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Ino was lost in her thoughts as she wandered through the streets. Those last few week had been just too eventful for her taste. Of course she liked a few of the things that had happened. Like when someone had henged into Ami in just her underwear and then ran through the whole village so everyone could see it, though that had just been one of many funny things that happened to the poor girl. Not that Ami didn´t deserve it, but still Ino felt a little bit of pity for her.
Another event had been when Anko-sensei and Shizune-Sensei had told her, that their training was now over and that her and Naruto would become a team, which from now on would be led by Anko. Both she and her roommate had been beyond happy about being real ninja of Konoha again.
And then the whole mess with Sasuke had happened. First he forced Naruto to fight him, leading to Kakashi stopping the fight. And then a few days later the Uchiha had left the village for Orochimaru, not caring that he broke Sakuras heart in the process. Even worse, when Shikamarus team tried to bring him back they had all been hurt. Only the help of the sand village had been responsible that no one had died that day, but that didn´t mean that no one had been close to dying. Ino had seen Naruto when Kakashi had brought him to the village, just like she had seen the others. All of that just for Sasuke.
The shadow of those events had since then been darkening her life, that had just gotten better.
Because of his injuries Naruto had been forced to stay at the hospital. Meaning that Ino had to sleep alone, just as she had gotten used to lie next to him. Also she couldn´t go on missions as long as he was hurt and worst of all she wasn´t even allowed to visit him at the hospital, till today because he hadn´t been awake. All of that had led to her not getting enough sleep, being nervous and most of the time distracted from what she did.
On the bright side, Anko-sensei had given her more than one chance to take out all her frustration about this mess on her sensei and the blond girl had repaired her friendship with Sakura by giving the comfort the pink haired girl so dearly needed.
Anyway all in all the recent events had been just a bit too troublesome for Ino. In the end she had started to occupie herself with training, Sakura and Shikamaru, even D-rank missions. Everything to keep her from thinking too much. Because as soon as Ino had the time to think, her thoughts went to Naruto and how much she missed him, worried about him, wanted to make him better.
Those feelings were more than just friendship and Ino still refused to accept that she had them. She knew it wasn´t bad to love someone and that someone could not decided who he or she loved, a fact of that Anko-sensei had reminded her at every chance she got by the way, but Ino couldn´t just love Naruto. The thought alone was hilarious. Yes they were friends and very very close, but to say she loved him was just not right. He was Naruto Uzumaki and she was Ino Yamanaka. Everyone had to see how impossible it was that the flower girl and the jinchuuriki would end up together. It just couldn´t be.

Sure they had a lot in common and they got along great. Not to mention that they had proven to be good for each other since Ino had left her parents. Also they trusted each other and Ino felt save and free around Naruto, but that didn´t mean that she loved him. Everyone had to see that right?

Before she could ponder on that thought anymore she realised that her feed had brought her to the hospital. Maybe she should visit Shizune-Sensei just to see if she could help the older woman? It would keep her busy and while she was at it she could see how her friends were. Nothing wrong with that, was it? She didn´t just do it to see how Naruto was, but for all of her friends, so it had to be okay.
That in mind she got inside and searched for Shizune-Sensei. The hospital staff was used to her by now. Afterall she had spent half of her training here, to learn and to help.
The office she was searching for was on the third floor, right were all of her friends rooms were, except for Naruto who had to be placed on another floor.
Shizune-Sensei wanted to be close to all of them in case of any complications arose but there hadn´t been enough rooms. Or at least that was what Anko-sensei had told the blond girl.
Ino was just about to knock when the door opened and Shizune came into the hall.

„Oh hey Ino. I didn´t expect you here." the older woman smiled at her. „Here to visit your friends?"

Despite her first intention to help Shizune, Ino just nodded. She wouldn´t have been much of a help anyway in her current state.

„I well...I just..."

Her eyes were glued to the floor. She couldn´t even admit that she was here for Naruto. Yes she cared about Chouji, hell even about Kiba and that jackass Neji, but she was here because of her blond roommate, friend or whatever he exactly was. Shizune-Sensei apparently knew this and just smiled.

„You know, you are lucky. Naruto woke up today and I was just about to see him. Wanna come along? Im sure he is already starting a fight with one of the nurses."

