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Clove POV

"So what dod you too do on the date?" Annie asks me impatiently.

"We went out to eat and took a walk andkindakissedandikissedhimb ack" I say mumbling the last part.

"You what!?"

"You heard me I am not repeating it ever! We aren't getting back together either so stop before you start" I tell her.

"Holy shit,Clove. Why did you not tell me this! Finn did you know this!" She yells at Finnick.

"Nope and speak of the devil. Im out" Finn says and leaves.

"Me too" Annie says and leaves.

"Thanks what friends you guys are" I say to them.

"Hi"Cato says with a smile.

"Piss off" I tell him.

"Ouch. Someones cranky"

"Order something or get out of my face" I tell him.

"Fine! Water"


"Yeah. I don't need a hangover again"

"Don't need to know and don't care"

I give him the glass of water and he keeps talking to me after taking a few sips.

"So do you drink?"

"Cato, Im 19"

"So I was drinking at 17"

"Thats not impressive"

"My dads an alcoholic and I used to drink with him. 'Kay." Cato says a bit angrily.

"What ever, Cato we broke up I don't care"

"Really?" He asks and gets super close to my face.


"Really?" He asks again his face literally inches from mine.

My eyes travel down to his lips for a second but then shoot back up.

"You want to kiss me" he says with a smile.

"No. I-I uh um. My shifts over" I say grab my purse and run out.

I walk alone on the side walk my heels making clicking noises as they hit the hard ground.

"Clove you cant walk" Cato says. Oh great he is following me.

"Yes I can" I say crossing my arms.

"Not in what your wearing. Not in this neighbor hood. Just let me give you a ride" Cato offers.

"Fine" I say. His car is really nice. Probably a gift from his dad. Cato's father might be a drunk but he's rich.

The whole time we drive to my house its silence. "Thanks" I tell him before getting out.

"No problem" Cato says and gives me a weak smile.

I am so regretting this. "Do you want to come in?" I ask him. I don't know why I did. I am always alone and I do have some of his stuff from high school I never gave back to him.

"Wow your house is nice" Cato tells me looking around.

"Well its my moms. You only ever saw my dads house which is where I lived during high school. My mom doesn't live here anymore she lives in paris with her boyfriend but she pays for the house" I explain.

"Thats cool. Oh wow. I remember this" Cato says picking up one of the many picture frames.

Its a picture when all of us meaning our insane group of friends went to the carnival and we ate about everything and went on everything.

In the picture we are all posing crazy in a small photo booth. Katniss, Peeta,Glimmer,Marvel,Emma, Cassidy, Rue,Thresh, Farrah, Ben, Jake, Finn, Annie, Cato and I. Surprising enough we weren't spilling out of the booth.

"That was a good day" Cato says and smiles. It was.

"Yeah. That was the day you kissed me when we got stuck on the farris wheel"


"Come on, Clove" Cato says pulling my arm towards the farris wheel.

"NO" I say standing my ground.

"Yeah. Come on." Cato says dragging me.

"Im afraid of heights you know that!"

"Don't care move your ass" Cato says dragging me as I give up and decide to go.

"If we die just to let you know I will kill you" I tell him squeezing his arm as we go up

"You cant kill me if we die" Cato says with a smile laughing at my comment.

I look at him seriously trying to look intimidating. "I'll find a way" I Threaten him and he looks scared.

The cart jerks and we come to a stop. "Oh no no no no no. Were going to die. I HATE YOU!" I yell at him.

"It does that sometimes. We'll be fine Clove relax"

"Relax! We are on a metal death trap!" I yell at him.

"Clove shut up! We are not going to die seriously stop acting like Annie!" Cato yells at me.

"I can hear you!" Annie yells at him from the cart under us.

I laugh a little and Cato shakes the cart to freak me out.

"No don't!" I yell at him moving away from the edge.

"Stop freaking out" Cato whispers in my ear.

I turn to him still freaking out a little an he presses his lips to mine.

The next thing I know the ride is moving again.

"Told you we wouldn't die" Cato says

(Back to present)

"Yeah well you were a very stressed out person back then. No.. You were really bitchy" Cato says smiling

"You trying to get back together with me and you call me a bitch. No really how it works" I tell Cato and take my jacket off throwing it on the couch.

"When will you figure out that I really love you?" Cato asks me.

I stay silent not knowing what to say. I want to punch him to be honest.

"I LEFT HARVARD TO BE WITH YOU" Cato tells me. He left Harvard To be with me! What!?

"Uh-Cato-I- really don't know what to tell you" I say

"How 'bout that you love me too" he says and walks very close to me till he is practically a inch from me.

Cato leans down and kisses me. For some reason unknown I kiss him back.

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