Mia Wright sat outside of her house, remembering things. Things that had happened a while ago that she had tried to forget but the memories would not go away.

She remembered going to school, everyone teasing, shunning, laughing at a young girl with brown hair. At least everyone who read the newspaper. Because on that day the newspapers all had her name on them. Her last name.

Mia Wright was the daughter of Phoenix Wright. Her mother, Olivia, was a nurse at the local hospital. As you probably already know, Phoenix Wright was once a renowned defense attorney until that day...

No one really knew what happened that day, but they knew a thing happened. And it had to do with Phoenix Wright. And it had to do with him losing his job in the most embarrassing way possible: getting his badge confiscated.

And that is what the young girl was remembering. The shock of everyone when they saw that their fellow classmate's surname was in the papers.

Not like Olivia had it easy that day. As a nurse, she went to her regular job, feeling incredibly shy before she even got to work. When she opened the door, she got a ton of newspapers in her face. In her office, someone had left a stack of newspapers on her chair with a note on top. "Thought you might want them :)" was written on an index card, which Olivia immediately shredded. With the remaining stack of papers, she took the time to put each through the shredder, which took up a good portion of her work time. When she got home, she leaned against the wall and sighed.

Olivia Stewart had been wondering if divorce was a good option. She still loved Phoenix, but now that everyone was living on her pay and the embarrassment was plentiful, she seriously considered it. But it was about Mia. She couldn't leave Mia in that awful spot of having divorced parents. So she stayed with Phoenix. Probably for the better.

Mia Wright, at least as far as she knew, was named after her father's boss and friend. She didn't really like being named after a dead person, but she liked her name well enough. It was perfect for her.

Anyways, Mia wanted to become a defense attorney. But when people automatically assumed this because of her father, it irritated her. She had some good friends growing up, Rebecca, Amber. Rebecca was Larry's daughter, Amber was Maya's daughter. Because their parents all knew each other, they became great friends.

This is how Mia's childhood went.