May 9 2021

Office of the CEO, GEH, Seattle

"WHAT THE FUCK! NOOOOO!" Christian Grey screamed at his computer screen. He quickly pressed an app on his iPhone to be directly contacted to his personal body guard Jason Taylor.

"Yes Mr. Grey?" Taylor asks.

"I need to get to Ana immediately!" Christian runs his shaking hand over the latest family portrait sitting on desk and then looks up at the portrait of Ana hanging on his office wall. It was one of the seven he purchased so long ago at the showing of Ana's friend Jose. Not that he had wanted to support that fucker, but they were so breath taking and he did not like other men drooling over the pictures. The other six were hanging in their various homes around the world.

"I'll get the car and meet you our front." Jason wonders what's happened now, but knows there is no sense in asking for details. What Christian Grey demands, Christian Grey gets – no questions asked. "And things were going so well today" he sighs.

As soon as Christian Grey had disconnected, Jason Taylor rushed to the parking garage to get the SUV. "Something's up as we weren't to be leaving for Grey Publishing for another hour. " He calls Luke Sawyer, his equivalent with Anastasia Grey.

"Sawyer, it's Taylor. Has something happened at the Publishing house or God forbid Mrs. Grey? The Boss is going ape shit and we are about to head over there."

"Oh man! He sure gets relied up easily doesn't he?" Sawyer comments.

"He always has, but for the last few years not so much. Usually only if something affects his wife or children. " Taylor responds. "So, I repeat: WHAT has fucking happened at Grey Publishing?"

"All that I know at this moment is that a 'James Conner' arrived for a meeting with Mrs. Grey instead of the scheduled 'Jane Smith'. Since he wasn't on the pre-approved list, Security demanded identification. He had a handwritten statement from Ms Smith saying that she was indisposed and sent him in her place. He has a valid WSU student card which matches his Illinois state driver's license. I called the contact phone number we had on file for Ms Smith and the female that answered claimed to be her and Mr. Conner was one of her roommates. She did sound like shit. I'm currently running a back ground on Mr. Conner and will let you know asap." Sawyer explained.

"Christ! Why did this have to happen today of all days?" Taylor questioned.

"Why? What's the significance of today Jason?" Sawyer asked.

Taylor reminded Sawyer: "Ten years ago this afternoon, the editor of the student newspaper at WSU, one Katherine Kavanaugh, had an interview, after several months of planning, scheduled with our illusive Mr. Christian Grey. But Ms Kavanaugh was ill that day and shanghaied her sweet, innocent, shy roommate Anastasia Steele to fill her for her. When Ms Steele tripped and fell into the Boss man's office, it was love at first sight – although it took a few weeks before they both accepted that fact." Taylor allows himself a smile at the memory of seeing his big, bad boss coming to terms with his love of sweet Anastasia Steele.

"Mr. Grey has been planning on surprising his wife later this afternoon to celebrate that anniversary. He was aware of Ms Smith's interview and thought it was ironic that Mrs. Grey would be having an interview for the same publication and similar reason as his interview ten years ago. The background check on Ms Smith did not reveal any problem. But I guess when Mr. Grey received the immediate notification of this last minute substitution, a male no less, he's gone ape shit envisioning history is about to repeat itself."

"Oh Christ!" Sawyer responded. "Things are going to be explosive here! Mrs. Grey will soothe Mr. Grey down – eventually. I just hope not too many of us get caught in the line of fire."

"Let me know of the background check on Mr. Conner. If everything is fine, also send it directly to Mr. Grey. If there is anything questionable, delay sending to Mr. Grey as long as you can without jeopardizing your job Luke. I'll let you know when we're about five minutes away." Taylor said.

Once in the garage, Jason quickly gets into the SUV and pulls up in front of Grey House. He rolls his eyes when he sees Mr. Grey pacing back and forth. Before Jason has time to open the rear door, an ashen faced Christian Grey jumps into the car. Jason had not seen his boss so upset since Christian Grey's unorthodox 'courtship' of Anastasia Steele.

Christian Grey sits in the backseat of the SUV not able to speak to even say hello to his body guard. Over the years the two men have developed a bondship and Christian views Jason the closest thing to a friend he has allowed himself to have.

