Kadam…because I was inspired by Kurt finally feeling hopeful again…

~Beautiful Fool~


He had an amazing bone structure. His precise cheekbones and high forehead, crystalline eyes, and sensuously, symmetrical, sculpted lips were all the more perfect because they belonged on a face that still held a bit of naiveté and innocence. Adam noticed from the very beginning, watching Kurt audition at the winter showcase. He truly felt what being alive meant, when Kurt sang of life and loneliness.

What had started out as a ploy to get the talented new boy in his show choir club had quickly escalated into much more. So many talented students needed a place to fit in in college, but Adam didn't want to help them all, just Kurt.

Sure Kurt was beautiful, but Adam didn't usually connect with someone so quickly. Somehow his attempts at 'welcoming the new guy' and his nice gestures had turned into a sort of flirtation that Adam had not intended.

Adam had found himself making excuses throughout the week to bump into him. His classes at NYADA were more advanced than Kurt's. He didn't have any classes near the studios Kurt was in, and yet he ran into him again and again, even after Kurt agreed to join Adam's Apples, and the chase should have been over.

When he saw Kurt fussing with his shoe at the top of the stairs, he'd seized the opportunity to tell him about the songs the Apples would be singing, even though of course he would find out about it later, at rehearsal. Any excuse for a quick word.

On the outside it was hard to stay nonchalant and not show the giddy mixture of surprise and pleasure that he felt at the endearing way Kurt had asked him out. It was almost as if he'd thought he would say no.

Of course I'll get coffee with you! You beautiful fool, he thought.

How could he resist the honor it would be to get to know Kurt better? Adam couldn't wait to figure out what made him so self-conscious and yet so alluring. He wanted to know what it felt like to touch that face and kiss those lips.

"Yeah, that'd be great. Here let me give you my number," was all he said for now.

*The End*

Or Rather The Beginning