DE Teaser chapter 26

"Mike how is he?" He asks impatiently.

He sighs and runs a hand through his thick blonde hair. "It's not good. He's lost an awful lot of blood, and he's unresponsive."

"Are you telling me my nephew's in a coma?" His voice breaks.

Coma? Oh my God!

My mouth falls open in horror.

"Have you called his parents, Edward?"

"Answer me, Mike. Is Josh in a coma?"

"He's unconscious due to the head injury, but he needs surgery immediately. They need to get here right away, if not you're going to have to give consent." He answers and walks back over to where they are preparing to take Josh to O.R.

"Mike…. Mike! You better save him, you bastard!" He stalks behind him and I reach out to grab him.

"Edward, stop it!" I try whispering as best I can in light of our surroundings.

"I need to see him. He's just a little boy. He needs…."

I notice he begins to flex his right hand over and over, shaking it. He paces along with doing this. I don't suspect his hand is hurt in any way, but it's more of a calming method for him – that and the pacing.

His pacing stops at the sound of frantic people running through the hospital.

"Edward! Where's my son! Where's Josh!"

The dark-haired petite woman is beside herself with worry.