This is my first shot at an Austin & Ally story so please give it a try, sorry for any mistake's that may occur throughout this story, if you see any please point them out that would be great.

The songs that may be used in this story are going to be made out that either Austin or Ally wrote them.

All of this story is set in Ally's POV.

SUMMARY: Austin is the popular Bad Boy of the school. Ally is the silent nobody that keeps her distance from people like him. Everyone apart from her best friend thinks Ally is a shy girl that can't stand on her own two feet, but really she is exactly like Austin, she has hid under this fake act for years but when Austin starts to push her buttons her fake act crumbles.


My life is a train wreck I have anger problems, I have to see a therapists about it, my Mum's dead and it's all my fault, I have to hide under a fake act to hide my bad side, I have to put on a fake smile every single day of my life, I've been in and out of Gangs, I've held a gun in my hand and fired it, I have people out there who want me dead, people who want to make me wish I was never born, all because I Ally Dawson had to pull the trigger.

"Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally" A fast repetition of my name was coming from behind my bedroom door, I rolled over onto my side and looked at my alarm clock 7:30 who the hell is in my house at 7:30!

"Ally open the door!" I flopped out of bed and opened the door, it was Trish my best friend.

"Trish" I moaned, what was she doing here so early?

"Come on get ready!" She skipped into my room and sat on my bed.

"We have an hour till we need to go school" I flopped my self onto my bed right next to Trish.

"I know but remember you said you would get there early today so you could go look for some books in the library"

"Oh I forgot!" I rushed over to my draws and tried to find something to wear.

"You know you could just drop the geeky girl act and be the bad chick that's really inside!" Trish said smirking from my bed I turned to her with a hand on my hip.

"Trish you know I can't, I want to stay under the fake act" I pulled out a pink flowery dress and threw it onto my bed.

"Okay but soon someone's going to find out the truth about who you really are and what happened!" She explained, I know Trish means good but I can't have anybody else knowing who I am underneath my act, only Trish and my Dad knows.

"If people knew I was a bad chick my life would be over, I only trust you and my Dad, being who I really am anger's me I just want to be normal!"

"Hey Ally don't you ever say you're not normal" Trish walked over and hugged me.

"I'm sorry but can we not talk about this anymore I need to get ready" I grabbed my dress and walked into my bathroom, I washed my face, brushed my teeth and put my hair up in a ponytail, I walked out and Trish had packed my bag for me.

"Let's go Ally" She passed me my bag and we left the house and go into her car.

"Hey Ally?" She asked as we stopped at a traffic light.


"Have you got to go see your therapist today?"

"Yes I have, Trish will you come with me?"

"Sure" I smiled at her, I'm so glad I have Trish I would be lost without her, she helped me recover from what happened before I was geeky Ally. The accident was all my fault if only I hadn't pulled the trigger I could still be who I wanted to be!

"Come on Ally let's go" Trish pulled up in the school's parking lot, I pulled myself together and put on a smile as we walked into school side by side, Trish went off to her locker and I headed to the library, I needed to find a book about science, not a specific topic in science just a book that has a lot about science inside because I currently suck at it, even though everyone thinks I'm a cleaver science is the subject I suck at and being in one of the bottom groups for it kind of sucks because I'm stuck with all the complete and utter fools of the school, one of the fools is Austin Moon...Austin Moon well he is the popular bad boy of the school the girls worship the ground he walks on as for me I do not, if I was the real Ally he would be the first on my list that I would be giving a well deserved ass whipping to, Trish told me that if I really think the real me is exactly the same as Austin, I was really offended by that because I don't think so, I bet he has never been hunted down by a hit man, held a gun and fired it and-

"ALLY" I jumped about 5ft in the air snapping out of my thoughts, the librarian was stood there looking furious.

"Sorry" I quickly scurried out of the library, I'll look for a book another time I guess I probably looked a bit odd just stood there staring at nothing deep in my thoughts I've been told that I always seems to be in my own world, I'm either in my own world or buried into my Song Book, singing is something that I have always loved doing, but I have stage fright which is the only downfall to that.

The bell rang and I headed of t my first lesson which of course was Science.

Everyone had packed in and took their seats I sat at the back in the corner, I sat on my own which suits me better then sitting next to anyone else. I looked around to find that Austin was around, yes he isn't here I jumped up in my seat, I don't have to put up with his attitude for a whole lesson. The teacher came in and told us to do the work on the bored I was trying to wrap my head around all the scientific things when Austin Moon walked into the classroom.

"Austin you are late!" The teacher said sternly.

"I know sorry" He said smugly he went to sit next to one of his friends on the other side of the classroom.

"I don't think so Austin!" What was his name oh I remember Mr Monk, not very good with the teachers names.

