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"Alright, nerds. Let's go with . . . Dirty Little Secret, The All–American Rejects," Beca said with a smile.

"That's gonna be a challenging one for a cappella. Are you sure?" Cynthia-Rose asked.

"Yeah," Stacie agreed. "I wouldn't be able to do the guitar parts or anything, and I was here last year with Aubrey training us!"

Beca had a sly smile. "I may not have as . . . rigorous a plan as Aubrey, but I definitely like winning. And pushing people."

"Damn, Jesse, your girl is tough!" Benji whispers to Jesse, trying to sound 'cool'.

"Don't let her hear you say 'Jesse's girl', she will bite your head off." Benji cowered in his seat while looking to make sure she hasn't heard, and Jesse snickered.

The auditions went on for a while and some are pretty good. Beca has a hard time concentrating though, because Jesse decides that the guys auditioning also needed to dance. He then decides they needed help with the dancing, so he demonstrated with a lot of hip-thrusts, which Beca was sure he directed her way on purpose. Yes, very distracting.

"Oi! Keep your bedroom eyes to yourselves!" Fat Amy yells to the pair. Everyone started snickering while Beca smirks and Jesse's ears go a little red, though he is still smiling.

Jesse gets off of the stage and the stage and the auditions continue.

Beca and Fat Amy now sit in the empty auditorium discussing who should join the Bellas.

"I liked Aria. She's definitely in," Beca stated.

"Yeah, me too. Alright, what about Hazel?"

"No, she couldn't find or hold pitch throughout the entire song."

"Hmmm . . . Oooooh, Rose. She was fantastic!"

Beca didn't remember her, so she flipped through the applications until "Oh my God, she was awesome! Definitely in."

At the same time, Jesse and Benji were sitting in the courtyard sorting through the applications. Benji started with,

"Caleb, we need him. And Jack."

"Alright. Cool with me. I don't really care either way. I have to go, anyway."

"If I walk in on you and Beca having sex, I will request a room change."

Jesse looks back at Benji and stammers, "W-we, we haven't . . ." Then he decides to change his train of thought and continue with, "And who would want you as a roommate knowing you totally cockblocked your last one?" With that, he heads to the auditorium.

Walking through the doors, he shouts, "BecAW!", reminding her of the aca-initiation party when he was drunk. She always laughed at this, though she tried and failed to look annoyed, so he continued to do it every once in a while.

"Got all your people yet?" He asks as he sits next to Fat Amy.

"Yupp. You guys?"

"Uh-huh. So, movication time?"

"Jesse . . ." she starts to complain.

Fat Amy decides to remind them that they are not alone. "Stop pretending that you don't like cuddling up with Jesse on a bed in the dark, Beca."

Beca shoots her a glare as Jesse chuckles. "Hey, Beca . . ." Amy continues, "Have you told Jesse about your toner?" Amy smiles cheekily.

"What's a- "

"Nothing! Nothing. Movication it is. C'mon, Jesse." Beca grabs Jesse's arm and tugs him toward the exit with Fat Amy laughing behind them.

They were watching The Breakfast Club. Again.

"Really, Jesse?"

"Well, considering it's been a year since we started this whole aca-almost-real-relationship, I figured we should watch the movie that made it into an aca-real-relationship."

Beca takes a moment to think through that sentence, then gives him the 'Are you serious?' look.

"Oh, don't look at me like that. You know you love this movie."

She gives up the act and sinks down into Jesse's bed. "Alright, dork. I do. Now let's watch."

Ninety-seven minutes later, the movie is over.

"You asleep?" Jesse whispers. Beca tended to fall asleep during the movies, and with they are laying he couldn't tell if her eyes are open.

"Yes, nerd. I've just been hypnotized and became an awesomely sarcastic Russian spy while sleeping."

"Alright, Miss Snippy, what do you want to do now, then?"

Beca thinks for a minute, then remembers something the Bellas were talking about earlier. "There are these parody musicals that the Bellas wanted me to check out . . ."

"Do my ears deceive me? Does Beca Mitchell actually want to watch a movie?"

"It's not a movie," she grumbles. "It's a musical. And I heard it was hilarious."

"Close enough. But sure, sounds cool."

While Beca is pulling up a new tab, she starts to explain what she knows. "They are a group of college buddies and call themselves StarKid. They went to a college in Michigan and were in the theatre program or something. They make parody musicals like A Very Potter Musical/Sequel and Holy Musical Batman, with an 'at' symbol instead of 'a' and 't'. Those are on YouTube, along with Me and My Dick, Starship, and a sort of mini TV Series thing called Little White Lie. They did others, like one of the Lord of the Rings, but those weren't uploaded. They also did two tours, called The Space Tour and the Apocalyptour."

By this time she is typing 'StarKid' into the search engine. Jesse asks, "How do you know so much about them?

"Well, Fat Amy has a friend named Aimee -spelled differently- who came in to help the Bellas with costumes. After Stacie started talking about the new Glee episode, Different Spelling Aimee started fangirling about another StarKid being on there. So naturally we asked what the hell a StarKid was. She said that dude who plays Blaine, Darren Criss, was in StarKid before Glee. Then she told us this is why she got into Glee in the first place. And then she started talking about how Joey Richter, a StarKid, will be joining Glee for a while. Then she told us all about them."

Beca was now on the StarKidPotter channel page.

"Let's watch A Very Potter Musical first. If we have time we can watch the Sequel," Jesse suggests.

"Alright." She clicks on Act 1, Part 1 and lays back against Jesse.

It turns out that they did have time for the Sequel, and Beca is now asleep on Jesse's arm. His arm is asleep, too, but he doesn't mind and doesn't wake her. She looks pretty with her walls up, but beautiful with them down. Well, that and the fact that she would be very grumpy if woken up. So he just lays his other arm across her waist and tries to sleep.

AN: My first fanfiction, constructive criticism appreciated. I used Rose, Aria, Ezra, and Jack from Doctor Who and Pretty Little Liars, although, their characters aren't the same, just the names. So . . . Yeah. I'm not sure how often I'll update, if anyone even reads it. If you do, thanks!