Inos head shot up to face her sensei and she nodded in shock. Following the black haired medic through the hospital Inos mind was racing again. What would she say to Naruto once she saw him? How would he react to all that happened and most importantly to him nearly dying?
And if he reacted badly what would she do? Before Ino could find at least one answer she heard two people screaming at each other. She suspected it were Naruto and some nurse.





Looking at Shizune-Sensei the woman just shrugged her shoulders and said:

„He is always like this. Naruto hates hospitals for some reason and he wont listen to anybody."

„But then how?"

„Normaly we tie him to his bed. If we want to give him a shot we even have to take more drastic measures to calm him. It´s good you´re here. Maybe he wont fight as much if you can keep him in check."

„But I don´t... I mean he..."

„He listens to you. Hopefully he will also listen now."



As Shizune and Ino reached the door from were the screaming came, the teacher turned to her pupil and laid a hand on her shoulder. Then she opened the door and pushed the small blond girl inside the room. What she saw was a very comical sight. Naruto was help down by two nurses and fought to the bone while a third one tried to give him a shot. In front of the bed stood a wheelchair. The nurses had to give it their all to make sure the blond boy didn´t move to much, when he caught sight of Ino. Just like that he stopped his struggling, much to the surprise of the nurses who now also looked in the direction of the door.

„Ino-chan? What are you doing here?" asked a confused Naruto.

Before anything else could happen, Ino had passed the room and thrown herself onto Naruto and was hugging him like it was the only thing she was born to. Tear streamed down her face as she buried her face in the crook of his neck. She felt his arms go around her to return the hug, while she let go all of the pent up emotion of the last days.
No one in the room said something and Shizune gestured the nurses to leave the room for a few minutes. Smiling all three of the did so and left the two teens to each other.

As soon as they were alone, there tears Naruto had held back also started to fall. Sasukes stunt had hurt him just as bad as it had hurt Sakura. Now that Ino was beside him, he finally had the chance to let go of his feelings. With her he didnt need to be strong and so both of them cried for a few minutes. One because she was happy to see him again and that she was finally there for him, while the other cried because he needed comfort to cope with what his kind of brother had done.

Half an hour later Shizune came back alone. Both blondes were still in each others arms, but the tears had stopped. Noticing her Sensei enter Ino left Narutos embrace and stood beside his bed.

„Now Naruto. It´s goood to see you awake again. Ready for your check up and the shot?" Shizune-Sensei asked him with a smile. The blonde boy paled visibly and tried to move, but Inos hand stopped him and he calmed somewhat.

„Do I really have to get it? I mean look I am fine."

„Its just to make sure. You know that. Just as good as you know how ninja have to go through a mental evaluation after a failed mission. So please stop your resistance. The sooner we finish the sooner you can go home."

„Do I have to go to that evalu-whatever today? I really want to go and have a bowl of ramen."

„Fine. After the check up Ino can take you out of the hospital, as long as you are really ok. Anyway you will listen to what she says. I will set another date for the mental evaluation and tell you when it is. Also you wont train till after your mental health is confirmed, you understand?"

There was no arguing with Shizune when she was in her medic mode. Naruto knew that in the end this was better than anything else and his arguing would just make it worse. Also this way he could leave this damned hospital with Ino and get some ramen.
The blond girl could practically see his thought process, just as well as she could see how drained he really was right now.


With that Ino was sent outside to wait for Shizune to check Narutos health. She decided that she could use the time to go to the bathroom and make sure that she looked like a normal person agian. The crying couldn´t have been good for her makeup. It didn´t take long before she stood outside Narutos room again.
A few minutes later the boy came out, dressed in his normal clothes save for any jacked and sitting in the wheelchair, rubbing his arm. He blushed as he noticed her watching him.
Ino smiled at him. That was just like Naruto. Behind the boy was Shizune-Sensei. She nodded to Ino, telling her how Naruto shouldn´t walk much and the girl took the wheelchair from her. Naruto and her got on their way to leave the hospital.

„Do you want to visit the others?" she asked him.

He looked into his lap and said nothing for a moment. The he shook his head. The girl understood and continued talk.

„I haven´t visited them till now. I couldn´t."

„Do you want to?"

„Yes now I want to, but I can´t leave you alone now can I?" she joked lighthearted.

