Bed of Thorns

NOTE: This is a Carlisle/Bella story. I will not have the other Cullen's unless I decide to do so by surprise, its way to creepy to me to have Bella as the other's mother and so and so. There are dark times in this story and will be slight lems in the future. This story has hints of rape and abuse. I was iffy on doing this story because of the coupling but due to high request I'm giving it a shot. So far I'm happy with it… hope you all will be too. Read at own risk you've been warned.

He just wasn't feeling it anymore. What could he do? There wasn't much more he could say or do on this manner. He hated hurting people especially women. But this relationship was going nowhere and he knew without a shadow of a doubt she just wasn't the one.

"You're dumping me?"

"Well yes I suppose so I'm sorry. I never meant to cause you pain…"

She laughs.

"Fuck you Carlisle."

He sighs knowing he deserves this but truth was Lana got on his nerves. She was controlling, cruel and he didn't care for how she was with children. He knew he could never have any but nonetheless he always loved children and didn't tolerate those that mistreated them. Carlisle was tired of the games. He wanted to find his mate and settle down. There was never a chance in hell he was turning Lana he couldn't even imagine what sort of vampire she'd be nor did he want to.

"I deserve that…" He says.

She slaps him and gets out of the car and storms off entering her house.

Carlisle shook his head on this but honestly it felt like a weight had been lifted off his chest. For now he could just focus on the job and maybe one day that girl would walk into his life. Even though part of him felt rather sad on this in all his years of existence he'd just not found that one that made him click. Sure there were beautiful vampires here and there but ugh and this was the first human he'd tried dating. He'd not even slept with her yet and though he wanted to desperately he knew this was best why lead her on even more so. It's best to break it off now and move on.


"You know how I feel about the Volturi!"

"Come on Isabella please…"


"Let me turn you and you'll see. This is where, we're meant to be. You by my side and us serving by theirs." She couldn't believe what was coming from his mouth.

"And we can but I refuse to join the Volturi! Why do we have to get mixed up in that?!"

"Because it is who I am. It's where I belong."

She winces at this and her heart shatters.

"Then you should go."

"Isabella please…"

"No Felix…"
He leans into her neck and she feels his teeth slightly scrap against her. She shoves him away.

"Thought this was what you always wanted."

"I did… but not now. You should go. Follow your heart and do what it is you want."

He grinds his teeth together and shakes his head.

"Come on baby…"

"Just go!" She points to the door.

He grabs her by the throat and picks her up. Her eyes widen. He opens the bathroom door and places her in there. He looks upon her and slaps her then slams the door shut and propping a chair against the door so she's locked inside.

"What are you doing!?" She screams.

"I've got something I need to do when I return you will be turned we will be together."

Her jaw drops and fear courses through her veins. Tears stream down her face as she looks around. This was a side of him she'd not seen. Sure he'd been rather controlling lately but she figured it was the vampire side. She knew he couldn't control it that wasn't his fault. He'd left bruises here and there but he'd always apologized and felt bad when he'd see what he'd done. But honestly she'd had enough she wanted out.

She hears the front door slam.

There was a time she was in love and wanted nothing more than to become a vampire and spend her life with Felix but now it wasn't so much about the Volturi sure that was a big part of why she was turned off to being turned. But the more she thought about it she couldn't bear the thought of being with Felix for eternity. She'd been wanting to leave but he'd always found a way to make her stay.

She looks to the bathroom window contemplating whether she could fit through it or not. If she did this she knew she'd never come back. She also knew she'd have to hide out for the rest of her life practically or he'd come find her. But she looks back to the bathroom door and knew she couldn't bare another day and knew once he returned he'd be wanting to turn her and would be forcing her to join the Volturi. She tries to force the window open but she's not strong enough to slide it open. So she does the next desperate thing and quickly out of fear he will return quickly. She grabs a towel punching through the glass where she promptly crawls out and takes off running fast as she can, not looking back.

Isabella goes to the one place she knew…

Chapter 1 (Don't own crap)

Carlisle wanted to do some reflecting and decided to head to the church before he was on the clock. This was the one place he could go and be at peace. He enters the church and finds a seat. He sits in silence for a moment and narrows his eyes as he hears the smallest of whimpering and he swore it sounded as if someone was crying. Yet he saw no one. But he could smell them. The smell was sweeter than most and made his mouth water.

He quietly stands up and follows the scent and sobbing. His head rears back as he finally sees her. A brunette woman crying into her hands that buried her face, he saw she'd hardly any clothing about her and no shoes.

"Pardon me Ms…"

The girl jumps up alarmed.

