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The light has now completely faded; I'm struggling to see my hand in front of my face due to the pitch-black darkness. The wind wailed through the distorted trunks, carrying the sickly stench of wood-rot. I moved faster, ignoring the branches, which hit me as I brutally pushed them out of the way and sprinted past. The damp leaves left grime on my already dirty skin.

Suddenly, the harsh wind stopped. The trees stood utterly still, like statues in a museum where no leaf dared to fall. I stopped running; I desperately need to catch my breath. I have asthma and I foolishly didn't bring my inhaler with me to school today. The forest has turned silent. All I can hear now is my ragged breathing and my chattering teeth. Something is eerily wrong.

Why oh why did I see it as a good idea to take a 'short cut' through the forest when I didn't leave school until 6? If I hadn't of joined Netball club then I wouldn't be in this mess. I'm sure my Aunt and her husband won't be worried about me, despite my sudden disappearance.

How long have I been lost out here, 4 maybe 5 hours? More? Less? Frankly I don't have a clue, but I feel like I'm in Antarctica. Desperately I've been running around the dense forest like a headless chicken, trying but not succeeding, to find the edge of the forest or even a pathway.

I'm terrified, hungry and freezing cold. My body is violently shivering; my school jumper, skirt and thin tights are no match against the low temperature. I need to distract myself by thinking of something, which makes me happy. Twilight. I love it!

It's in my school bag, but in pure panic I dropped my school bag on the ground and ran off when I first realized I was lost, I was desperate to find an exit to the forest and it was weighing me down. My school bag had my phone in, which would have obviously saved me but when I went back to the place where I first realized I was lost, the bag had mysteriously vanished.

I might just be slightly paranoid or insane, but the trees also seemed different. The ground was even wet, but it hadn't rained. It's like I've transported into a completely difference place, but that's obviously impossible.

I need to distract myself again before I go insane. I love twilight! The only thing I've been lost in, prior to this incident, is finding myself lost in the Twilight books. Not literally of course! I read all of the books in 5 days and now I'm re-reading them again. I've seen all of the films; I'm distraught that it's all over. Personally I find the books better then the films, there's so much more information and detail. I also enjoy making good use of my imagination.

The beat of paws suddenly hammered against the filthily forest floor accompanied by the heavy breathing of a large animal. Oh my god it's a Bear! Oh wait; we don't have Bears in England. Well I'm not waiting around to find out.

Quickly, I shot of deeper into the forest. My legs started running faster than they could probably move at all under normal circumstances. Thankfully, my lungs started working properly again. I swerved past the trees and jumped high over logs. The terrifying sound of heavy paws and breathing is extremely close behind me.

Every ounce of terror that has plagued me since my ordeal of being lost in the forest began rushed out of me in an ear-piercing scream of pure terror. The sound of large paws and deep breathing abruptly disappeared.

Light bombarded my vision. I have never felt so relieved. Maybe it's a murderer waiting for me so he can chop of my head. Maybe it's a police officer or a concerned citizen who heard my shrill scream.

The trees thinned out and I hurried up the fairly steep embankment, to where a figure was leaned against the lights of a car. Hallelujah!

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