Authors note- so i was kinda blocked but i an now writing like crazy and i am listening to music while typing this (don't know why but it helps me concentrate) but not like classy music actually i am listening to 'When I Grow Up' by the Pussycat Dolls and I have no idea what will come on next because I have about 2000 songs and im on shuffle. I am also watching 'The Titanic' at the same time when i should be doing my anyway yeah another Clato no surprise there. So its modern day and Cato and Clove are older than they were in the games. Cato is like 21 and Clove is 19 and they dated in high school but broke up an then Cato goes to this club/bar thing and Clove is one of the Singers/Dancers. Uh oh ... So yeah don't own The Hunger Games because sadly I am not the genius named Suzanne Collins also I do not own any of these songs. O almost forgot Farrah will always be Foxface in my fan fics also to save time and make it more modern Emma is Enobaria, Jake is Gloss, Ben is Brutus, and Cassidy is Cashmere everyone else stays the enjoy also R&R :) - Catoloverxclovelover

Clove POV

"Katniss were on!" I yell at my dark haired best friend trying to pull her performance shorts down a little further given that they are so short.

"What are we doing first I forgot" she tells me now adjusting her microphone.

"Till the World ends' but the remix you better remember the routine we have one dance tonight" i say.

Johanna, Cassidy, Farrah, and Emma walk out my other bet friends they are dancers too. All 6 of us are wearing identical outfits. Knee high high-tops, deep V-neck T-shirts with jewels around the hems, and short jean shorts.

Im in dark blue,Katniss is in green, Johanna is in red, Farrah is in purple, and Emma is in black.

We do this on a regular basis. Well its our job. After this we have 2 hours of being waitresses .

The music starts a few seconds after we walk out on we do the whole routine.

Next we have to change for the waitressing. I go and change into my jeans and my blue v-neck t-shirt and my waitressing apron that goes around my waist.

"Hey Finn" I say to Finnick as I jump behind the counter of the bar.

"Hey Clove" he says. Finnick is the bartender and one of my friends I've known him since high school.

The music that the DJ plays in the club part of this place is kinda old. But I know it well its one of my dances.

"Hey Clove" Annie says as she sits on a bar stool on the other side of the counter.

Annie is a auburn color haired girl who has the biggest crush on Finnick.

"Hi Annie. What can I get you?" It seems weird to ask one of your friends but its my job and it pays all right.

"Water" she says plainly.

"Water? You know this is a bar" Finn says

"Aware of it. I have to work tomorrow so water" she says.

"All right. Finn your turn to do your job" I say to him.

Finn walks off and I stand here talking to Annie.

"So when are you going to start dating again? Your 19 Clove its been like 3 years since C-" Annie says but i cut her off.

"No he shall not be speaked about... Ever" I say.

"So he is like Lord Voldemort 'He who shall not be named' Clove seriously?" Annie says just then Finnick sets the glass of water on the counter.

"Well 'he who shall not be named' is lucky he isn't in town. I still need to beat his ass for what he did to you" Finn says.

"Thats nice Finnick but you do realize that he is taller than you and most likely stronger. Also he has Jake, and Ben and Marvel" I say

"So I have Gale, Thresh, and Peeta. And I got you and Farrah and Katniss for back up" he says.

"What about Rue?" Annie asks.

"She is too tiny but would claw C-" Finnick says but I cut him off.

"No Don't say his name!" I say.

"Fine what are we in Harry Potter, God! But anyway im just going to call him Draco. You happy 'Hermione'?" Finn says.

"Wait what me Hermione? "

"Would you rather be Bella because there is no piont in that or maybe Susan which makes no sense why Draco and Susan from narnia would have anything to do with each other" Finn says

"You are so stupid"

"What! Okay then 'Hannah Montana' or maybe 'Alex Russo'. Oh I know Spi-"

I grab the collar of Finn's shirt. "If you dare say 'Spice Girl' I will kick you so hard in the place guys really don't like to be kicked it will effect the chances of you ever having kids. A lot" I say and let go of the collar of his shirt.

"All right your officially scaring me. But you are Hermione. And anyway Rue would claw 'Draco's' face like a cat." Finn says.

" hmm your right" Annie says.

Johanna then comes up behind me. "Can you take table '5'?" She asks me.

"It depends whose at it?" I ask.

"I don't know. Its in my side I know but I have to take tables 3 and 7 and clean off. 12 and 19." She says.

"Fine!"I agree.

"Thank you" Johanna says and runs off.

I head off towards table 5 and there sits 3 boys. One brunette, one dirty blonde, and the other one blonde with spiky hair. 'Draco' I think he looks like of them have there heads down in the menu's then the dirty blonde looks up.

"Hey clove" Marvel says I didn't recognize him its been a while.

Then the brunette looks up. Ben. Oh dear god who is the blonde.

"Hi Marvel, Ben" I say and Ben gives me a slight smile. I am now hoping that Blonde is Jake.

The blonde looks up.

"Hi Clove" he says.

"Hi Jake" I say.

"Well haven't you grown up" he says.

"It has been 3 years. How's Cassidy?" I ask. Cassidy is Jake's twin sister.

"She is fine. Annoying but fine"

"So do you know what you want?" I ask them tapping my fingers on the table.

"Beer" they all say at once. Go figure.

"Okay i will be back in a few minutes"

I tell them and walk off.

Im walking through a bunch of people and then somebody hits me hard. I fall on the ground and so do they.

The figure stands up and helps me up. I start brushing my pants off looking down.

" I am so sorry. Wha- Clove?" It asks oh no i know that voice all too well.

I look up. No No No No No No No! Not this again!

"C-Cato" I stutter out. Damn I sound stupid.

"Yeah. Wow its been a while" he says rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

I can already feel the tears start up in my eyes. "I have to go" I say and run past him. I start crying and I'm not the type of girl to cry.

I bump into Katniss. "Clove what's going on?!" She asks me and a few seconds later Finn and Annie show up.

"He's back!" I say trying not to make those horrible crying noises but I can barely breath.

"Who?"Finn asks.

" 'Draco'!" I yell.

"Wait what are we in Harry Potter? Is that like code? Cause Draco is a made up Character. Or are you talking about Tom Felton?" Katniss asks. Agh she picks now to be stupid.

"Wait you mean?" Finn asks.

"You can say his name!" I say starting to sob . I hate him for doing this to me.

"Cato is back!" Finn yells at me.

"What?! Im going to kill him! Where is Emma and Jo!" Katniss says angrily.

I hear someone behind me and telling by the look on Finn's face its him i mean Draco i mean Cato!

I turn around and he sees my puffy cheeks and red eyes.

"What!" I yell at him and he looks shocked.

Okay kinda cliff hanger. What will happen with Cato and Clove will the reason what happened between cato and clove spill. O wow i sound like those annoying annouers for soap operas.

Any way hope you liked R&R :)

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