Smallville Fanfiction.

Pairing; Tess Mercer/ Clark Luthor.

Disclaimer; I don't own anything to do with the Smallville francise. I write these stories only for pleasure!

Warnings; Sex/Language.

Chapter One.

Clark knew that it was wrong, sinful even, to want to fuck his sister so badly it made his body ache.

In all honesty they weren't really blood related, which maybe made things better.

Maybe simply because they had grown up together, which some would argue made them as close as blood kin.

They had played together, fought together and hit each other.

They had been there for each other through a difficult childhood.

And now, as much they might want to deny it, they wanted each other.

It was wicked and sinful, it felt bad which was maybe half the power it had over them both. Desire marked strongly with guilt was a powerful aphrodisiac.

It felt so wrong and so right too.

Who could say exactly the day that their relationship had changed into this? Maybe the day Tess reached out to slap Clark's face after a particularly stinging comment about her lack of success with men.

Clark had grabbed her arm in his strong hand with his lightning quick reflexes, effectively blocking the slap. She had shrieked at him in frustration and lunged at him, kicking and screaming. He had caught her and lifted her effortlessly with his super human strength.

Suddenly their eyes had met and neither of them could look away, the desire between them had pulled their faces closer and closer –like magnets - until their lips met and with a gasp they were kissing, fiercely and demandingly, tongues tangling wildly.

They eventually fell apart breathing heavily, surprise on both their faces.

Tess had turned and ran out of the room leaving Clark standing there just as stunned, although he recovered far quicker than she did, it not being in his nature to worry about much at all.

But they were Luthors and neither one a coward so they soon confronted each other.

Or rather Tess confronted him.

She sought him out and found him lounging in a chair not really watching a television show re-run. His eyes didn't even flicker in her direction although she knew he knew that she was there.

"Clark, we need to talk." She said hesitantly.

There was silence as he ignored her completely, unnerving her utterly.

"I really think we need to discuss what happened. Don't you?" She continued bravely determined to get a response from her irritating brother.

Clark's dark, sarcastic and slightly evil eyes came to rest on her, making her shift from one foot to the other nervously.

"Which part would you like to discuss, Tess?" he asked in a lazy drawl, which made her blush against her better judgment. "The fact that we kissed? Or the fact that we are not supposed to?"

Tess walked forward then and stood in front of him blocking his view of the television.

She crossed her arms in front of her, in a defensive gesture, her bravery far exceeding her common sense in that moment.

"The fact that we are not supposed to." Tess said firmly.

Clark quirked an eyebrow at her and laughed loudly.

Tess bristled at his sarcasm.

'We both know that its not the first time we have wanted to kiss, Tess." Clark said finally after he had stopped laughing. "Its just the first time it actually happened."

He stood up and slowly walked towards her, an evil glint in his sexy eyes. Tess gulped and took a step backwards, her heart fluttering wildly.

"And I think we both know, Tess, that it wont be the last time.' Clark finished softly.

Tess flushed and her chin went up defiantly. "Clark, we can't do this! It's wrong. What do you think Dad would say?"

Clark's eyes flashed dangerously at the mention of their father. "I don't give a fuck what Lionel thinks one way or another. Although, I must say that the idea of pulling the wool over his eyes turns me on." He chuckled at the look of terrified desire that flashed over Tess's face at his words.

"How can you say that, Clark?" Tess said turning away from him in disgust.

There was silence and then the brush of his lips against the nape of her neck, signaling his presence directly behind her.

Tess jumped and almost moved away, but his strong hands grabbed her shoulders and held her in place, forcibly. Her eyes rolled back in her head in unwilling pleasure. The touch of his mouth was like having adrenaline shot straight into her veins. Dark and truly dangerous, her brother had always fascinated her. Like an addictive drug he drew her under his spell and refused to let her go.

Now at the feel of his hands sliding up her flat stomach towards her aching breasts, Tess finally surrendered to the desire she had always felt for him.

It was so wrong and more than a little twisted but completely irresistible. His hands finally found her softness and his long, strong fingers squeezed the hard peaks firmly.

She moaned and threw her head back until it rested on his shoulder.

She heard him chuckle into her hair.

He slid a hard thigh in-between hers from behind and his suddenly aroused body was pushed up against her buttocks.

She drew in a shuddering breath and pushed backwards against him. Clark grabbed her hips with both hands and anchored her against his startlingly aroused flesh.

"C'mon sis. What do you say? "He whispered wickedly into her ear. Raising goose bumps with his warm breath, causing her to shiver deliciously. "I want you and I know you want me."

Tess was swamped by an overwhelming desire to turn in his arms and drown in all these forbidden sensations throbbing through her body and scorching ever nerve ending.

She wanted him so much it hurt.

But he was her brother in so many real ways.

But somehow right and wrong had ceased to exist.

Only Clark remained.

He was all she wanted. She admitted that now, to herself at least and as she turned suddenly and claimed his mouth in a soul-shattering kiss, she admitted it to him.

Who knew what tomorrow would bring?

For tonight there was only them and this amazing passion that they shared.

It didn't matter what the future held, they were Luthors and damned anyway, by the sins of their father.