I'm having this huge crush on Silent Hill, and decided to do something about it! At the moment I really don't know where this is gonna go, I haven't even though about a plot, so I'm kind off excited to write this! That is all, enjoy!

Left..right..lef..lef..forward..shit..WHERE AM I

''FUCK!'' Leah exclaimed, realizing the fact that she was lost. A few moments before, birds had been flying while screeching, fleeing. Having spent a few days of her 17-old life in Silent Hill, she knew very well what that meant. Panicking, she tried a door on her left. Locked. She pressed onwards, turned right, right again, down a long corridor, when suddenly she remembered. She recognized this place! Safety from the darkness was just around the corner.
As she started to run, the sirens starting howling through the long halls, sending chills down her spine, as the walls almost seemed like fading into air as if burning, and revealed a reddish—rusty look, like rusted metal fences. She turned the corner, and saw it. Her safety.
That small cage-looking box. She would hide in it every time darkness approached. She ran for it, and ducked into it, slamming the cage shut, and locked it on the inside.
She had found it the first day. The bars in the cage sat so close, that she couldn't even get her fingers through even the biggest crack. It was a cage, originally designed for torture, but she rebuild it, so now it was her safe-room. She sighed in relief, and sat down for a moment, pathing heavily from the run. But she knew that her terrors were far from over. With the darkness, came the monsters. All those deform, wretched creatures of the night, demons, seemingly crawling out from the inner sanctum of hell.
She gasped, as the first one showed itself. It was the one with its feet behind its head, mouth open, screaming and hissing inhuman noises. When is touched the ground, dragging itself forward, red plant-like wires came from its hands, and continued up the walls, creating green pulsating bulbs. The thing was blind. She knew as much. So she sat completely still, not moving a muscle, holding her breath. The slightest sound, and she had just received someone to share the terrors of the darkness with.
The deform creature dragged itself past her. The red wires grew over her cage, the green bulbs growing there as well. Fortunately, on the outside. The wires were too thick to pass through the bars. After what seemed like forever, the creature turned around the corner, and first then, Leah allowed herself to breathe again. Pulling in oxygen, she cleared her mind. Eventually the red wires and pulsating bulbs disappeared.
She leaned against the back of the cage, closing her eyes. She sat there, dosing off for a moment.
That was when she heard a loud SCHREEEEEEEEE-thump—thump-thump
oh fuck oh fuck no, not him, please no! Leah thought terrified, and rose to her feet, staring through the tight bars, trying to get a look at what was coming, even though there was no need to. She knew what it was.
That huge, about 7 feet tall, muscular, thing, with a triangular helmet. Oh, and not to mention its gigantic knife, it dragged behind itself, alarming anyone nearby of its presence. The monsters stayed out of his way- no wonder, really. She had seem him from her cage, slicing up one of the nurse-like creatures, and one of the fanatics of the church? He just grabbed her by the throath and ripped her fucking skin off. So, yes, it would probably be wise to stay clear of it.
Leah covered in fear, as it made its way around the corner, growling loudly. The knife scratched against the ground, the noise almost making Leahs eardrums explode.
As it came closer, Leah noticed that it was dragging something behind it. She didn't notice before because of the loud noises of the knife.
She realized that it was a body. Another body. A male, to be precise. His neck had been cut open, and his stomach cut open. Some of his intestines were dragged behind him, leaving a trail of blood and slime.
Leah covered her nose to protect herself from the smell there would follow when the monster walked past her with its victim.
The monster suddenly stopped. Right in front of her cage. It made some sniffing-like noises.
Oh my god.. does it smell me?! Leah panicked.
The monster threw its victim a few metres away, and turned against the cage, tilting its huge head slightly, still sniffing.
Suddenly, it got up its knife, and in a quick swift move, he had impaled the bars, right next to Leahs head. She shrieked and ducked, then almost hit herself in the head. Silence was her key to survival. She had just stomped, and shrieked at the same time. Stupid Stupid!
The monster made another growling noise, bringing Leahs attention to it. She widened her eyes in fear, as the monster started cutting open the cage. The knife cut through the bars as if the were made of paper. Leah laid herself as flat on the ground as she could. The monster had made the cut around her head when she stood, so maybe down here it couldn't reach her.
True enough, as the monster reached into the cage, its strong hand was a few inches from reaching her. She felt small strikes on air on her face as its fingers searched fumbling for something to grab on to. The tip of its longest finger brushed over her hair, and she peeped like a tiny frightened bird.
It growled in what sounded like amusement.
It backed away a bit, retrieving its knife. Then got back to the cage, staring down at her again. It growled.
Leah stared confused up at the monster, towering over her. It swung its knife over the edge of the cage, hanging it just above Leahs face. She peeped again, receiving another amused growl.
She turned her face to the monster, now holding out five stretched fingers. It bended its thumb. Leah remained paralyzed. It bend the index finger.
Leah started to realize. She now had three 'fingers' before he would drop the knife right into her face. Another finger dropped. 2 more.
She didn't know what to do. The monster would kill her no matter what, that was for sure. Apparently, it was up to her deciding how. She could try to run, or just stay down there, getting a knife showed into her face. She was in big trouble now. But maybe.. just maybe, if she could run long enough, the daylight would return – making the monster disappear.
One finger left. The monster growled nonchalantly.
She turn her head sideways, evading the knife, before turning herself, still flat on the ground, to the end furthest away from the knife. Slowly, she rose to her feet, staring at the monster, which was still holding up one finger, with the knife in the cage.
She gasped for a bit, before climbing over the edge of the fence, and turned toward the monster again. She was now out in the open, defenseless, vulnerable.. As the monster now turned to her again, swinging the knife over its shoulder, it was still holding up that one finger.
They both just stood there, staring at each other. Leah felt the cold sweat running down her spine, as the monster bend the last finger ever so slowly. Times up.