"Breathe." Christian tells himself. "Everything will be okay. Why did this have to happen, today of all days?" Christian met the love of his life ten years ago today when she filled in for her best friend Kate Kavanaugh to interview him for an article for the WSU newspaper. Kate was the editor and had been trying to set up an interview for quite some time before he had finally relented as a courtesy to her father who was a business associate. Kate was ill but could not forgo the interview and cajoled her roommate Ana to go in her place. Christian was mesmerized by Ana from the second she fell through his office door. But it took him awhile to accept that he could love someone and be loved in return. His life changed forever that day as he became alive for the first time in his 27 years of life. Although life with the lovely Ana has softened his need for complete control on everything around him, when it comes to Ana he is still very protective. But he enjoys and looks forward to her challenging him when he starts to go overboard.

Christian is planning on surprising Ana later this afternoon. He has setup a meeting under a fictitious name with her at her office. The meeting is set for the end of the day and he planned to whisk her away for some private celebration time. He had wanted to schedule the 'meeting' at the same time of day that Kate's interview had been scheduled for 10 years ago, but the time had already been assigned for a newspaper interview. Christian's first thought was demand that that meeting be rescheduled, but the rest of Ana's day had already been booked and he knew that the interview was important to her. Shades of déjà vu: Ana was being interviewed by the editor of the student newspaper at WSU. She was being given an award in honour of her donations to the university, her alma mater. Just as Christian had been ten years earlier, Ana has been invited to address the graduates and conferring the diplomas.

In his usual need for control and protection of Ana, a security check had been done on the student, Jane Smith, who would be doing the interview. But the person who had just shown up for the interview identified himself to Security as James Conner. As part of Christian's protection of Ana, when security at Grey Publishing checks in anyone, an email notification is sent to Christian. When the message popped up showing the name of James Conner rather than Jane Smith, Christian panicked. Ana was about to have a meeting with someone who has not had a back ground check run. Hence this quick drive to Ana.

Christian's phone beeps and he looks down at the phone. Security has sent him a quickly prepared background check on one James Conner. Christian breathes a sigh of relief. Although Ana Grey is CEO of Grey Publishing, Security there knows they would have to ultimately answer to Christian Grey if something happened to his cherished wife. The background check is not as detailed as the one that had been prepared on Jane Smith, but Christian tells himself that Security has done the best that can be done on such short notice. Another feeling of déjà vu: James Conner is substituting for his roommate Jane Smith, who was too ill to attend today's interview.

But this just reinforces Christian's need to get to Ana. Ten years ago he fell in love with Ana when she filled in for her roommate and interviewed him. He does not want to tempt fate than Ana may be attracted to James Conner. He had thought it would be safe when a female would be doing the interview as Ana as never shown any interest in the same sex. Christian smirked. Many men may think it would be great to have two women at the same time or watch two women having sex. But even before Ana, multiple partners never appealed to Christian. Even with his fifty shades of grey fuckness, he only desired one woman at a time. And since Ana he definitely doesn't share his toys with anyone.

From the driver's seat, Jason Taylor looks in the rearview mirror. He is relieved to see that some of the color is coming back into Christian's face and he doesn't seem to be clenching his fists quick so tight.

"Everything okay, Boss?" Jason asks Christian.

"I sure as fuck hope so. " Christian replies. "Heads will roll if something happens to Ana."

"Luke called to say that he frisked Mr. Conner before he left Security and would be escorting him upstairs to Mrs. Grey's office. With Mrs. Grey's permission, he will stay in the office during the interview. Otherwise he will be directly outside the office door but prepared to enter if he feels the need."

"Thank you Jason. You and Luke have been through a lot with me and Ana during the past ten years. I know Luke understands the need to protect Ana from strangers."

Christian is now able to sit back in the seat a lot less stressed than when he got into the vehicle. He is not able to completely relax though, as he knows he will need to deal with 'Hurricane Ana' when she realizes that he has come rushing across town with Taylor to 'rescue' her. He hopes that he will be able to get her to see it from his perspective – especially given the significance of this date.