"What!" He yelped at Mr Monk.

"You are not siting there got sit at the back with Ally" Mr Monk pointed towards me, it was my turn to yelp.

"WHAT!" I yelped, giving Mr Monk evil eyes.

"You heard Austin to the back" Mr monk turned to go back to his seat, and Austin dragged himself over and dropped himself into the chair next to me, well this has to be the worst day ever.

"Hey well if it isn't Ally" He said when everyone had returned to doing there work and chatting.

"Moon!" I snapped back at him trying to do the work.

"Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning" I just ignored him not wanting to reply because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to stop myself from saying some horrible shizzle to him.

I put my head down and got on with the work, Austin started to tap his pen on the table.

After 5 minutes I couldn't take it.

"Would you stop that" I snapped at him, staring daggers into him.

"Does it annoy you?" He smirked.

"Yes it does actually now quit it!"

"Nope" He started to tap it on the table again, my anger was boiling inside me I really need to talk to my therapist about some good techniques to control my anger, I just tried to ignore him but the tapping sound was grating into me with one more tap I snapped and snatched the pen and snapped it in half.

"Hey that was my only pen" He growled.

"I do not care!" I empathized the 'care' he picked up his bag and walked out of the classroom.

Mr Monk watched him walk out the classroom this tended to be a regular occurrence when he will just get up and leave.

The bell rang and I headed over to my next lesson which was Maths.

Math's was over and I needed to go meet Trish by her locker.

"Hey Ally" Trish said while she was digging into her locker.

"Hi" I replied, Trish then slammed her locker shut.

"Ally what's wrong?" Trish placed her hand on her hip.

"Austin Moon got moved to sit by me in science" Trish growled.

"What did he do?" She replied quickly get protective.

"He kept tapping his pen on the table on he wouldn't stop so I snatch it off him and snapped it in half then he walked out the classroom" I leaned up against the lockers yawning.

"Don't let him get to you, what lesson you got next?"

"Free period, you?"

"Same want to go chill in the park for a bit" Trish pulled her bag onto her shoulder.

"Yeah lets go" I pushed myself of the locker I looked past Trish to find Austin staring at me, when my eye's met his they locked onto each others, he didn't turn away he just kept looking back at me and I didn't have the power in me to turn away as much as I wanted to.


"Austin!" Trish and Austin's friend Dez said at the same time making us both look away.

"Come on Ally" I didn't reply but Trish grabbed my arm and pulled me out of school.

"Would you like to tell me what that was about?" Trish said as we both started to walk to the park, when we decided not to go in her car.

"What was what about?" I asked even though I knew what she meant.

"That eye contact thing with Austin?" She raised her eyebrow.

"I don't know, I just saw him staring at me and then are eyes locked and I didn't have it in me to look away!" Trish chuckled.

"I think you and Austin had a moment!" I put my arm out in front of her.

"We did not have a moment" I said sternly.

We came to the park and sat down on a bench, Trish got out some crisps and started to eat.

"I need to speak to my therapist about some new ways to control my anger" Trish but her half eaten crisps in her bag.

"Didn't you ask for some new one's last week?"

"Yes but counted to ten doesn't really work" I said sarcastically and we both broke out int laughter.

I put my bag down by then bench and ran over to sit on a swing.

We talked and joked for about an hour.

"Oh god Ally we are late for our next lesson!" Me and Trish looked at each other then quickly sprinted out of the park, we finally made it to school we were 5 minutes late, Trish walked into the school.

"See you at lunch Ally!" Trish walked off, I then realized that I left my bag back at the park, well done Ally very clever of you.

I turned to run down the steps of the school but instead I came in contact with someone's hard chest which knocked me to the floor I looked to see that the hard chest belonged to Austin Moon.

"Watch it!" He snapped at me.

I got up off the ground and pushed past him and sprinted away.

I ran for abut 10 minutes until I found the park I then saw my bag right by the bench right where I left it, I walked over and picked it up checking everything was in there, everything was there good I put my bag on my shoulders.

Someone coughed behind me I froze in shock, what if it was someone who wants to kill me, how could I have been so stupid running out here on my own I should know better then to do that.

A hand touched my shoulder that was when I reacted really quickly I grabbed there arm and turned and pulled it behind there back tightly, it brought them to there knee's, I heard a silent scream escape form there mouth my eyes widened realizing who it was...Austin Moon! I quickly let got.

"WHAT THE HELL!" He yelled at me.

"I'm sorry you scared me!" I picked up my bag and put it on my shoulders.

"Where the hell did you learn to do that" His voice lowered in tone.

"I have my source's" I said smugly.

I then walked of away from him leaving him in the park, it then came to me what the hell was even doing at the park in the first place?

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