The Suite Life in College Chapter 2

Zack woke up that morning to his beeping alarm clock, as usual the 18 year old rolled over and turned it off. He was about to continue his sleep when his mother came in though the bedroom door.

'Come on Zack, Get Up!' Carey was slightly annoyed with her son, whereas Cody had taken responsibility and headed to an Ivy League College, Zack had been sitting around for the entire summer mourning over his breakup with his ex-girlfriend Maya.

'Urgggh.'Zack made a slight noise from under the covers of his bed.

'If you get up there may be breakfast waiting for you on the table.'Carey said promptly, with that she left the room. About half an hour later, Zack finally dragged himself out of bed. He walked into the kitchen to find some cold pancakes on a plate and a note from his Mum:

Gone shopping so see you later, Mr. Mosby wants to see you at 12 in his office, no idea why…

Love Mum

That's strange, Zack thought to himself, I wonder why he wants to see me. Anyhow Zack ended up walking into Mr. Mosby's office at 12 that morning, he sat down to wait for Mr Mosby. While he sat there he really did think about what his future was going to be, what job would he have? If any? Will he marry? As he was thinking all these questions Mr Mosby walked though the door.

'Morning Zack,' Mr. Mosby had a cheerful ring to his voice this morning 'Now I wanted to speak to you.'

'Whatever it was, I didn't do it.' Zack said in his haste

'No no no, it was actually about you Zack, I wanted to speak about.'


'After watching you this past summer, you have been very upset and haven't done much with yourself, after watching you grow up I don't want to watch you fail at life and struggle so I am willing to offer you a job!' Mr. Mosby beamed.

'Me!' Zack was surprised 'You would really do that?'

'Yes, I would Zack you are a bright young lad so, I am offering you the job of assistant manager here at the Tipton' Mr. Mosby replied 'That is if you want to?'

Zack slumped back in his chair trying to take in all that had just happened. He ran things over in his mind, a job, money of his own? After pondering on it for a second Zack had made his decision.

'I'll take it!' Zack exclaimed

'Very well,' Mr. Mosby typed something in on his computer 'You will meet me down in the lobby tomorrow at 8 prompt dressed in a suit and tie.'

'Thanks Mr. Mosby'

With that Zack bounced out the office on cloud nine, he had finally got a job and was now finally starting his life!

That next morning Zack turned over and stopped the beeping of his alarm clock, his phone started beeping so he then rolled over the other side of the bed to see who it was, it was a text.

Up bright and early? Make sure you're in the lobby or you may find yourself jobless again!


At least he knows how to text, Zack thought. He got up out of bed and stepped into the bathroom. He showered, shaved and by 7:45 was dressed and ready. As he sat down at the table he was almost shaking with nervousness. Carey walked over to him and put her hand on his shoulder, he jumped.

'Phew its only you.' Zack gasped

'Sorry honey, I know the first day of work can be really stressful,' Carey smiled 'Probably more than I can remember.'

'I know Mum, I will just have to show them that I have grown up and although I hate to say this I have matured and I'm not going to be pulling any pranks,' He grinned 'While I'm working anyways.'

He checked his watch.

'Well I should be on my way.'

'I'm so proud of you.'

'Thanks mum.'

As Zack made his way down to the lobby allsorts of thoughts were going though his head, Will they like me? What if I mess it up? He was so lost in thought that he didn't realize where he was going and walked straight into Mr. Mosby.

'So Sorry Mr. Mosby.'

'That's quite alright Zack, anyway let me get on with showing you your duties.'

Mr. Mosby glided though the lobby and stopped by the door, Zack followed.

'I would like you to show people though to the front desk, answer any questions they may have and offer to carry luggage if needed.'

'Is that is?'Zack was slightly confused.

'Well for now it is,' Mr. Mosby signed 'You need to get some customer experience first before you work the desk, look! There's a customer over there why don't you go show her though, I have to go tend to the front desk.'

As Mosby left Zack walked over to the young lady.

'May I help you?' He said politely

'Yes pleas…' She turned around, her blond hair settled on her shoulders.