The beast snapped at the rod that was jabbed at it, its hackles raised as it backed up into the corner of the cage. Despite its best efforts to avoid it, the rod touched the animal and it howled in pain as the electrical shock went through its body. The men on the other side of the bars muttered and grumbled amongst themselves, writing down notes on the clipboards in their hands. The wolf, however, cowered in the corner, praying that this would be the last test of the day, that they would go, and leave her alone.

She wasn't sure how long she had been here…. She had lost count of the days after the first three months. And she had still been human during those three months. It was after that that the scientists had created an 'artificial full moon' and she hadn't been human since, forced to stay in her wolf form. That's when the testing got bad. They poked and prodded her, seeing what would penetrate her coat and hurt her and what wouldn't, meticulously taking notes. This was important, they would mutter amongst themselves, her coat, her once beautiful black fur coat, that was now frayed and scarred over, could come in handy for the military and police forces, with its protective qualities. They just had to test the limits of its protectiveness.

Another howl of pain came from the wolf as she was prodded again by the electrical rod, the voltage noticeably jacked up. As much pain as these people had put her through, she didn't want to hurt them. All she wanted was to be human again. To see her family and friends again. She didn't know where anyone was, what was happening to them. Who knew what kind of testing they were being subjected to? Snow could talk to birds, Regina and Emma had magic, Granny still had her wolf senses. She wouldn't be surprised if they found reasons to run tests on James, the dwarves, and everyone else from Storybrooke. Henry, oh gods Henry! He was only a child!

It wasn't like she hadn't tried to escape. But the scientist had quickly learned that silver hurt her the most. And that was what the bars that contained her were made of, making it almost impossible for her to escape without severely injuring herself, beyond the point of making it worth it to get out.

More pain. More howling. It seemed never ending.

She was tired. So very tired. And in pain. This was how it had been for months. Who knew that one outsider, that man named Greg, would lead to this? All she wanted was for it all to go away.

A thought struck her, a thought that both scared her and brought her comfort. It would be so easy… what did it even matter anymore? She would probably never see anyone she cared about ever again. There was really no point.

It was weeks later that Snow White overheard the scientists muttering about how it was a shame that the wolf had to be put down. It had gotten so violent suddenly, it made testing impossible. When they finally left, sobs could be heard coming from the room where Snow was kept, mourning the loss of her lover, Red Riding Hood.