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5 years later…

"High school dad really?"

Carlisle laughs.

"You age development has slowed down enough that yes I do believe it's time you get some education in besides what your mother and I have been working with you on. That and interactions with other teenagers could prove to be very beneficial to you. I doubt you want to be stuck with your mother and I all the time."

"What if they think I'm a freak or something?"

"I highly doubt that son."

"Does mom know about this?"

Carlisle sighs.

"Not yet but I plan to tell her."

"She's gonna flip dad!"

"I doubt that you're 15 now Charlie it's time to get out there and see what the world has to offer."

"Dad…" Charlie looks nervously to the school building with all the other kids walking around.

"You can do this son I believe in you. Just remember what we talked about."

Charlie sighs.

"Ok dad."

Carlisle smiles.

"Your mom and I will pick you up after school."

"Not if she doesn't kill you first you know how she is about secrets."

"Hmmm, I'll handle your mother. You just have a good day try to be a normal teenager son."

"Yeah sure…" Charlie says with a smile and grips the door handle.

"Good luck."

"Yeah, yeah…"

Carlisle shakes his head with a grin watching Charlie head towards the front doors of his very first day of school ever.

Once he sees him walk through the doors he drives onto work where Bella already is. He parks the car and gets out glancing to the picture of his wife and son on his visor. He truly hoped his son would be ok but knew deep down he wanted him to get out and make some friends try to have a normal life. His son was smart as they came and he knew he'd be fine academically it was friend wise he was concerned as he'd not been around children his age even as a small child they were afraid of the risk. But Charlie had great self-control and was mostly eating human food now which Carlisle knew would help. Charlie looked a lot like his grandpa from the pictures Bella showed Carlisle. He was very tall had dark hair and dark brown eyes.

They still resided at the house Bella and Charlie had picked out years ago. Kate and Garrett visited often and visa versa. They've also gotten even more attached to the Denali Coven.

"You will need to soak that twice a day with the salt. Now I don't want to see you back here again because you didn't listen to me Mr. Williams."

Carlisle hears his wife with a continuous patient that does indeed never listen to either of them.

"Ah back again Mr. Williams?"

Bella turns smiling at her husband.

"What can I say I just can't seem to part from your beautiful wife Dr. Cullen."

"Ah, well most can't."

Carlisle winks at Bella. Bella grins and finishes wrapping the man's foot.

"I'm sure your wife wouldn't be too happy to hear that Mr. Williams. And you've a very pretty wife."

"Ah, yes but she's still saving herself for that Richard Gere."

"Is she now?"

He nods pretending to pout. Bella laughs.

"Here's the salt I want you to use just half a cup is all you need understand?"

Mr. Williams a tall elderly man with salt and pepper hair rises and takes the salt from Bella's hand.

"Might I have a hug Mrs. Cullen?"

"But of course."

Bella hugs the man and helps lead him back towards the waiting room.

"Thank you Mrs. Cullen."

"You're very welcome."

Carlisle signs off his chart.

"How's the day so far?"

"Ok you got a couple of patients. One in room 12 the other in 16 otherwise it's slow."

"Very well I shall see to them."

Bella nods and fills out her paperwork at the desk. Carlisle grabs his stethoscope but leans into her ear as nobody's looking.

"So what are you doing for lunch my dear?"

"That's sexual harassment Dr. Cullen."

"Is it now?"

She grins and reaches for another paper.

"Well then I guess I just have to fire you."


"You wouldn't fire your best nurse…"

"Then I suppose I'll see you at lunch."

He says walking off. Bella smiles shaking her head as Carlisle winks and enters the patient's room. Bella enters not long after and helps her husband look after the patient. Once the patient is dismissed Carlisle looks up from his charts.

"Charlie started school today."

"Um what?" Her eyes widen as she looks to him.

"Carlisle!" She hisses.

He chuckles softly.

"And when were you planning on telling me or talking to me about this?"

He shrugs.

"I swear Carlisle."

"You really shouldn't my dear."

"Shouldn't I have a say in this?"

"Bella my dear we both know you wouldn't have agreed. You're far too protective he needs to get out there experience life. He's not going to want to be stuck with us forever."

She folds her arms.

"If anything happens…"

"It won't he'll be fine."

He leans over kissing her lips before he exits the room.

"We'll pick him up after our shift."

"I'm still not very happy with you, just so you know!"

He smiles.

"Yes my dear I know I'll more than make up for it later." He hints and leaves the room.

Bella sighs and finishes cleaning up the room and setting it up for the next patient. She took pride in working for Carlisle. She'd been working here for 3 years now and loved it. Now there were some chaotic hard times her and Carlisle thought they'd never make it through such as losing a patient or dealing with ones that didn't take care of themselves or the worst cases where it involved children. But she wouldn't change what she does for anything. She loved her job and it only made it that much more rewarding that she worked alongside of her husband.

At times though both were tested as they were both every attractive both got hit on constantly but they pushed passed each other's jealousy and focused solely on each other especially once behind doors. Bella couldn't count how many times a day certain patients would hit on her husband or have the balls to touch him. She smirks on this shaking her head. But as always he was respectful and enduring and let them down lightly as did she with other men. Both Carlisle and Bella though had their "constant" patients that came in just for the sole purpose of flirtation in hopes of taking it further. They just made jokes about it once it was the two of them. Neither of them had to worry about the other in that department. They were both smitten with each other and always will be. They also knew that in a couple more years probably after Charlie graduated they'd have to move and work at another hospital this would be something they did every few years because of them not aging but that came with it. It didn't matter where they went as long as they had each other and managed to make it work.