"I didn't mean to fright."

She nods back backs into the corner of the bench.

"Are you in need of some assistance?"

As he looked upon her eyes he felt an odd sensation come over him. There was an instant pull that tugged at him. She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever saw yet also the saddest thing he'd ever saw. Carlisle didn't understand the feelings that danced around in his head. This overwhelming need to protect this girl came about him.

She swallows as he takes off his jacket. He can't help but to take notice of the marks on her face and neck as he leans over and offers his jacket.

"Do you need me to call the police or would you like to use my cell to call someone?"

She shakes her head wide eyed.

"Do you need a ride somewhere then?"

Carlisle sighs and places his jacket on her since she won't take it.

"Do you have a place to go?"

She shakes her head and more tears fall from her face onto her black gown.

"Please let me help you. Tell me what you need."

He gently and slowly puts his arm around her shoulder.

"My name is Carlisle Cullen. What is your name Ms?"

She sucks back some air catching her breath. He pats her back lightly.

"Take your time."

"Isabella Swan."

"Well I'm a doctor Ms. Swan and I think I should take you to the ER."

She looks to Carlisle wide eyed.

"Let's go." He offers a hand and she takes it. He was thankful he was wearing his gloves she not to cause her more discomfort on how cold she was already.

He helps her into his car and jacks up the heater for her.

"May I ask who did this to you?"

She closes her eyes and continues to shake.

Carlisle turns into the ER and helps her out of the car.

"You're early." One of the nurses says giving Carlisle her best smile.

He nods warmly as the nurse pushes the button letting him in.

"Who's she?"

"Her name is Isabella Swan and I'd think you may need to call the police."

The girl struggles in Carlisle's arms as she hears this.

"I'm sorry hun but its procedure no one should be harming you this way."

Carlisle opens a door to a room. Her bottom lip quivers and she looks beyond frightened.

She turns and reaches for the door. Carlisle sighs and wraps his arms around her waist picking her up and placing her on the hospital bed.

"No one is going to hurt you. Now I'm going to examine you and make sure everything is alright."

She swallows as Carlisle takes off his gloves. He carefully looks her face over. She winces at his cold hands.

"Sorry I tend to run colder than normal."

The girl looks to him oddly and there's a knock at the door. She closes her eyes as the police enter the room. She knew there was no way she could be honest. Felix could single handily end them all if they showed up at the door. She knew this doctor hadn't a clue what he just did or what he was dealing with.

They slew her with questions as Carlisle continues to check her over. Once he's done he leans back folding his arms eyeing her.

"Mam we can't help you if you don't tell us who did this to you… "They repeat for the millionth time. She shrugs and the police all look to her as though she was clearly an idiot.

"Do you have anywhere to go? Any family or friends to call?"

"Felix had pretty much excluded her from any of that. Charlie had died while on the job not too long ago and Renee and her hadn't talked even longer than that. She had no friends Felix made sure of that. He always said it was for her protection."

She shakes her head.

"So you're the one that found her?"

Carlisle nods.

"She needs to either be released into somebody's custody or we can find her a women's shelter."

Carlisle noted the way she looked at the words women's shelter. What am I getting myself into he thought.

"What would it mean for her to be in my custody?"

"It simply means you care for her until she finds her way or someone else she can trust comes along."

Carlisle sighs.

"I can care for myself." She rises and Carlisle softly wraps his hand around her wrist.

"Please there is nothing wrong with needing a hand. Everyone does from time to time. Allow me to help you with whatever you need."

"That isn't your responsibility and I'm a grown woman sir. I'm sorry I've troubled you the way I have already."

"You've not been any trouble."

"With all due respect Ms we cannot let you go out alone like this. You've no shoes, no real clothes, no ID, no money. It's the doc or the shelter. Your choice…"

She pinches the bridge of her nose and looks to Carlisle.

"Are you sure it's no trouble?"

"Not at all in fact I'll see who can cover me tonight."

She hated this, this poor man didn't deserve her stupid problems casted on him. Isabella planned to hurry and get on her feet quickly. No way was she going to let this man's life be ruined by her. The police wait with her while Carlisle finds a replacement for him tonight.

"All taken care of."

The police have him sign some sort of paper and she feels ten times worse now. However he smiles warmly her and offers an arm for her to take as he leads her out of the room. Carlisle takes her to his car and opens the door for her.

Carlisle pulls into a clothing store. He gets out and opens the door for Isabella and buttons the jacket tightly around her. He leads her inside the store and she grimaces at the looks she's getting.

"Just ignore them." He says softly.

