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Emmett felt his hands shaking as he thought about what he would be walking into as he got closer and closer to the house, "What's he like?" He asked.

"He's beautiful." Esme smiled. "You'll adore him I always do."

"Esme don't get to attached." Carlisle cautioned.

Her head snapped and she looked at her husband. "You know that's his baby Carlisle, you know that, I know that."

Carlisle just shook his head. "Even Bella wants a paternity test done." Carlisle reminded her.

"He's mine." Emmett said.

"Son there's no way you can know that." Carlisle said.

"No dad I can know that, Katie was a lot of things but a liar was not on of them."

"See." Esme smiled as though that closed the subject.

Carlisle looked over at her and sighed there was no way he was going to make her see how irrational she was being. They pulled into the drive way and Carlisle turned around and looked at his son. "Are you ready for this?"

"Yeah." Emmett took a deep breath opening the door and letting himself out. "I guess it's now or never." He muttered. Slowly staring at the house he walked towards the front door, something that had always brought comfort, the house of his childhood now only brought confusion and fear. He didn't know anything about being someone's father, and what about the child's aunt would she fight him would she let him be part of his son's life. He turned the knob taking another deep breath. No one seemed to be in the living room but he heard someone singing softly in the nursery. Walking along the carpeted floor he peaked into the room, he saw a pretty girl with chocolate brown hair swaying with a little boy in her arms. Singing so softly Emmett could barely make out the lyrics.

He wasn't sure what to do, the child looked to be asleep in the women's arms and you couldn't see much of him but from what he could see Emmett could understand where his mother was coming from. The women, Emmett Remembered was named Bella turned around swaying with the sleeping child. She looked up and gasped clutching her chest.

Bella was shocked she hadn't heard anyone to be home and hadn't heard anyone come in. Her heart pounding erratically she looked at the man closely she could clearly see Parker in this man. "You must be Emmett." Her arms instinctively tightened around her nephew.

"Yes," Emmett tried to smile at this women to but her at ease. "Is this Parker?" He nodded his head at the sleeping child.

"Yes." Bella whispered "I'm sorry he just feel asleep the last few days have been hard for us."

"I'm sure don't worry about it." Emmett tried to wave away her concern. Seeing she was on the verge of tears.

Bella lowered Parker into the crib watching him sleep for a moment, "I know this is incredibly rude of me but I'm exhausted would you mind if I take a nap before I talk to you, I'm sure you're tired to and I think we both need to be rested before we tackle everything my sister has left."

"Of course and you're right, do you mind if I stay in here?"

"Of course he is your son." Bella said gently. "Just please try and not wake him up its so hard to get him back to sleep.

"I promise." Emmett smiled at her as she walked out the door, before she was all the way gone she turned back around.

"I just want to say thanks for serving our country." Without another word she walked out. Emmett watched her go wide eyed as he fell heavily in the rocking chair in the corner causing it to creak.

"Well she isn't like her sister that's for sure." He muttered to himself looking over at his sleeping son. "OH little boy what are we going to do."

He didn't' notice Esme leaning against the wall outside the nursery tears running down her cheeks. She'd always been worried about her son and well Parker was a shock maybe he was what Emmett needed to ground him, give him something to fight towards, he'd always been the black sheep of the family the one she worried about the most and here maybe her saving grace.

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