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"But it is the nature of stars to cross, and never was Shakespeare more wrong than when he has Cassius note, 'The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars / But in ourselves."

- John Green "The Fault in Our Stars"

It was a cold September morning when they first met, she walked into school, watching the children twirl and dance in the playground, hugging her bag to her chest and hurrying on her seven-year old legs to the office.

The lady at the office was too bright and happy; she treated Katniss like she was five, let alone seven. Katniss hated her already. She hated her parents for making her come to the stupid school just because it was closer to their new house.

The woman, who seemed to burst with unnecessary excitement, led her to her class: Class 3D, where she could be spending the next year until they were assigned a new teacher and classroom.

There were five new people coming to class that year, so as Katniss shyly entered the class room and introduced herself. The teacher (who looked like a human bear) just raised his eyebrows at the students on the carpet in front of him and said "another one? We're gonna be the biggest class in the school at this rate!"

Katniss had missed the first few days of class; she was originally put in class 3W, where the boys called her 'Catpee' and tugged on her braid, and she asked to be moved after the third day.

There were self-portraits on the wall, that the children did on the first day, stapled up over a red and gold background, one that caught her eye was one of a boy who had blue eyes, and it was without a doubt the best one on there. Katniss felt a bit sad that she would never get to do one, but it was okay because it would never be as good as the one with blue eyes.

When the teacher asked for volunteers to show her around, everyone in the class except for four people (who she later learned to be the other new kids) raised their hands. It disgusted Katniss that they looked desperate to show her where the toilets were.

Eventually a girl called Delly was picked; she sat next to her for the whole morning and chattered for so long that Katniss was ready to tear her ears off.

At lunch time, Delly left her to play with her friends and Katniss was alone, the one time when she actually needed her.

It was a big playground; he stood in the middle of it, looking at the toys which were thrown around and listening to a few tone deaf children practise the latest pop song.

She eventually found a dusty red hoop, she picked it up, and was reminded of what her best friend from her old school used to do: practiced a game that her friend from her previous school had taught her where you flick a hoop into the distance and it comes rolling straight back to you.

The hoop felt gritty against her small hands, Katniss held it with her index finger sticking out to help her flick it. It was somewhat calming, knowing that the hoop would come back no matter what.

But there was one time it didn't.

A short, pale skinned, freckled boy picked it up before it could come rolling back to her. He inspected it carefully, his face hidden by a mop of blonde curls.

Katniss marched up to him, how dare he steal her hoop? He was probably one of those mean boys that would call her Catpee. She was ready to hit him (like her daddy told her to) if he did anything naughty. Quietly, she cleared her throat so she could shout at him when he came into earshot.

She was two metres away when he noticed her; he probably heard her urgent, angry steps coming closer.

He looked up.

Katniss gasped.

He had the prettiest blue eyes she had ever seen, ever. They looked just like the bottom of the swimming pool that her father took her to (which was next to Pizza hut), and they were quite intimidating to the dull- eyed seven year old.

Her voice barely came out as a squeak when she finally came to the big confrontation she had been mentally preparing herself for.

"That's my hoop."

He looked at her in surprise, probably because she hadn't said anything in the full minute she had been standing in front of him.

"Uh… sorry, I saw what you were doing, it was pretty neat can you teach me?"

Katniss wasn't sure what to say, no one ever asked her to play.


The boy grinned, and handed her back her hoop, without a second thought, Katniss took his pale hand in hers and positioned it in the correct position on top of the red hoop, she wiped her hands on her navy school dress later because there was always the small possibility that he might have cooties.

The boy, as it turned out, was terrible at hoop flicking, the hoop never came back and that particular time, it ended up two feet away from the large playhouse on the other side of the playground that the students liked to call 'the jungle gym'.

It was at least fifty meters away.

Katniss let out an extremely exaggerated exasperated sigh and sent him a glare that could make grown men whimper.

He blushed and looked down sheepishly, kicking an imaginary pebble on the ground.

"Sorry, not everyone's as great as you." He said with a slight seven year old lisp.

She went to retrieve it, if everyone was as great as her; life would be a whole lot easier.

In the middle of his million and tenth attempt to get the hoop to come back to him, he turned to her.

"What's your name?" he said, eyes furrowed like he was trying to guess it

"My name's Katniss."

He looked at her in awe as if she said her name was rumpelstiltskin.

"That's a pretty name, I'm Peeta Mellark." He said, Katniss eyes widened, she giggled, a sound that too rarely escaped her small mouth.

