DE Chapter 29 teaser

"The car model is a black sports – most likely a coupe, but the license is definitely from Florida. This clears Lauren but it doesn't clear James."

Realization sets in and a look of pure fury overtakes his features.

"This doesn't clear her, Bella. She may have not been driving but she's up to her neck in this. They are both going to pay for what they did to my nephew!" His teeth gnash and he slams his fist into the wall behind him, alerting everyone on the floor that there's some sort of disturbance going on.

He walks briskly down the hall and to the elevator. It's all I can do to keep up with his long strides.

"Where are you going?" I ask when I finally catch up with him, near breathless. "Edward, you can't go to Lauren. You're too angry. This morning you really shook her up. I don't think ...j..."

"I'm going to the police, Bella. Are you coming?" He interrupts and steps into the elevator, waiting for me to decide. Without another word, I do.


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