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Six hours till midnight. Midnight was when Roy would heal Layla. And they had no idea who the next victim might be. They were sure though, that it might be one of them. Dean was confident it might be him, as he had managed to piss of Sue Ann by saying that she was a liar. That the healing didn't work for everyone. He had got kicked out of the ceremony by the cops on guard. Immorality was something Sue Ann was looking for in her choice of prey. And he fit.

Three hours to go, and all the weapons were being double checked. The entire inventory was being listed out. Martin and Melanie were falling back into the game they had once left completely. It calmed them all to be doing this together.

Two hours to go, they were reciting the plan by heart to one another. And if the plan didn't work in some way, they would do what all hunters always did. Improvise.

Dean parked the Impala a few feet away from the tent.

"Okay, I go and distract, Sam and Mel go to find the altar. Right?"

"Yup." Replied Melanie.

"And if you guys don't turn up, I go and find Sue Ann and stop this. But my question still is, how exactly am I supposed to do that?" asked Martin.

"We'll find the altar and destroy it. It'll ease off one side of the binding the reaper is trapped in. The next part is Sue Ann. Like Mel said, she is wearing a cross on her neck. The cross inside the tent is a replica. If we manage to destroy the altar, and you manage to break her necklace, the binding will lift. She nearly lost her husband Roy, and hence binded the reaper after them. To keep Roy alive, she had to sacrifice people in his place." Said Sam.

"And now, we think that once the bond is broken, Sue Ann will most likely be the next target. Now can we please move?" interjected Melanie.

Martin waited in the car, sulking a little, as the others disappeared to do their part of the job.

Dean found the cops guarding the LeGrange's household and started his act.

"Hey! Remember you were gonna put that fear of God in me? What are you waiting for?" smirked Dean.

"You again!" says one. Both of them sprint after Dean, who runs into the parking lot and manages to climb over a trailer without being spotted.

As the cops go after Dean, Sam and Melanie emerge from their hiding spot and run up the stairs to find the house in complete darkness. Confused, they both look around.

"Sam. There." Says Melanie, spotting light emerging from cracks in the outside basement entrance.

They stealthily make their way towards the basement, open the door and slip inside.

Sam moves quietly through the basement to a candlelit altar littered with parts of dead animals, blood, horns, etc. There is a photo in the middle of Dean, taken from the security camera the first time they were in the tent. His face has been crossed out with what looks like blood.


"What's wrong Sam?"

"Dean was right, he is the next target."

"Wow. Smart boys." Said a voice from the darkness.

Sue Ann emerged from the darkness with a crowbar. Before Sam or Melanie can react, Sue throws the crowbar towards Melanie catching her on the shoulder. Sam ducks behind the altar. He heaves against the altar managing to topple it to the ground. He goes to follow Sue Ann, but she is already up the stairs. She closes the hatches and secures it with a beam. Sam tries in vain to push against them.

"Sorry Sam. If you boys hadn't meddled with me, Dean might still be alive. Mel and Marty are innocent. They would never have guessed it was a reaper. Bye Sammy." Says Sue.

"Dammit!" yells Sam.

"Sam. Help me with this."

Sam turns around to see Melanie, one-handedly, trying to smash a small boarded up window with a piece of wood.

Sam takes the piece of wood from Melanie and manages to smash open the window. He helps Melanie out and climbs out himself.

Meanwhile, the cops give up looking for Dean.

Dean, making sure that the coast is clear, makes his way down from the trailer's roof. Just as his feet touch the ground, the lamplights start to flicker and suddenly, one by one, the lights go out.

"Shit." Curses Dean, realizing he was right. He turns around to find himself face to face with the reaper. The reaper lays a hand on the side of Dean's head and Dean convulses, gasping for breath.

Inside the church, the ceremony is going on and everyone is praying. Layla sinks to her knees, and Dean, outside does the same. His eyes glaze over.

Martin is waiting in the car, counting the minutes go by.

