Linz: (Dances around the room) Welcome to chapter 16: Rescue!!!!!

T/A/M: (Sweatdrop) Umm?!?! Linz what's up w/ you today?

Linz: It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I'm 17 today!!!! (Still dancing around the room, but now w/ non-alcoholic margarita in her hand)


Linz: Thanx!!!!! & here are your margaritas.

M/T/A: YAY!!!!!!

All: (Plops down on their bean bag chairs)

Linz: Ok disclaimer time, Tyria.

Tyria: Alright, The birthday girl doesn't own X-MEN EVO. so don't mess up her b-day w/ legal papers.

M/A/L: On w/ the story!!!!!!!


            (On the X-Jet, No ones POV)

            Isis is still tied up. Zeke/Spitfire was lying down because he still was hurting from what happened to his sister. Happi is watching over him.

            The rest of the X-Men & even some of the BoM, who came along to help, where sitting in the main room. Ty was looking a bit cracked up, & his eyes were red from crying. Taylor & Tasha were trying their hardest to get him to think about the positive stuff, so that he would be ready when they land.

            Katie was watching the whole thing from the corner of the room & she made a promise to herself. That when they landed she was going to make these people pay for hurting her friends.

            The Marauders expect Happi were all together looking calm, but once you looked into their eyes you saw the truth. They were very scared & VERY PISSED OFF!!!!!

            As were the rest of the X-Men & BoM.

            Then Prof. X spoke, "Everyone we will be landing in a few minutes, & I must say this don't go after Sinister or Demon. We are only here to save Lindsey. You hear me."

            "Yes, Prof/Dad/Charles/Chuck/Sir." They said.


            (A few minutes later)

            "Ok everyone we're here," said Storm.


            (Around the same time, @ the base)

            In a dark lab, a girl who is chained up use to be wearing a fine dress, but now the dress is nothing more then torn up rages that covered her body. Her eye are open, but they are glazed over it was like the fiery girl who she use to be wasn't there any more. On her body there was bruises & burns all over. She was all alone in the lab, because the father/son duo left her alone to go talk to their workers.

            But she wasn't alone anymore a figure sneaked into the lab & look at what they done to the girl. "I'm so sorry little one you should have never had to feel something like this."

            The female unlocked Linz from all of her chains, including the depower collar. Then she picked her up & swiftly escaped the lab & base.

              Linz woke up a little & saw the women's face in the dim light. She then whispered, "Thank you, Grandma." Before falling unconscious again.

            "Your welcome, Granddaughter," said Mystique.

{A/N: The mystery person was Mysty here. If you don't remember in the very 1st part of the intro to the story in Linz's bio. It said Mysty here was going to show up sometime. And for how Linz knew what her grandma looked like she has seen her picture before}


            (A few minutes later w/ The Father/Son Asshole duo)

            They enter the lab & saw their play thing was gone. Sinister ran to the PA system. "Everyone, the girl is missing find her & bring her back to the lab I'm not finished w/ her yet."

            Demon already left to chase her down. He found the door that went to the outside was opened, so he knew she was outside. "If you want to play a game my prize, then we will play." {A/N: Is it just me or is he a very sick bastard? M/A/T: It not just you!}

            He found a trail of tracks & followed them. Not only did it lead to his prize, it lead him to Mystique as well. "So Mystique, you were the one who took her, & who would have thought you would live through that fall my father did to you."

            "Oh I did live Demon & I'm going to make sure my grandchild never will be hurt by you again." She said holding on tighter to Linz.

            "You can't win against me, so just hand her over & I might let you live."

            That's when she noticed the figures behind Demon. She then smiled.

            "What are you smiling about you old hag." He said.

            "Oh about how you are going to get your ass kicked, but you are right I can't defeat you but they can."

            "What?!?!?!?!" he turned around to get punched straight into face by Rage (aka Katie) {L/M/A/T: YES!!!!!!!!! JUSTICE AT LAST!!!!!!!}

            When he got his face out of the dirt he saw, the X-Men & some of the BoM standing by Mystique. Mysty handed Linz over to Rain (Ty), who gentle held her.

            "NO SHE IS MY PRIZE, NO ONE ELSE'S!!!!!!!!"

            "Actually she is nobody's prize she is a human being & she belong to herself." Said Sapphire Angel (Tasha).

            "And I think you should be taught a lesson really quick about that." Imp (Taylor) said.

            "And we'll be the ones teaching you," said the Marauders & Spitfire.


            (Fight scene) {A/N: Warning I'm not the best person at fight scenes}

            Vex ports w/ Isis, who is still chained up, & drops her onto Demon. Then Celes calls upon the snow & ice to freeze them into place. After that Sen, Fire, & Spitfire all power up & blast the two of the over the trees.

            "It's good to be us sometimes," said Vex as they watch them blast off.

            "Hell ya to that," said the group.


Linz: End of 16

T/M/A: Yes!!!!! The Asshole finally got what was coming to him!!! (They start dancing around the room. & the Med grabs Linz bring her into the madness)

Linz: Ok Party Time!!!!!!!!!

M/A/T: YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A/T/M/L: Well until next time BYE & PLEASE REVIEW!!!!!!!!

Linz: And Please come back for Chapter 17: Recovery (Then is grabbed by the girls to start partying again)