The Suite Life in College

Cody Martin woke up in his suite, the sun was shining in though the window. He looked over at his brother Zack, who as usual, was still sleeping. He climbed out of bed and crept silently out the door, past his mum and into the kitchen. He began opening the cupboard doors to look for something to cook for breakfast, as usual his mothers cupboards were not well stocked. Cody stood there for a minute and debated what to do. He then popped back into his suite and came out dressed, he grabbed the car keys and headed out to the store. As he walked round the store it seemed deadly quiet as not many people were in the store at 7 on a Sunday morning, but today was a special day for Cody. He wheeled the trolley in and out the isles of the store and finally made his purchase. He loaded up the car and headed home. When he got in the door he saw an unusual sight, Zack was awake.

'Morning Broseph.' Zack said as Cody walked though the door

'What are you doing up so early?' Cody was puzzled, it is hard to get Zack to do anything before noon 'I've got breakfast.'

'Mmm.'Zack replied.

As Cody cooked the pancakes Zack went to get dressed, by time he got back 2 delicious tasty pancakes were waiting on the table for him.

'Mmm Cody these are delicious.'Zack exclaimed.

'Glad you like them.'Cody replied

For a while there was a unusual silence as Cody tided away the dishes and cleaned up.

'So Codester, what time are you heading off to Yale?'

'About 10 but I am picking Bailey up from the airport on the way there.'

It turned out that not only Bailey had got into Yale, so had Cody. There has been a mix up with acceptance letters so not only did he get in but he was on a full scholarship as well as Bailey. Once they had bought their first apartment in New Haven, they were doing well in finances.

When their mum finally woke up, Zack and Cody served her breakfast and just before 10 Cody loaded his suitcases and bags into the back of his and Bailey's car. He said a emotional goodbye to his mum and jumped into the car. After waving goodbye Cody drove down the road ready to start a new chapter in his life.