This first chapter is mostly and explanation of the events from the game Dishonored, so if you are familar with the honorable ending to the game feel free to skip this chapter, the only other area of note is Corvo's new weapon.

*Thank You*

At long last, the city was approaching something that could be considered close to peace. My job however was not over, my duty would not be complete until my hair turns to grey and I pass from this world. However my duty brings me great joy! Every day I awoke to young Emily, her enthusiasm never ceased to amaze me. She was going to make a fine empress, like her mother, whom I missed every day.

As the wind howled, and the towers creaked, I began my journey back to Dunwall Tower, every citizen, in all the streets noticed me, how could they not, for a time I was the Lord Protector. They had all thought of me as a valiant hero, the one whom would do anything for his empress. Then I was known as the man responsible for her murder. That was a day that was never going to fade from my mind, to me Emily's mother was more than an empress, she meant everything to me. I watched helplessly as she was murdered and tossed aside as if she were a petty criminal. In the same moment Emily was taken captive by the group of assassins. I was found kneeling next to my fallen love and I was assumed her murderer.

After six months of rotting in a cell I was given a chance of escape, so I took it. I moved through Cold Ridge Prison pacifying any city watch guard that stood in my way. Of course my rescuers, led by three men name, Captain Havelock, Mr Pendleton, and Martin, wanted something from me, they wanted me to find Emily. Emily and her mother meant the world to me, I wasn't about to lose them both! Given my tools by a man with an incredibly industrial mind named Piero I began to remove all the people responsible for the treason to the Emily and her late mother. I was ferried from our secluded base of operations The Hound Pits Pub to each of my locations by a man named Samual. On every mission I wore a mask crafted by Piero, not only to protect my face, but my identity. On these missions I tried to keep the body count as low as possible, but I was also not one to run from a fight. I eventually found Emily, she would wait at The Hound Pits Pub whilst I dealt with the few remaining conspirators. I believe my example has helped shape her character to this day. She saw how I held back, and tried to spare as many people as I could, perhaps if my body count had of been higher, she would be a different and more precise ruler today.

However after I had dealt with the conspirators Havelock, Pendleton, and Martin turned on me like starving dogs. Samual was instructed to poison me, however he was no starving dog, but with the others watching the only thing he could do was lessen the dose, that night after everyone had retired to their quarters Samual placed me on a raft and sent me away from The Hound Pits, the name couldn't of been more fitting at the time. My raft arrived in what at the time was called The Flooded District, there I was apprehended by a group of assassins, led by a man by the name of Daud, the same man whom had killed my love. When I came to I escaped my holdings and confronted Daud in a battle of magic, guns, and blades. Daud and I had a mutual friend, The Outsider, he is considered neither good or evil, The Outsider granted us both abilities that would be considered magic, Dauds assassins had an understanding of magic, however none of them have ever seen The Outsider, Daud and I were far more powerful than them. Our duel existed outside of time, as we both had the ability to bend it to our will, however I triumphed over Daud, and yet, he asked for his life. I granted it to him, it was either the most unwise or wisest thing I have ever done.

I soon found my way back to the Hound Pits. Tragedy had struck, in their fear for their own lives Havelock, Pendleton, and Martin had killed everyone they could find in the area. However Emily's carer Calista survived, along with Piero, and Sokolov, whom was developing a cure for the plague that reaped out city. Piero and Sokolov had got along quiet well, that is once Sokolov was over the fact that I had kidnapped him. After removing all of the city watch guards Havelock had left behind I found Samual, who was more than happy to take me to the location of the murderers. When I finally reached them I had only one target, Havelock had poisoned Pendleton, and Martin, and in the end I spared him, not because I believed he deserved mercy, but because I owed it to him, he had taken stock in me when I was rotting in a cell, for that I owed him. However that was all in the past, and I had dedicated myself to Emily's protection, with my magic, and blade. My original blade in fact was lost in The Flooded district. However Piero built me a new one, it was identical to the one I lost however it had a small blade on the end of the hilt, which was always infused with poison.

Emily greeted me when I arrived in the throne room as she always did. She ran from the throne, flung her arms around my neck and laughed as I picked her up and spun her in circles in my embrace, and as always she would kiss me on the cheek and say

"Corvo you're back! How was your walk?"