He takes notice of her hiding behind his arm shyly as they make their way through the store.

"Sir she can't be in here like that."

Carlisle rolls his eyes at the sales associate.

"She can and will." He opens a dressing room and stuffs her inside.

"I'm going to bring you some clothes and I want you to try them on. You be honest and tell me if you don't like them."

Isabella turns and looks to the mirror. She covers her mouth at how repulsive she looks. She looked like a bum she thought. Once again she loses composure and breaks down leaning her back against the dressing room wall.

"Are you alright?" He says outside the door.

"Yes sir…" She says behind her sobs.

She grabs the clothes he hands her. To her surprise they were her taste and size exactly. She wondered how he did that. She figured it was merely a doctor thing. Isabella stepped out in the blue jeans and deep blue blouse.

Carlisle rises from a chair and nods.

"Now for some socks and shoes."

"What's all this?" She said as he carried more clothes in his hands.

"Well I'm sure you're to need more than one outfit."

"Sir…" She goes to argue and he walks away.

Once she found her a pair of shoes she saw Carlisle grab one more pair in her size. She shakes her head on this knowing she couldn't ever repay him. She wasn't one for charity and she felt like utter shit.

"Mr. Cullen please put those back."

He shakes his head and places everything down on the counter. The woman gives Isabella a dirty look.

"Please refrain from doing that. Not only is it not lady like but it's very immature. You know nothing of this lady yet you're quick to judge. Just scan the items and we'll be out of your hair."

Isabella's jaw drops such as the cashier's.

"Um yes sir I do apologize."

Carlisle says nothing he grabs the bags once he pays and takes Isabella's hand and leads her back to the car. She sits quietly as the doctor drives her to his house.

She swallows and her eyes widen as he turns into a FM Road. He drives twenty or so more minutes out. He smiles her way and pulls into the drive.

"You live here?" She says flabbergasted.

He nods.

"Sir I don't think this is a good idea."

He sighs and gets out.

"Just follow me."

"Sir! What will your wife and kids think if I show up in your house!" She says with a bit of a panic.

He can't help but to have a good laugh at this.

"I'm not married and I don't have any children. I live alone you're bothering no one."

She looked to the big white modern house blankly. She even took notice of the pool and that there were three sets of cars besides the one he drove her here in.

"I should go to the shelter…"

"Come on Isabella."

Carlisle unlocked the door and she nervously clung to his arm as though something were to jump out at them at any moment. He heard her heart race with each step inside. She covered her mouth and shook her head nervously.

"I can't be here."

"Why not?" He questions curiously and places down her bags.

"It's too nice. Way too nice…" She says looking around.

Carlisle frowns gathering she felt she didn't belong in a house like this. He folds his arms leaning against the counter watching her. She acted timid and wouldn't touch anything.

"Have a seat Bella."

"Bella?" She turned to him.

"Suits you better." He winks and grabs her a bottled water from the fridge.

He hands her the water and places her down on the couch.

"I want you to make yourself at home don't be shy. I want you to feel comfortable."

She opens the water and drinks some of it. Her hands shake around the bottle.

"Let me get you a room ready."

She doesn't dare move afraid if she does she'll mess something up. Carlisle comes back down and takes her hand leading her upstairs.

"If you need me this is my room." He opens the door and shows her.

She sees a silver post bed with black and white sheets, dresser and nightstand to match.

Carlisle knew this was going to be difficult considering she'd not a clue what he truly was. He swallows in thought. He was thankful he'd got a couple of beds for the house. He'd gotten these and the food when he was dating Lana. Though he and Lana never got that far he wanted to take all precautions and she never knew he was a vampire. He then led her to the room right next door to his.

"I figured this best in case you need me for anything." He opens the door and she sees the same sort of set up only the sheets were pure white.

She walks in side and runs her fingers along the bed sheets curiously.


"Is that a problem?"

"Um no…" She says tensely.

"You've also your own bathroom." He says opening another door.

She peeked inside to see it was a full bathroom with a shower and bathtub separate from each other, full sink, everything. She shakes her head on this.

"I better go."

He sighs folding his arms yet again.


"Just because this isn't a good idea."

"I've more than enough room, I'm hardly home anyway and honestly where are you going to go?"

She goes to say something on this but grows light headed as the room spins around on her. She grabs the bedpost as she walks by.

"Easy now." He rushes over.

"You need to rest."

"I'm fine."

He shakes his head on her stubbornness and helps her into the bed. Before she even realizes it she's out. Carlisle watches her for a few moments and then tucks her in.

"Goodnight Ms. Swan."