Yes, I do...ship non-canon-pairings.
Setting: Some time around "Alien Force". Gwen and Kevin never had (aimed for) an relationship other than working together to fight aliens.

Disclaimer: I do not own "Ben 10" or any related series.
Claimer: The way the characters are composed (aka "the storyline") is my intellectual property.

Warning: Includes cousin-love. If you don't like to read that, pick another story!

By the time he got there it seemed already too late.

"Where have you been?"
"Sorry, the Rustbucket was having some troubles when I tried to start it."
"It isn't the jet, it is you who has some troubles." Kevin said.
"You want to discuss or you want to go down to business?" Ben had crossed his arms over his chest and narrowed his eyes.
Kevin grunted and lead the way.

"Ben!" His cousin came flying into his open arms.
"Hey Gwen." He planted a kiss on her hair.
"Grandpa waits for us, we can start right now."
She turned to look at the man beside Ben.
"Hello Kevin." Gwen hugged him less tight than her cousin, but still with some kind of love. "Thanks for coming."
"Just a favour I owed Max. Don't let it get to your heads." It wasn't a smirk, but a genuine smile he gave the two cousins. Ben hadn't seen Gwen in years, but there was still that tingle he felt near her. And seeing her as happy as today made him smile brightly too.
She took his hand and went to the crowd.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Their parents, friends (from earth or elsewhere) and colleagues (from plumber's academy) cheered.
Gwen was the first to open her presents after she and Ben blew the candles on their cakes out.
When it was Ben's turn he took her shoulders and pulled her close.
"What are you doing?" Gwen whispered.
"Giving ou your present." He smiled and kissed her.

There was ear-bursting silence.

-some gasps and luckily some "aw"'s where heard.
"After all the time, I think they should know about us."
Instead of an answer she pulled him closer.

Seconds before, nobody had known. Now everybody knew.
And Gwen couldn't have thought of a better way to show them.
Just a little drabble, I loved to write it. First when I watched "Ben 10" I didn't like this pairing, but soon I thought "Hey, they're not siblings, so what" and this came out.
I'd like to read what you think about it.(Only if you like the pairing too, please)