In the Guise of an Angel
Warnings: This is a Yaoi/Shonen Ai fic and for those of you who don't
know what that means by now it's male homosexuality or bluntly a gay
relationship with a tad bit of Yuri/Shoujo Ai mixed in. Don't like that stuff? Don't read.
This all began as PG-13 but I moved the rating up to R just to be safe.
It's got violence, cursing, blood, sexually suggestive scenes and speech.

To clear this up the only for sure coupling in the story in Ryou/Yami Bakura
while there maybe tiny hints here and there for others such as Yugi/Yami.
Also under no circumstances is this a 'Bakura beats up Ryou' fic. While there
may here and there be light violence against Ryou it's nothing real serious or
deep. Nor, exactly is this a fluffy Ryou/Bakura fic full of romance.

Bakura is a person who is very complex. He has trouble with his emotions and
figuring out what he really feels about anything. He tends to be a bit violent Ryou
when he feels betrayed or unsure. He tries to avoid anything involving his past.
He has major issues, but what can one expect after thousands of years trapped in
A perfectly sane being?
He's definitely not all there anymore and has quite an interesting sadistic side.

The day I met my darkness was one I would remember for quite some time.
It seemed like any other day in my life, just the everyday sort of things happening.
Except of course this was the day my father came back from his latest trip.
You see, my father is an Archeologist. He's forever going on different trips to
help with digs or do research. Sometimes he's gone for a few days sometimes
a couple months. So while he's gone I stay by myself in our apartment in Japan.
I guess people would think that was horrible leaving there child alone for that
long but, it's always been fine with me.
Maybe I should start by introducing myself.
My name is Ryou Bakura and I'm fifth-teen years old.
I've lived it Japan all my life other than a few month trips with my father
now and then. I suppose I look quite different than most boys my age,
my hair is shoulder length and pure white and my skin almost as pale.
The only dark color I have is my eyes, they are a very deep brown color
that make me think of chocolate. I'm not very tall ether.
I've always been teased about my looks, everyone says I look like a girl
and that I should cut my hair. It really doesn't bother me that much,
I just smile and say nothing.
I have no friends.
Some of the other freshmen at my school will talk to me and a few girls blush
when they see me but other than that it's like I don't even exist. That doesn't
bother me ether, I frankly sometimes wonder if I really exist too. I prefer to keep
to myself because everyone feels different than me. It's like a puzzle in a way,
there all whole and complete, they know what they like and have friends they get
along with. I've never exactly had a hobby, I read a lot and have a duel monsters deck.
That's about it. I can cook and take care of myself for the most part since I have to,
I'd never want to be a burden to my father. My life was very bland to say the least.
Until that day.

I remember it well, my father, a tall man with dark blue hair pulled back in a ponytail at
the nap of his neck and glasses. He had explained to me a month before his trip that
we were to move a few towns away to a city called Domino soon. Then he got a call
and found that he was needed in Egypt. I'd always found Egypt so very alluring. I had
two whole shelves of books on the artifacts and history of the land of the Pharaohs.
My father had told me before that when I graduated high school he'd take me with him
there. So, not wanting to delay the move he and I had packed up all his things and kept
the boxes in his now empty room and asking me to be ready by the time he got back,
he was gone for about three weeks that time. I did as he asked of course, by the time
he returned everything was boxed and neatly labeled. He wasn't exactly surprised of course,
he knew I was reliable. He though probably didn't know that I understood why we were moving.
I could see it in his eyes at times, the one thing I seemed to inherit for him were his eyes. He knew
I didn't have any friends, that I was teased and picked on at times. He didn't really see why though.
He thought I was shy and quiet, and I think to a certain extent I am. He thought maybe if I
changed schools, had another chance to start over I'd come around to people.
That at least was his hope. So by early afternoon he had everything packed onto the
truck he'd rented, both sitting in the front cab. Dad was digging in the dusty old tan duffel
he carried on his trips for something. Finally with a soft 'aha!' he held out a rather flat square
box to me. He smiled coyly saying he'd found something he'd thought I'd like. I took the
package from him and lifted the top. Inside of a bed of folded white clothe was a necklace.

It was like nothing I'd ever seen before, a strange yet very elegant gold piece.
It was a pendant shaped like a circle entwined around a pyramid with a
fancy eye carved neatly into it. From the circle hung five spiked cylinder
in a semi circle under it. The cord that held it was brown and gold twisted together.
Carefully I ran a finger across the eye's surface. It was stunning.
Dad explained how he found it, about some story the merchant told
him about it, something about duel monsters and shadows or darkness.
That caught my attention for a moment before deciding that the man who
had sold it to my father was bluffing, Duel Monsters was a modern game
while this-this ring was clearly very old. I thanked my dad though giving
him a quick hug before slipping the ring around my neck, letting it
settle over my blue and white striped shirt. It had a certain weight
about it but it was a comfortable sort. I glanced in the rear view
mirror to see how it looked. It was then I heard muttering something
in a tongue I didn't understand. It was harsh yet very quiet. I glanced
around wondering where it came from. I could see no one on the streets
and only my dad was in the cab. I wasn't that crazy was I?
For a moment I felt a chill across my spine, much like cold fingers.
I shivered and Dad asked me if I was ok. Shaking it off I nodded
and looked out the window again. Maybe I was crazy.
But, still I felt chilled by something.

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