"Like pita bread? My daddy and I eat that with hummus!"

Peeta shrugged


Katniss smiled at him, it was one of her rare sharp toothed grins.

"We can be BFF'S!"

He nodded vigorously

"C'mon BFF lets go get some pixie stones!"

There were no such thing a 'pixie stones' in reality, the school was littered with many little green, red and orange shards of blunt, broken glass, making the dull black tarmac sparkle in the sun, no one knew how they got there, the younger kids insisted that it was the remainder of what used to be a great pixie empire, they said that the dandelion seeds were really angry fairies in disguise, watching over the ruin of their home that the cruel head mistress had built her school over, so they collected all the shards they could find and filled up a little hole in the playground, so the pixies could re build their home, and since the glass in the hole was gone in the morning, they could only assume that the pixies took them.

The older kids said that Haymitch just dropped his drinks in the playground every day, but Peeta and Katniss didn't really understand that.

They collected the pixie stones next to the jungle gym in their hands, putting them in the hole and watching the little pile of tiny pixie stones get larger and larger.

They didn't get lunch that day, so many pixie stones to collect, so little time.

In that one hour break between 11:45 and 12:45 Katniss' heart grew ten times larger

And Peeta's infatuation with her intensified ten times more.

When Katniss' father came to collect her after school (ten minutes late, he had a busy job) he asked her about her day, so she told him.

She told him that she helped the pixies rebuild their house.

She told him that she made a friend called Peeta Mellark (and that they most definitely were not allowed to eat him with hummus)

she told him that he was terrible at the hoop flicking game

She told him that they would be together forever.

From that day, Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen were inseparable, it turned out that he was a new kid too, one of the five, and that the popular boy Finnick Odair used to go to his old school.

They cried over their lost old lives together in the special year three playground.

When Delly and her friends came over to ask them what the matter was, they found that they couldn't explain.

Katniss' mother liked Peeta such a polite boy she would always say. And a pretty well off family too. Katniss' didn't like her mother when she said things like that; she was too overly obsessed with social status.

Katniss' mother and father came from a different country, when they moved to the great London town, Katniss' mother saw it like some sort of battle field and she wouldn't be content until she was up there with the queen. She never saw past a person's family or intelligence, but she had her moments.

Katniss was abnormally clever. She wasn't Mensa level or anything but when she started talking about homeostasis at seven years old, teachers began to take notice.

Peeta was average in intelligence, or maybe he was extremely clever, it was hard to tell when he spent all his time next to Katniss.

On a rainy Thursday (when was it ever not rainy?) the teacher took out two red hoops (which made Peeta grin at Katniss) and put them on the floor in a Venn diagram sort of thing where the circles didn't overlap.

The teacher explained Venn diagrams to them, scratching his no existent beard in frustration when the children asked stupid questions, then gestured to the two hoops on the floor

"If you think there are two categories here, than stand-up"

"If you think there are three, then stay sitting"

The whole class stood up except Peeta and Katniss

They sniggered at them

Peeta himself looked very unsure of the correct answer, but if his genius friend Katniss thought there were three categories, then there were three categories.

The teacher regarded Katniss with curiosity; she was sitting confidently and ignoring the sniggers and whispers of the standing kids around her, happily, she hit the blue carpet repeatedly with her palms.

"Katniss… why do you think there are three categories?"

"Well, there obviously three, the first hoop, the second hoop and the space outside" she said very matter of factly, like it was something all seven year olds in the world knew.

The teacher looked surprised for a second then shook his head while smiling, a very contradictory action.

"You are absolutely right Katniss!"

The students gasped and he explained it to them, Katniss smiled smugly.

The next day, they were told to write about their earliest memory.

Although it wasn't her earliest memory Katniss chose to write about the day she moved into her house in London.

She lost herself in the writing, describing every colour, every sound, every smell, very taste, her fingers moved to their own accord, occasionally smudging the ink and covering the words in a grey mist.

When she finished she handed her work to the teacher.

An hour later after reading all the papers, he began to gush over her writing skills to the class and read it out in an over enthusiastic voice

"I stumbled out of the car, I was feeling slightly car sick. As my feet hit the soft gritty pavement of north London, I drank in the sight of my new home. The numbers five and six hung up in gold over the coffee coloured door, leaning against a tree, (which scratched my back through my short sleeved shirt) I picked some of the yellow flowers lining the house and inhaled deeply, smelled like home, like my old home in Edinburgh, where the ducks swam freely in the garden and the grass was nearly as tall as me…"

If Katniss wasn't so focused on being embarrassed, she would have noticed Peeta, mesmerised by every word that tumbled out of the bear-looking teacher's mouth.