"Screw this." He says. He gets out of the car and makes his way towards the tent. He sees Sue Ann muttering a spell, holding her cross to her chest. He sprints towards Sue, snatches the cross and crushes it under his foot.

"No!" screams Sue Ann. "What did you do?!"

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the reaper pops up in front of Sue Ann.

"No. Please.."

The reaper pays no attention and lays a hand on Sue Ann. In a few seconds, Sue Ann is lying motionless on the ground.

Sam and Melanie make their way towards the Impala to find Martin doing the same.

"What are you doing outside the car Marty?" asks Melanie.

"You guys didn't turn up. I smashed her necklace. She's dead. Reaper came for her, just like you said. You okay Mel?"

Melanie was clutching her left arm, her shoulder bleeding a little. "Yeah. Got a crowbar shoved at me. Just a scratch. I'll be fine."

Sam was looking around desperately. "Where the hell is Dean?"

Seeing the clueless looks on Martin and Melanie's faces, he sprints in the direction of the parking lot yelling for Dean.

He comes to the trailer.

"Dean!" he yells for the sixth time.

"Dammit Dean, where the hell are you?" mutters Sam under his breath.

He hears a groan from the other side of the trailer. Making his way to the other side, he finds Dean trying to get to his feet. He breathes a sigh of relief.

"Dean." Says Sam, helping Dean up.

"Sam. I was right. That damn fugly came after me. Whatever you did, it worked. Though you could've been a bit sooner. I might have been talking to God, were you a second late."

"Dude. Stop talking. I don't need to know how close it got. It was already too close a couple months ago. By the way, Martin did it. He managed to save your ass." Sam tried to calm himself down as he heard Dean tell him how close it had gotten.

Dean saw the worry and feigned calmness in his brother's features. He knew Sam didn't need more of the stress. The guy was barely holding himself together.

"Sorry. Let's just get out of here."

Sam was packing his bags. Dean's were already packed. Martin and Melanie had left a couple hours after the hunt had been over. Now since Martin was healed, they got a call for a hunt, and left.

After dumping their bags in the Impala and checking out, Dean handed Sam the keys to the Impala.

"Dude? Are you alright?" asked Sam.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Since when do you willingly let me drive?"

"Since now. I'm tired as hell man. I say we take a few days off. Before we leave though, I want to see Layla. That's my condition. Otherwise, I'm driving."

Sam thought not to argue. And Dean was in no good shape to drive. The hunt had exhausted him. He was leaning against the car for support. Before they could get into the car however, Layla turned up.

"Hey Dean! Wait up." She called.

Dean turned around to see Layla crossing the street towards them. He was shocked. He looked at Sam and found Sam looking surprised too.


"I was hoping to catch Martin. I wanted to apologize for what my mother had yelled at him. And...I wanted to see you."


He looked at Sam. Sam smirked and slid inside the car.

"How are you?"

"I'm okay Layla. I didn't come here to get healed, if that's what you're asking."

"I know. But it's nice to see a non-believer believe. Did you hear? Sue Ann had a stroke." Smiled Layla.

"Yeah. It's sad." said Dean, ignoring the first part of Layla's statement.

"I know. She was all Roy had. Anyway, I wanted to let you all that I'm tumor free. Roy gave me a private session yesterday. The tumor's gone. Anyway, see you guys around." Saying so, she kissed Dean on the cheek and walked away.

Dean slowly slid in the passenger seat looking a little lost.

Sam starting sniggering uncontrollably. Dean gave him a dark look and motioned for him to start the car.

"Dude, you like her." Laughed Sam.

"So what?"

"Nothing. Just saying."

"Hey, Layla got healed. That must mean that after killing Sue Ann, the reaper saw fit to save Layla."

"Wow. That's new."

"I know."

They both sat in silence for a while as Sam guided the car out of the city.

"So where to now, Dean?"

"Vegas. I could use some time off."

Sam chuckled yet again. Sure, they had a lot of stuff to figure out, and a dad to find. But now, he was all for heading to Vegas.


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