„Sorry, I can´t face them. Maybe in a few days. Why don´t you make a Shadow clone to visit them?"

Ino gasped. Now that she hadn´t to worry about Naruto she wanted to see the other, while at the same time she didn´t want to leave him. A shadow clone was just the thing she needed to do both things she wanted to do. Smiling she leaned down and kissed the boy on his cheek.

„You know, sometimes you are a real genius."

She made a shadow clone while Naruto blushed deep red. Then Ino brought him into the streets and they made their way to his favorite restaurant. As soon as it came in sight Naruto became restless and his stomach growled. Ino had to giggle at that. They arrived and she helped him into one of the chairs inside the ramen stand. Teuchi ans Ayame were with them as soon as Ino had set down. Both were happy to see their favorite customer again and Ayame was also happy how the two teens seemed to be way closer than they had been when they had visited the last time.

„Ah Naruto. You are better I see. The usual?" Teuchi asked and said boy nodded. „Ok. And what can I get you miss Yamanaka?"

„One bowl of miso ramen please."

With that Teuchi left for the kitchen while his daughter stayed with the blond teens. She was smart enough to not talk about the failed mission. Since it had involved the Uchiha the whole village knew about it. Ayame for her part only cared about Naruto. The boy was in a way her little brother. When he had been smaller she often had to make sure Naruto didn´t pull one of hs pranks. The third had always paid her for the babysitting and Naruto had often asked the man if he could spent the day with her.
The ramen girl also saw how concerned the other girl beside him was. Every so often she would glance at the unusually silent boy. And when she thought that neither Ayame or anybody else was watching, Ino would take his hand in her own.
luckily Ayame had a sharp eye and what she saw made her smile. What a cute couple, even if they clearly hadn't talked about their feelings yet and acted only on instinct.

„So you two. I heard you will be going on missions together." she began. Ino and Naruto perked up and looked at her.

„Yeah. After Naruto is cleared again. He still has to get a few tests." Ino told the other girl.

„We will be doing missions in no time again. Believe it."

„So you are feeling better again Naruto? No broken ribs or anything? I heard you were injured pretty bad."

„Well, you know me. I heal fast. Also I have Ino-chan to make sure I don´t accidentally hurt myself." He said scratching his head a little embarrassed.

„Well Im sure she will look out for you. Afterall it takes a smart and strong girl to keep you in check, doesnt it?

„I suppose. Anyway there is no one smarter than her and she is very strong. I am lucky to have a pretty girl watch over me. She is way better than one of the nasty nurses."

Before he realised what he said the words had left his mouth. Both teens blushed and looked in different directions. Ayame only smiled.

„My my, you must really like her a lot, right?"

He never answered that question because of Teuchi who brought the ramen bowls. The blond teens began to eat in silence like the always did and before any more embarrassing things could happen Ino made Naruto pay and brought him to their apartment. She forced him to take a shower and prepared the bed for both of them. Shizune wanted Naruto to rest and Ino also needed to make up for the sleep she had lost in the days without him.

Soon both of them were under the sheets and the blond girl surprised Naruto when she etched as close to him as she could and rested her head on his shoulder. Just as they were both falling asleep she whispered into his ear:

„I missed you whiskers. You really scared me. Don´t you ever do that again."

She kissed his cheek and before anything else could happen, Ino fall asleep and entered a long and happy dream. In her sleep she held onto the blond boy and didn´t let go.
Naruto did the same, happy that she cared about him and was still here. It didn´t take long till he followed Ino into dreamland.

The next morning Ino was the first one to be awake. She had shifted from her previous position and was no on top of Naruto. Not that she cared anymore. Naruto was with her again and the feeling of loneliness she had had the last few days was gone. What did it matter if she had feelings for her blond boy? She had denied it far too long already.
Now she didn´t care about what people would say. He made her happy in such a strange way that she couldn´t describe it.
The moment she had seen him in this hospital room and what she had felt then had convinced her. She loved Naruto.
And now Ino watched said boys sleeping form under her. He must have been dreaming something good, if the small smile on his lips was an indicator.
Following her instinct she leaned down and kissed him. Just a light peck on the lips to know how they felt. When she opened her eyes again, Ino was met with Narutos blue orbs wide open in surprise.
Seeing him awake she did something that was very unlike her. She fainted.