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Dean was overjoyed, though he would never dare admit, that he and Sam were back together and doing what they do best – HUNT. He knew that Sam was hurting and that he was desperate to find Dad, hell, he himself was not feeling any different. Sam had just lost Jess and Dean knew that Sam was not coping so well. So, to take both of their minds off their problems, Dean had managed to find a great hunt. A rawhead! He knew that Sam had not had many encounters with the supernatural fugly and mentioning the term "Rawhead" itself had sparked curiosity in Sam. He had immediately taken up his laptop and was searching up legends on the rawhead. Apparently, even after scouring their Dad's journal, they didn't get much about what the rawhead did. It only mentioned their dad "helping out on a hunt which included the rawhead."

"So, find out what it is Sam?" asked Dean, for the millionth time, gazing blankly at the ancient library book in front of him, not taking in a single word.

"Actually, yeah." Finally. Thought Dean.

"Well, are you going to elaborate college boy?" Sam rolled his eyes at Dean.

"It says here that the rawhead is an Irish sort of boogeyman said to live by the pipes under the sink, and to drown naughty children and reward the good. He is supposed to be covered all over in matted hair, have pale flat eyes and apparently he lives in cupboards and is rumored to have a crouching form like a rock."

"Wow. That explains the poor kids. I think this is definitely our guy. Anything on how to kill him?"

"Yeah. It has superior strength-"

"As do almost all the things out there" said Dean grumpily. Sam gave Dean an annoyed look. "Sorry Mrs. Prissy. Go on."

"Like I was saying" said Sam, ignoring the jab. "It has superior strength and abilities. It's only weakness is electrocution."

"Awesome. I know exactly where we can get the gear to nail this bitch." said Dean enthusiastically. He had always wanted to use a taser.

Dean parked the Impala in front of the abandoned house. They made their way to the trunk and Dean produced two tasers.

"What do you got those amped up to?" asked Sam.

"A hundred thousand volts" said Dean.

"Damn." Sam was impressed.

"Yeah, I want this rawhead extra frickin' crispy. And remember, you only get one shot with these things. So make it count."

And with that they slowly made their way into the house. Little did they know, things were going to change drastically.

Dean saw Sam lead the kids up out of the house, limping slightly. He hoped Sam wasn't hurt bad. He cautiously looked around for the rawhead knowing he had only one shot at this. One miss, and he was toast. He shined his torch everywhere, on alert. The next second, the creature had launched itself towards Dean and the taser and flashlight flew from Dean's grasp. Dean managed to avoid the rawhead and scrambled around the puddles looking for the taser.

Come on. Where the hell is it?! Ah-ha!

Finally Dean spotted it sitting in a puddle. He launched towards it, and turned around just in the nick of time and shot the taser right in the heart of the rawhead.

Pain. Excruciating pain is all he felt as his vision slowly go black.

"Please Dean, stay with me man please!" pleads Sam. They are in the ambulance. He had gone back down to assist Dean after telling the kids to stay in the Impala. He had been greeted by the sight of Dean lying lifeless next to the rawhead in the puddle. Sam is holding Dean's lifeless hand and watching the paramedics try to revive his brother.

Suddenly the monitors attached to Dean start to go haywire.

"He's going into cardiac arrest. Get me the defibrillator quick!"

Sam watched in horror as he saw his brother flat lining in front of him. He saw the paramedic give shock to his brother to try and kick start his heart.

"Come on Dean. Please! Stay with me! You have to fight this. Don't do this to me man please. I just got you back."


"…you have to fight…."

Fight? Fight what Sammy? The fugly's dead.

"….don't do this…I just got you back."

Oh crap. Something must have gone wrong in the hunt. Don't worry Sam. I'm not going anywhere.

Sam watched helplessly. Suddenly, the monitors showed his heartbeat. Dean was breathing again. Relief flooded through Sam. He could hear Dean's shallow breaths. Even though it did not mean that Dean was out of danger, Sam was glad that he was still alive.

Dean tried with all his might to push against the blackness. He managed to keep it at bay. But barely. He could feel Sam holding on tightly to his hand which made him feel like the situation was worse than it seemed. Dean was hurting all over. He felt the ambulance stop, and with it the blackness engulfed him again.

Sam felt as though it had been an eternity before they reached the hospital. He had felt Dean squeeze his hand slightly and was glad that Dean was trying to fight. As they got him out of the ambulance, everything turned into chaos for Sam. Dean slacked his grip on Sam's hand and started gasping for air. He was not breathing. The medics shoved Sam out of the way and transferred Dean onto a stretcher.

"What's his name?"

"Dean." Said Sam, trying to follow the medics.

"Can I please know what is going on? What the hell is wrong with him?" Sam was panicking now. He couldn't lose anyone anymore. Especially not Dean.

"You are?" asked the nurse.

"I'm his goddamn brother! Just please, let me stay with him." Sam was starting to lose it.

"Okay, alright. Calm down sir. Try to understand. The doctors will take care of your brother. He'll be fine. Don't worry. Have faith."

"You don't understand. Um…."


"Sandra. I need to know that he is alive. I…I just got him back. Please…" pleaded Sam.

Sandra looked at the tall guy in front of her. He didn't look older than 25. But his eyes showed that he had suffered a lot more. Sandra looked at the gleaming, manic, terrified and lost face and couldn't help but crumble against the look he was giving her. He looked so much like a lost puppy. Like he had lost everyone and would just break if he didn't know what happened to his brother.

"Fine. I'll try and find out what is going on okay? Just please, wait here. I can't afford to lose my job. I promise I'll be back with news in 30 minutes."

"Thank you. Please. Hurry."

With that Sandra hurried off, trying to forget that lost face. It looked like the guy had suffered a lot for his age. She felt her heart break. She had to make him feel better.

Sam watched Sandra go off in search of Dean. He felt terrified and exhausted. He had just lost Jessica. He wondered if that's how Dean had felt seeing his mom on the ceiling like he did Jess. Dean. Oh God. He should have been there. The paramedics words kept echoing in his head.

He's going into cardiac arrest...

Sam buried his face in his hands trying to stop the flow of tears. He couldn't lose any more of his family anymore. He couldn't. He just…can't. And Sam broke. He lost the war against his tears. Grief and fear crashing down on him.

"Please Dean. Fight this. Fight for Dad. Fight…Fight for me."

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