Christian's palms starts twitching as it occurred to him that Ana may have orchestrated this whole scenario just to get her Fifty relied up. No he thought, even to tantalize and tease him, Ana is not that cruel to put him through this stress. Ana may tease him about his response to situations after the fact, when he knows she is safe, but she would not set out to create a situation like this.

Christian thinks to himself that she certainly likes to twist his tail to spur on the kinky fuckery they both so much enjoy. But she has always tried to understand the reasons why he was so fucked up when they met and tries to avoid initiating the bad memories. With her love and affection, Christian has been able to open up to her and exorcize most the demons from his troubled childhood. She would not intentionally do something to stir up the nightmares of my crack whore mother and her abusive pimp.

But the thought is always in the back of his mind that he is not worthy of Ana and she will eventually decide she has had enough of his fifty shades of fucked-upness and leave him. Especially if greener pastures presented themselves in the form of a 21 year old university stud named James Conner. Ana is still a beautiful, sexy woman and all male eyes follow her when she was in sight – until they encounter the glare of Christian Grey, CEO.

In an attempt to erase the bad memories that are at the front of his mind, Christian tells himself to think of all the good things that have happened to him during the ten years since his ray of light, known as Anastasia, came into his life.

A smile starts to form on his face as Christian thinks back. Yes, his need to control everything and everyone in his life was responsible for their quick marriage just a few weeks after the met. After taking her virginity, Christian realized that he shouldn't entice her into his BDSM lifestyle as his submissive and he tried to stay away but found he couldn't. And when Ana did leave him when he showed her how extreme the punishment could be, he realized that he needed to change as his need to be with Ana was much more important than his need to punish any brown haired woman that happened to be his submissive. Fortunately their separation only lasted a few days. Christian is sure all of his staff, as well as his family, were very relieved when he and Ana got back together.

His need for control has been responsible for much of the conflict between him and Ana over the years – but she has always stood by him and he has not fucked it up so bad that she had to leave him again. And of course the make-up sex is mind blowing! She continues to reinforce to him the need to discuss things with her. Once she hears his reasons, she has a better understanding and is willing to accept, albeit sometimes reluctantly, his need for all of the security around my family. Granted the life threatening situations with his former submissive Leila, Jack Hyde and Elena Lincoln showed Ana that security is a necessary fact of life for the Greys.

Married life with Ana the past ten years has been fantastic. Prior to the birth of their eldest child, Teddy, they moved into a massive home renovated by his brother Elliott. Although there were complications with Teddy's birth, Ana survived and was most insistent that Teddy not be an only child. Christian smirks to himself when he thinks to himself that with five siblings, Teddy is certainly not an only child. And they have certainly done their best to fill the large home. Elliott's wife Kate, and Ana's best friend, has frequently stated that Christian just needs to look at Ana and she gets pregnant. He had been petrified of the thought of being a father but with Ana by his side, he gradually conquered that fear and became the greatest Dad of all time – if he says so himself. And he has the t-shirt to proof it too – a Father's Day gift from his brood of kids last year.

Christian grins to himself with the thought that, although that house is definitely a home full of laughter with their large family, and even larger extended family, he and Ana still continue making use of their treasured playroom at the Escala penthouse. After moving into the house, the penthouse was kept on the pretext of keeping business entertaining separate from the family home. Christian feels himself getting hard at the thought that, even after ten years, he and Ana still have date nights in the playroom at least once a week. That's not to say that they limit all of their kinky fuckery to just the Escala playroom. They do enjoy a lot of that in their bedroom at their family home, in addition to a lot of vanilla sex, but have always been concerned that they curious children might discover things in Mommy and Daddy's room not intended for young eyes.

As the SUV pulls up in front of the office of Grey Publishing – Seattle, Christian jumps out of the vehicle before Taylor had come to a complete stop. "So much for his need for safety." Jason thinks to himself. Christian throws open the exterior door of the building with Taylor on his heels. Christian storms past the Reception Desk to the elevator which is being held open by one of the building's Security guard. Taylor catches up and jumps into the elevator just as the doors are closing. Christian glares at the guard but tries to hold his temper in check by counting backwards from 100.