Footsteps – Chapter 1

"Bond? Bond, have you got him?"

"Yes. I'm right behind the car."

Mallory's voice continued on the radio. "We can't afford to let him get away. He's planning on blowing up the underground."

"Don't they ever have anything better to do?" There was a small hint of sarcasm in James' voice, as his eyes fixed on the speeding car ahead, sharp and determined. The cars continued speeding down the street, racing and roaring. In the blink of an eye, the car in front swerved left, heading down a narrow alley. James exhaled in frustration and annoyance.

"Lost him."

"More of our team are following," Mallory said, "We've got your back. You can still catch him."

"Take a right and keep heading straight," Q instructed, "You'll be back on the right route."

"Okay," James answered.

He drove down another street, hoping to get back in pursuit of the car. He gripped the wheel of his black Aston Martin, strong and tight. A sense of determination surged through his veins. All he focused on was the mission; pursing that car. His mind was fixed.

Suddenly, something struck the bonnet. An instant blur flung across; fast as lightening. James hit the brakes.

"What was that? Bond? Bond?!" Mallory's frantic voice desperately demanded an answer.

For a moment, the only thing James heard was his pounding heart. It was thudding and racing. He felt like it would burst from his body. He forced himself to speak.

"I hit something."

A/N: Hope the first chapter's okay. Sorry it's short. I'll try and make the next one longer. BTW, this is my first James Bond story. Please post reviews.