Alright so this is my very first Glee fic and I just couldn't resist writing about Sebastian and the new badass Warbler Hunter Clarington (So many feels...) This story will contain some dark themes, including abuse, depression etc. You've been warned!

Hope you enjoy

"Hey, you OK?"

Sebastian blinked a few times before turning to face Nick, a fellow Warbler and one of the very few students at Dalton Academy he considered a "friend." Nick was watching him warily, concern obvious in his eyes.

"Yeah, it's nothing," Sebastian drawled, shoving his hands into his pockets and straightening his posture. His trademark smirk was back on his face in no time, but Nick knew that something was seriously wrong. Recently, Sebastian had been spending even more time alone, staring off into some random space throughout the day. He hardly made any snarky comments during Warblers' practice and sometimes disappeared during meal times.

And it only became worse after winter break.

Nick watched the retreating figure in silence, not sure of what to do. He knew better than to confront Sebastian regarding anything about his personal life. Past records have shown that Sebastian Smythe was very sensitive about anyone prying into his life and was prone to reacting aggressively to anyone who dared to try.

And Nick didn't think his friendship with Sebastian was deep or strong enough to withstand such an episode. For now, he would have to keep a careful eye on his friend.


Sebastian shut the door of his room behind him and slowly made his way to his bed. He couldn't believe that he had been staring off again, and he didn't miss the questioning look of the other Warbler either. If he kept this up, people were going to start asking questions he wasn't ready to answer, and then he'd be forced to leave Dalton, the only place he considered a safe haven.

The teen groaned in pain as he slowly pulled his blazer off. Even in his current state of mind, he had somehow managed to keep a straightface during practice, even as they twisted and turned to the music. He had wanted to give up and just sit out so badly, but he knew that would only make everyone else even more suspicious than they were.

Especially Hunter Clarington, who was out to get him for some unknown reason.

It wasn't as if Sebastian didn't understand. Hunter was from a military academy, which meant that he was used to behaving like a drill sergeant. He had this need to control others and make sure everything was in perfect order. Sebastian got that. It was just difficult to keep on in his current state of physical and mental condition.

So when Sebastian began missing steps or retorted with more malice than usual, Hunter Clarington reacted just as badly, calling Sebastian out on every tiny mistake he made. The rest of the Warblers could sense the rising tension but were powerless to do anything about it. Smythe and Clarington were easily the two most volatile and powerful members of the school. No one was going to intervene and risk having all the hostility directed at him.

Sebastian began unbuttoning his shirt gingerly, not enjoying the sharp pain shooting through his body as he continued to undress. Biting his lower lip, he carefully made his way towards the mirror, wondering if he was making the right choice by volunteering to see the condtion he was in.

The tall teen winced at the reflection and trailed his finger trips along the various angry marks on his body before stopping at the deep purpling bite mark next to his collarbone. He closed his eyes briefly, memories of how he got the mark in the first place rushiing through his head. He didn't need it right now. He needed to get over it and just wait patiently for the bruises to fade and the cuts to heal.

He was so absorbed in the pair of familiar yet eerily hollow pair of dull green eyes staring back at him that he almost missed the knocking. Sebastian snapped his head towards the door to his room, panic starting to set in as he wondered how long the knocking had been going on.

"Who is it?" Sebastian asked warily, slowly making his way back to the bed where he had thrown his shirt and blazer onto.

"It's Hunter. I'm coming in," a deep and frustratingly calm voice answered, sending Sebastian into full blown panic.

"No!" Sebastian shouted, reaching for his shirt and ignoring the pain coursing through his entire body. He cursed under his breath, realizing that his aching arms and shoulders were making it very difficult to put anything on quickly enough.

Sebastian abandoned buttoning the shirt and instead grabbed the blazer and ran towards his closet, swinging the closet door open to hide his body. In that precise moment, Hunter walked in, not heeding to Sebastian's reply. He walked in briskly as if he owned the room, which just put Sebastian in a worse mood.

"Get out, Clarington," Sebastian hissed, fumbling with the buttons of his shirt.

"We need to talk."

"I said, get out."

"And I said, we need to talk," Hunter challenged adamantly, taking confident steps forward towards Sebastian's body now in hiding. The former captain sighed in relief once he managed to finish the buttoning of his shirt. He put his blazer on as well, wincing briefly before replacing the pained expression with a lazy smirk.

"Wow Clarington, I didn't think you'd want to see me changing so badly. I thought you weren't even remotely bi-curious?" Sebastian drawled, feeling a lot safer and more confident now that no one could see the scars. Hunter only raised a delicate eyebrow in response.

"I need to know if you're still capable of being a part of the Warblers."

"What?" Sebastian began, taking a few steps towards the captain. "You don't think I'm capable of whatever your ego comes up with?"

"That's exactly what I think. You're slacking, Smythe, and I won't have any of that," Hunter answered coolly, his piercing green eyes locked onto those of the fellow Warbler.