They'd made it past all the trials they faced years ago and the three of them were stronger than ever. The Volturi and everything that took place was more like a mere nightmare to Bella now and she'd pushed it all behind her thanks to her husband and Charlie had hardly any recollection of it. The hand mark he left however still lays amongst Carlisle's chest as a constant reminder of how much his son loves him. Every time he looks in the mirror and sees it he can't help but to smile. The Volturi had become more peaceful and less harsh now as it was being ran by Marcus and Jasper only more so by Marcus which had a much more different approach of dealing with things. He wasn't near as sadistic. In fact Marcus had written a personal apology to Carlisle on his behalf on what took place. Jasper took on Caius for ranking and took his place. This made Carlisle feel somewhat more at ease about the Volturi. Jasper and he had a bit of history from his stay before… At first he'd not cared too much for Jasper Whitlock…

During Carlisle's stay many years ago Jasper had tried to influence Carlisle into feeding from humans. It had almost worked as Carlisle even took it upon himself to grab the young woman Jasper had taunted him with and nearly plunge his teeth into her. But once he felt what Jasper was doing he made himself stop and sent the young woman away. That was the very first time Jasper had seen Carlisle's fury and Jasper barely made it alive. It's only because of Carlisle's great self-control that Jasper was still alive today. Oddly enough after that confrontation and once Jasper got a read on what kind of vampire Carlisle was they became good friends and from that day on he was never dumb enough to try to influence Carlisle Cullen again. He'd respected Carlisle in his decisions and so called diet. Jasper even thought about trying the diet himself but couldn't bring it upon himself once he smelt of animal blood it just wasn't the same. Carlisle was the first decent vampire he'd come across and he could sense his honor, faith and appreciation for live itself and for mankind. Jasper rather admired Carlisle for who he was. He'd told him this much before Carlisle left in fact he tried to persuade his friend to stay by saying "Well who's to keep me inline now my friend if you're to leave and who do I spar with? You know how I feel about a good spar…" Carlisle shakes his head in thought. From then on they both shared a friendship that neither could quite describe but they knew without a shadow of a doubt they'd always trust the other.

Come lunch time Carlisle yanks Bella into one of the storage rooms locking the door.

"Dr. Cullen you trying to get us fired."

"Kind of hard to get fired if you're the boss my dear."

"Is that so?"

He nods kissing her lips and running his hands up her scrubs. Carlisle pulls down her pants and pens her against the wall. He wastes no time working his way inside. There were things about her husband Bella still continued to learn everyday not a one she didn't like though but this was one of them. She couldn't believe how truly naughty he could be when he wanted there were times he'd floor her with what he'd say or come up with. Hell at times she thought she would die from over stimulation. But it was just the same for Carlisle they both seemed to surprise one another with certain things. Working together was certainly interesting especially when it came time for them to make time for one another. Yet both enjoyed working together immensely and wouldn't want it any other way. He moved about at vamparic speed as she she arched her back. She felt his tongue about her neck as he worked his way to her lips where it didn't take long for both to simultaneously release. She then smiles "Am I still to be fired?" He softly chuckles. "Tomorrow's another day..." He says fixing his scrubs and handing her scrub top back.

They were both proud of Charlie as well though both were said that he's years growing up went by so fast they also couldn't be happier of who he's become. He was brilliant like his father, had his mother and grandpa's good looks, and he was a mixture of his father and Bella combined in personality. As Garrett puts it "He's a little half and half he is." Charlie also was still very fond of his uncle Gar. Garrett though he wouldn't admit it was just as fond of him and was often teaching him sparing techniques.

After their shift Bella waits in the car for her husband to finish up as he was with one more patient. She starts the car and turns on the radio. She smiles as it's Bon Jovi's "Superman." She thinks back to that day and feels that old sensation she did back then. She leans back and sees her husband making his way to the car. He opens the back door first throwing his jacket in the back seat then open the door to the front getting in. He hears the song himself grinning he then leans over and kisses her. Neither says a word he just starts the car and backs out but then takes her hand holding it as they go to pick up Charlie from school.

Bella sighs in relief to see Charlie making his way to the car. Carlisle chuckles as he witnesses his son hugging a cute brunette haired girl.

"Already?" Bella says in shock.

"Well he is our son…" Carlisle hints and she elbows him.

He laughs softly again.

"Look at it this way my dear Bella he had a really good first day."


Charlie gets in the car all smiles.

"So how'd it go son?"

"Great actually."

"Is that so?"


"So dad's still alive?"

Bella shakes her head laughing.

"Barely, and the day isn't over yet."

Charlie laughs.

"So who was that?" Bella asks.

"Oh her?"
"Yes of course her…"

"That's Bree."

"Yep Bree Tanner, they moved here from Forks mom. I thought that was kind of funny considering that's where grandpa lived."
"That's odd, small world huh Charlie?"
"Certainly is…"


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