Okay everyone wanted me to update this story, but honestly I didn't have a lot of ideas for it. Then I began to think and ended up with this idea. Nothing much, just a short story about what happened after the events of this story.

He stood beside her, glaring at her. She wasn't smiling from ear to ear, but he could tell she was happy. The airbender looked around the room, people smiled at him with joy. His children seemed happy also. Today was definitely a day to celebrate.

Just two weeks ago, Lin accepted Tenzin's necklace of earth and air. The truth is he made it for her years ago when they were in their twenties. He always wanted to give it to her, but every time he brung it up, she would change the subject. That was then, this is now. And he didn't need children from her anymore.

When Tenzin gave her the necklace, she agreed to marry him only if they didn't have a big wedding. Lin only wanted family and close friends to attend. She also didn't want to make it a big deal. A quick and easy wedding at city hall. He agreed to these terms and they began planning their wedding.

"I always knew you two would find each other again," Bumi stated, hugging his new sister in-law. "Did you invite Pema?"

"Of course we did," Tenzin exclaimed. "I know I haven't made the best decisions when it comes to my love life, but I think we are starting to come on speaking terms again. Mostly for the children."

"Is she here," he asked, looking around.

"I believe so," the airbender answered. "Wait why do you want to know?"

"Hey, she's on the market now," he explained, beginning to leave. "Bumi's gotta find his prey."

"Please don't say that," Tenzin complained, slapping his forehead.

"Have fun at the honeymoon," Bumi winked at Lin. "You'll have fun for a minute, what'll you do for the rest of the night?"

"Bumi," Tenzin screamed at his brother as he began to run off to find Pema. "I knew I shouldn't have invited him!"

"Calm down, Tenzin," Lin told him. "The party's almost over. We'll be out of here soon."

"Daddy," Ikki came running over. "Why is uncle Bumi with mommy?"


"He's flirting with her," Jinnora explained, joining in their conversation.

"Uncle Bumi is just crazy," their father announced. "Don't think anything of it."

"Okay," Ikki agreed, running off with her sister.

Tenzin let out a deep sigh, looking at Lin. "Do you know what you're getting yourself in to?"

"Yeah," Lin replied, frowning. "But I'm the chief of police for fuck sake! I can handle it."

"None of that language when we're around the children," the airbender commanded, wrapping his arms around his new wife.

"Yeah, yeah," she smiled. "I'll keep my mouth clean when we're around them."

"Good," he kissed her lips. "Now let's go mingle."

For the next few minutes, Lin and Tenzin were greeted by their guests, who were wishing them a happy life. To be honest nobody seemed surprised with this wedding. They were surprised with Pema and Tenzin's wedding, but not this one. Everyone knew that Lin and Tenzin would always find a way to be together. They were always meant to be together.

So yeah, not much. You guys wanted an update so I made the end, this is in fact the end, on Tenzin and Lin's wedding day. Ta da! I added some uncle Bumi humor, because that's how I picture Bumi being and immature jerk, but still a likable character. Hoped you enjoyed it.