Sebastian exhaled slowly in his best attempt to calm down. It wouldn't do him any good to lose it now. He had worked so hard to keep his emotions at bay, to act as if nothing got to him, but what Hunter was saying to him hurt a lot more than it should. He wasn't slacking. Sebastian Smythe was never lazy, especially when it came to fulfilling his duties as the vice captain of the Warblers. He was in too much pain to keep up with the rigorous choreography which was only getting increasingly intense with Hunter's growing ego. It wasn't his fault...and to have anyone, regardless of knowledge of his condition or not, to dare tell him that he was being lazy was pushing him so close to the edge.

"You don't know shit, Clarington," Sebastian spat, before turning around and slamming his closet door shut.

"You're off the Warblers."

Sebastian stilled at the calmly spoken words, his hands balled up into fists by his sides. He slowly turned around to face the other teen, his expression strangely subdued considering the current state of emotional turmoil he was experiencing. Hunter waited patiently for Sebastian to lash out at him, insult him or brush him off as if he hadn't heard anything.

But Hunter was not expecting Sebastian to just nod slowly and shrug before shoving his hands into his pockets.

Sebastian couldn't handle it anymore. Perhaps it was the right thing to do, just forget about the Warblers, cut off all close connections he had built with other members. That way, no one would question his changes in behavior, his failure to keep up with practice and his tendency to become easily aggrevated...and Hunter was giving him the perfect opportunity to take the exit.

"If that's all, I'd like to get some work done. Have a great day, I'm sure you know where the door is," Sebastian drawled, needing to just be by himself right now. Before the realization hit that he was losing the one thing he enjoyed in life. The one thing that had served as an escape from the reality of his life, which was quickly becoming one sick joke.

"That's it?" Hunter questioned, his eyes narrowed dangerously at the other teen. Sebastian raised his eyebrows in return.

"Is there a problem?"

"Yes, there is. What's going on here?"

"The only problem here is that you aren't where you should be right now. Which is not in my room."

"I'm not leaving."

"Wow Clarington, I'm sorry but I don't do boyfriends. I, however, don't mind doing lost straight boys like you once in a while," Sebastian answered cheekily, taking a step forward with a sultry glint in his eyes.

"Cut the bullshit. There's no way you'd just quit without putting up a fight," Hunter challenged, not backing down even with Sebastian's nose only a couple of inches way from his.

"Please, I joined the Warblers because I was bored," Sebastian smirked and leaned back, straightening his back. "Now leave."

"That's not true."

Sebastian crossed his arms in front of his chest defensively, trying his best not to lose the smirk he was having a difficult time maintaining.

"And what makes you so sure?"

"Because I can see that being part of the Warblers is the only thing you actually do enjoy," Hunter answered his eyes unwavering. Sebastian couldn't read them. They weren't smug or accusatory. They weren't questioning or compassionate either. There was nothing in those piercing green eyes for Sebastian to go by. To react to.

"Well, you're wrong," Sebastian settled for instead, breaking their eye contact. He just couldn't deal with this shit right now. He wanted to be alone to get over the loss, not listen to some military boy act as if he had Sebastian Smythe all figured out.


"Look Clarington, I really don't care."

"Don't lie to me."

"Don't waste my time."

"Look at me."

"Who do you think you're talking to?" Sebastian snapped, sparing the other teen only a quick menacing look before returning his attention back to the wall besides him. He could feel the familiar burning anger starting to build up inside him. He needed to get out of the situation immediately if he was going to maintain any shred of dignity.

"I said, look at me."

Sebastian gasped when he felt strong fingers grab him by his jaws and force him to face Hunter Clarington, who now expressed a semblance of an actual emotion. Sebastian tried to pull back but failed miserably, only succeeding in wincing in pain as the fingers dug in deeper.

"You listen to me, Sebastian Smythe," Hunter began, his voice dangerously low. " Don't even think for a moment that you can lie to me."

"What is this, a lover's quarrel?" Sebastian spat, slapping the offending limb away and taking a step back.

"I don't like anyone lying to my face and thinking that they can get away with it," Hunter replied, his expression having returned to the reserved, stoic expression. The captain of the Warblers stood still, as if waiting for some sort of a reply from the other teen. Sebastian only narrowed his eyes in annoyance, trying to find a way to get rid of him.

"Good to know. Now can you leave?" Sebastion asked instead, trying to diffuse the situation. "Pretty please?" he added with a sarcastic smile.

"We'll talk about this later."

"Can't wait."

"I'll see you tomorrow at practice."

Those were the last words before Hunter left the room, leaving Sebastian to himself. He felt so tired all of a sudden. All he wanted was to just lie down and sleep. For days on end. While a part of him was glad that he'd still be able to sing and dance alongside the Warblers, another part of him was wary of having to continue the facade.

And Hunter Clarington, what a prick.

Sebastian couldn't help but feel angry all over again, which was draining his remaining energy empty. How dare he come in and act as if he knew everything about him. While Hunter wasn't wrong about being part of the Warblers the only thing he found enjoyable in life, Sebastian didn't appreciate anyone trying to meddle with his personal life. Especially someone he'd hardly spoken to outside of Warbler hours.

Sebastian rolled over on his side, trying his best to not groan in pain. There wasn't a single position that wasn't painful for him. It was a constant struggle to find the least uncomfortable position to sleep in. He just had to hope that tonight would be without a nightmare.