking through the door was Opi with Buzzsaw perched on his shoulder. Laserbeak went to join Buzzsaw on Opi other shoulder. "Opi" I squealed out, trying to lean as close as possible towards Soundwave without falling off the berth.

Soundwave took three long strides before making it to the berth "Furnace" he greeted and scoped me up, placing me against his chest so I could listen to his spark beat.

From Opi's height I could see Rumble on the other side of the room getting energon "Master" Buzzsaw's silky voice called, Soundwave looked to his left in acknowledgement "I think it's time for little Furnace to learn how to fly" Buzzsaw said .

Tilting my head I looked up at Buzzsaw "what's Flyyyy?" I asked but it didn't seem that they could hear me? Scraping my claws along Opi's chest I tried to get his attention…..Still nothin.

Frowning I sat up on my hunches and curled my servos into fists and hit the metal 'boingggg….' that was a strange noise! My optics Wide I sniffed at the area that made the noise before looking at my servo then back at the metal then servo metal, servo, metal, servo, metal, serv-Ugh now I'm dizzy!

Shaking my head I brought my servo to optic level and then began smacking it against the metal 'Boingggg' 'Boingggg' 'Boinggg' every time my servo made contact, this delightful sound came out of nowhere.

Laughing I made as much noise as possible, until I remembered what I was hitting.

Stopping I looked at the dinted metal that my servo made and then up at Opi's face who was looking down at me neutrally. Smiling guiltily I look over at my servo "um….His fault" I accused my servo which just looked too smug! Growling I narrow my optics at it "it is your f-fault" I growled at my servo of doom, but it just stood there being innocent. Lunging I tackle my servo, sticking it into my mouth and gnawing at it, No body Hurts My Opi!

( 。◕‿‿◕。) (Time skip) ( 。◕‿‿◕。)

Turns out that flying has to do with my wings and jumping off high places, Buzzsaw took me to the highest place in the room-which was a shelf-and when I jump I will either fly! Or fall and Opi catches me. Opi said I have to learn and Laserbeak said I will never want to be on the ground again once I taste the flavour of flight.

Looking over the edge of the shelf my optics widened in in fear at how high up I am. Without a thought I began moving away from the edge, what if Opi don't catch me!? What if I hurt myself!? Wha-what-if "Furnace: relax. Furnace's safety: 100%" Soundwave encouraged.

Letting out some air from my vents to cool myself down i again moved closer to the edge. Turning to my elder brother I let out a "Chiiiirp" of uneasy before addressing him "ou know that feeling w-when you're s-standing really high up and get the irres-isti-ble urge to jump?...I don't have it".

Buzzsaw gave me a humourist look before lightly nudging me towards the edge "everything will be fine. Now leap!" Buzzsaw encouraged me with another nudge.

He was right, I can do this. Frowning in determination, i again cooled my vents before leaping out into open air.

The first few seconds were exhilarating but suddenly I remembered Gravity and realized that it was pulling me down. Remembering Laserbeak words from earlier I began beating my wings as hard as I could.

For a few seconds I thought I had it down, but that was quickly thrown out the window when again I began to fall.

My descent to the ground was cut off by warm servos encircling me, just as he promised. Huffing and puffing I heard my fans kick on to cool down my systems. "Furnace: Did well" I could hear My Opi's voice say as he held me in his Large servo.

Smiling lightly I tried to think clearly. Flying was hard but i had to admit…those few seconds were amazing. Turning to Opi I beamed up at him "C-c-can I g-go aga-in! p-please?" I asked breathlessly, my energy was spent but still I pleaded to try again.

I was disappointed by Opi's no. "Furnace: in need of energon" was all he said before he placed me down next to Rumble.

Rumble patted my head lightly as he handed me the energon he collected earlier "well done sis! In no time you'll be out flying those pesky Birds and helping me in my pranks as my get away" Rumble whispered to me. Giggling I took the small energon bottle and began to drink away at its Contents.

I was almost finished when Opi gave me a light stoke down my spine before nodding to Rumble and leaving. Where he going? Looking through my bonds I found Opi's and poked at it, only to find it blocked. Opi explained this to me before, that when the bonds blocked it means that he must be busy and needs to concentrate. There was nothing to worry about.

Finishing my energon I noticed Rumble snickering beside me. Setting my bottle down-I think I'm getting to big for a bottle- I nudged him over the bond.

*what Furnace?* he called back and I could feel his mischievous streak flutter across the bond, which meant only one thing, Prank!

*who you pranking?* I asked curiously as I made my way over to him.

Rumble paused for a moment as he watched me*who's says I'm going to prank anyone?* Rumble asked defensively.

Giving him a look equivalent to a raised eyebrow I waited for him to crash and it didn't take long *oh all right! I'm going to prank your Precious uncle Skywarp, there are ya happy!?* Rumble hissed through the bond.

I tilted my helm at him *why did you call him 'uncle Skywarp'?* I asked feeling confused. Skywarp doesn't have any bond with me and I only call hi-Oh!

Rumble shrugged *because you call him that?*

Snickering i shook my head *only when he's around. I don't really think of him as my uncle, he's too silly, maybe uncle TC but not Skywarp. I only do it because I realised that he'd swipe me one of Starscreams energon goodies if I act cute and boast about how amazing he is* I giggled as I finished telling him my reason and watched his expression change into a smirk.

*wow Furnace, you crafty little femme. Well then would you like to help me with the prank, you can't tell anyone?* Rumble asked and I could tell he was amused at how quickly I nodded. But it didn't matter because now I can get Skywarp back for purposely leaving me today to be torture by Starscream in lecturing me about 'how he Is the better leader'. This is revenge and it's going to be Sweet!

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