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Now Mia Wright had forgotten about most of it. At least, she tried erase it from her mind, but it didn't work exactly. She still thought about it at night, and if anyone made her think about, she would most likely cringe, but otherwise she was fine

Now she was at an all-womens college in New York City, where she had many friends. She was far away from her parents, far away from Apollo Justice, who she had formed a bit of a romantic relationship with while her father was his mentor. She missed them a bit, but it was good to get a break.

No one there knew that she was the daughter of a defense attorney that was a 'scumbag', a 'fraud', a 'cheater'. For once in her life, she was just the attractive, intelligent young lawyer with a good sense of humor. She had friends that weren't her dad's friends' kids. She felt like her own woman, and she loved this freedom.

If anyone ever leaked her secrets, if they even found them out, she would be ruined. This college was one of the only places she belonged. Mia Wright wished these days would end.

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