That was the day she earned her right to "school genius"


The day she earned her right to "future pop star" was the day they were learning songs in assembly

They learned a new song every fortnight, but only then did Katniss have the courage to start singing.

"I'll talk it first, then you sing it back" the deputy head teacher said, bobbing her head to look like a turkey (the sunburnt neck wasn't helping with that image)

"Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag"

"Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag"

"And smile, smile, smile."

"And smile, smile, smile."

"If there's a Lucifer to light your lamp."

"If there's a Lucifer to light your lamp."

"Smile boys that's the style."

"smile boys that's the style."

"What's the use of worrying"

"What's the use of worrying?"

"It never was worthwhile."

"It never was worthwhile."

"Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile."

"Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile."

When Katniss joined in after they had finally learnt the words, he noticed that everyone around her had stopped singing.

She blushed and looked down.

Was she really that bad?

Then, one by one, all the students began to clap. Peeta Mellark smiled at her, and for a moment, her embarrassment was forgotten.

By the time they started singing "swing low" no one was looking at her.

So she and Peeta Mellark clapped their hands, doing that actions and laughing if one of them sang out of key (mostly Peeta) swaying to what would be the soundtrack to their childhood.

Swing low,

Sweet chariot,

Coming for to carry me home.

Swing low,

Sweet chariot

Coming for to carry me home.

Peeta invited her to his house three days later; he introduced her to his two guinea pigs, toffee and Kit Kat, who were successfully avoiding them in their little brown hut in his garden.

His garden looked like it had been cut right out of the Amazonian jungle, and plopped randomly in the bleak uninviting streets of London.

As they tiptoed over the bridge running over the little river that flowed in the middle of his garden (complete with seven different kinds of fish) Peeta pointed out a banana tree to their left, letting her stroke the long satiny leaves, telling her that the weather was not good enough to grow banana's, then apologised like he had done something wrong.

They played games in the garden with Peeta's mother or older brother coming to check on them occasionally. Until they plopped down on the water depraved soil and watched the fish swim past on the river.

Katniss looked at Peeta, the amount of water in her eyes rivalling that of the river.

"Daddy said that mummy's gonna have a baby." She said

Peeta looked at her

"I like babies." He said before turning back to watch the fish

"But what if mummy and daddy don't love me anymore because of the baby?"

"They'll still love you." Peeta replied "we got the guinea pigs, two of them! And mummy and daddy still love me."

"But that's different, Toffee and Kit-Kat are animals, mummy and daddy are having a proper human baby!" Katniss wailed

"If they don't, then I'll love you enough for the both of them."

When Peeta hugged her, Katniss didn't even bother to worry about cooties.


Peeta's mother said goodbye to her in her funny Brazilian accent as he left their house, she hugged Peeta and got into her father's car with her belly full of spaghetti bolognaise.

When her father asked her if she had fun, she gave him a way longer answer than necessary and then sunk down on their BMW's warm grey seat to play on her DS

When she arrived at her house, she rushed to her up the deep red stairs to her mother, who was taking on the phone to her friend in a very fake voice.

"Oh no! Really! Oh you poor thing, if I were you I would dump him straight away, you need a real man." she said, rolling her R's and making a sound similar to that of someone coughing up mucus as she spoke in her mother tongue.

"Mum! Mum! Mum! Guess what, I had so much fun at Peeta's, we played games and…"

Her mother cut her off with a glare and a shut up.

"Oh, who was that?" she continued to her equally as fake friend "it was just my daughter; yes she doesn't know proper manners. It's a shame that hitting children is frowned upon here, but one trip to her grandma back home and she'll learn her lesson in no time…"

Katniss humphed and stalked off.


She planned to run away that night, she packed her hello kitty bag with necessities like her DS and two foot tall teddy bear which she had named "Doopy" he even wrote a note and put her shoes on and everything.

At the last moment, she waked past a framed picture of her and Peeta eating ice cream on a warm April morning, getting more on their faces than in their mouths, the sun had made Peeta's hair look like gold that day.

She couldn't do it.

she couldn't leave him

They were BFF's, best friends forever.


She ripped up the note and unpacked her bag, the next morning, the hug she gave Peeta was uncharacteristically long.