As the sun began to rise over the small village of Locksley Robin sat on a nearby bank with his head in his hands. The events of that dreadful day played repeatedly in his mind. He shivered as he remembered how she had clutched at his hand until the very end. He was still trying to get his head around the fact that she had gone. If only this was a dream and somehow she would appear beside him smiling that warm beautiful smile.

Something suddenly brought Robin out of his thoughts a movement nearby. Instead of looking up he stayed still welcoming whoever it was to do there worse. "Master how long have you been here? Only lifting his head a bit Robin glanced to the left to see his most faithful friend Much, slumped down beside him in the grass.

"I needed sometime alone". Robin watched some people down at Locksley setting up for the day.

"You know they still need us". He knew what he meant but at the moment he just had no passion. For the last few days he had been avoiding the gang because he didn't want their sympathy. No one understood the pain that ripped through him when she closed her eyes for the last time.

If only he had been faster and gotten to her before Gisborne attacked. "As hard as it is we still need you and most importantly they still do too". Robin huffed and ran a hand down his face all he wanted was sometime alone. "What if there's a possibility she lived? And that's what pushed him over the edge he just couldn't take any more.

"If that was true do you think I would still be here? We all watched her being buried she's gone". Just then a horn was blown and some horses came into view. Robin noticed the sheriff riding on one. They came to a stop in the middle of the small village and he pulled out a long piece of scroll.

"People of Locksley it is my great pleasure to announce that the rightful king is to be visiting, there for if any of you good people happen to see Robin Hood or his gang please report back to me or Gisborne. We have an extra little surprise waiting for them". And with that he turned his horse around and rode out of the village followed by his men.

"That man is unbelievable hasn't he tried something like this before". Much muttered to himself before turning to find Robin already walking off towards the village. "Master where are you going you can't possible show your face". Ignoring his friend he carried on down the hill.

"This is my home I shall not be scared of going to my own village". They entered the village and straight away people stopped what they were doing and stared at Robin as if seeing a ghost. One girl muttered something under her breath then turned to walk away.

"What is your business here? He turned abruptly to see an oldish man pointing a stick. "We have been ordered to hand you in if we see you". Surprising everybody Robin held up his hands in surrender and walked forward towards the man.

"Then why don't you be the one to do just that". Then man turned and looked behind him at two teenagers holding some rope. He nodded once and they moved towards Robin.

"This is crazy we bring you food so you and your children can eat and this is how you repay us by handing Robin over to the sheriff the minute he says". Much reached for his sword ready to fight but stopped when he heard his old friends reply.

"So be in". He watched in disbelief as they tied the rope around his hands and led him off towards a horse grazing in a nearby field. Not sure what to do Much drew his sword and charged at the two boys tying the other end of the rope to the saddle.

"If you're taking Robin then you'll have to take me also". Ignoring him completely they carried on getting the horse ready. "Didn't you hear me I said I'm also surrendering". He watched as the boy helped the other onto the back of the horse then rode off. Much didn't know what else to do but go and get the others. Quickly he hurried back the way he came up the steep hill picking up his pace when he reached the forest.

It wasn't long before Much was running into camp shouting that they had to go. Everybody stopped their jobs and waited for Much to explain. After recovering from the run he grabbed his other weapons and started getting ready.

"We have to go Robin's in trouble". Will dropped the rock he was using to sharpen the sword and stood.

"What happened? Looking around frantic Much started to explain what had went on at Locksley. Once he had finished everybody stood still not sure what to do. Allan was the first to speak.

"Not being funny but it sounds like he walked straight into this, who's' to say the sheriff hasn't set a trap for us? Much who was flabbergasted he marched over to him and pointed a finger in his face.

"Robin has saved your life a number of times and let you back into to gang after you became a traitor and this is how you repay him by turning your back". Allan shrugged and walked away. He stood and looked at them all in utter shock how could they be so calm and not want to help their leader.

"Well then it looks like I am going alone". Much shook his head before running back out of camp muttering words of disgust as he walked. After everything he had done for each one of the gang in different situations yet they still refused to help him. He thought as he reached the tree line towards the north road. He was thinking that maybe he should have taken one of the many horse's they had back at camp.

It would of helped him to reach Nottingham faster and actually have a chance of saving Robin. Who knows what could be happening right now the Sheriff could be planning all sorts of horrible gruesome things for Robin. Pushing himself harder Much started jogging along the road not really caring if anyone came by, his mind was set on helping Robin.

By the time Much had reached the gates leading into the town he was bend over with his hands on his knees gasping for breath. After a minute and a few odd stares from the people he straightened up and walked through the gates.

He knew he couldn't just walk into the castle and demand the release of Robin because the Sheriff who immediately send him off to the dungeons. Without so much as a word said so he looked around trying to spot and alone guards. Just as he spotted one stood near a market stole a horn was blown and out walked the Sheriff from the castle with a massive smirk on his face.

So the villagers had went through with it and handed Robin in he though as he ducked behind a stole and watched.

"People of Nottingham it is my great pleasure to announce the capture of your little hero Robin Hood, I am delighted to say that after two years of his treacherous behaviour he is finally to meet his match". Much felt himself gasp as two guards appeared beside the Sheriff with a rather battered Robin tied up. "This man is nothing but trouble and those who followed him shall also suffer the consciences. So be warned". The sheriff turned towards Robin and sneered at him before turning and walking back towards the castle.

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