Leah spinned around, and started sprinting. She heard the knife scraping against the floor, and the loud thumbs of the monsters giant boots following.
Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck
Leah turned around a corner, catching a glimpse of the monster, still stalking behind. Wierd enough, he didn't seem like running – was he just walking? She sped up, running as fast as she possibly could. Turning another corner, she saw him again. Closer this time, and still only walking.
What's going on, I should be miles away from it now!
While running, she looked at her watch, and shrieked between her gasps. The numbers on the watch were blurry, glimmering and switching numbers rapidly. How am I supposed to know when daylight arrives now?!
Minutes, that felt like hours, passed. Leah was still running, and the monster just came closer and closer. She had to force down every breath, tears streaming down her face from the pain of her sore throat.
She turned another corner. This was a very slim hallway she came into – and very dark. It was hard to see anything, except from something up ahead -
''No..no..please NO! NO NO NO!'' Leah screamed.
Dead end. She collapsed in front of the wall blocking her further escape, tears still falling.
She breathed loudly out of tiredness, harking and spitting. She coughed, and tried to slow her breath down. Her heart raced faster than ever.
Leah refused to turn and look upon her impending death, so she kept staring into the wall, searching for some sort of hiding key, a door, a small hole, anything.
The footsteps approached, slowly, as if mocking her. She gritted her teeth, and began searching the wall on her left. It was a very slim hallway, so she could easily reach it. Nothing but wall, wall and.. slime? She quickly retrieved her hand, and started searching the one on the right. A door! She turned the knob, and opened it – only to find another small room, even darker than the hallway. Four pair of red eyes glared out on her, hissing loudly, and coming toward her. A green substance flew toward her, and hit her in the face. She peeped again, and smashed the door shut. She tried to wipe the slime off, but then felt how it burned in her eyes, and on her skin. It was almost like acid! She tried to wipe it off, but to no avail – it only stuck itself onto her hoodie, burning through that as well. Noticing this, she quickly got it of, and threw it to the ground – no need to get her arms burned off as well. Her vision grew blurry, along with the darkness, she was completely blinded.
A growl from not far away approached her, and she remembered why she wanted to get in that door in the first place.
Fumbling against the wall, she realized that it was no use. She was blind, tired, sore all over and she could impossibly slip past the monster due to the size of the hallway. She was trapped.
She heard the heavy footsteps coming closer. The panic took over, spinning her head around, she didn't know where she was, and her eyes still wouldn't function. Still fumbling, she felt something against her hands, something warm, and almost as hard as a wall. Just by feeling it, she knew that this was strong maybe even stronger than the wall itself.
Of course, she realized quickly that this was the monster. It growled down at her again, in the same amused tone as earlier.
The screech of the knife slowly being pulled up from the ground made her shiver.
A strong hand grabbed the collar of her t-shirt, and slammed her against the slimy wall. She squeaked again, receiving another amused growl.
She grabbed onto the hand holding her shirt, and tried to push it off, clawing at it and trying to kick the monster in the stomach. The hand only held tighter, and suddenly the huge knife was just over her hands. She could feel the cold metal against her skin, and the sharp tool would probably be able to cut of her hands without much effort.
A warning. She slowly let go of his hand, and stopped kicking. As little pain as possible would be preferable.
It let go of her collar, and grabbed the neck of the shirt instead, lifting her up from the ground. Then it pulled the knife back, ready to strike. Even though she couldn't see it, she was certain of his actions, and shut her eyes firmly.
He impaled the wall behind her, dangerously close to her neck, with stunning accuracy. Was it another warning?
Then he just let go of her. Leah had no clue as to what was happening, but realized that her feet still didn't touch the ground. He had hung her on the wall in her own shirt. She squirmed, eager to feel the ground under her feet, but to no avail.
The monster took a few steps back, admiring his 'art'. He seemed very amused by this.
Leah, on the other hand, began to get a little cranky – as much as you could when panicking and hyperventilating out of fear. Why didn't he just kill her and get it over with?
Still blinded, she only heard him fumbling around in the distance. There was a small 'click', and the sound of something being placed on the floor. Then the monster returned. It stood there for a momet, watching her. Leah almost felt the grin behind that huge helmet.
The knife was pulled out, and Leah landed, to her own surprise, on her feet. She made a quick turn, but before she could run, the knife was stuck in the wall again, blocking her path.
Then it stepped closer. Closer than before, closer than ever. Because of its height, she felt its breath on the top of her hair, and figured that she was staring blindly into its warm chest.
Harshly it grabbed her chin, and forced her face upwards. Something slimy crept over her face.
Leah shivered and peeped. A blow of air in her face told her that the monster was indeed finding this funny, and was grinning.
Thinking how close it was to her face, she realized, that the slimy thing, creeping all over her face was the monsters tongue. The sounds from before was the monster, removing its helmet.
Filled with disgust, Leah tried to push him off, leaning against the wall and using her one foot and arms to push. It didn't even move a muscle. This wall of pure muscle was going nowhere – and neither was Leah it seemed. After a long struggle, Leah just gave up. She didn't even care anymore. She was too tired. Her muscles were faint, and her head spinning. The monsters tongue was still creeping over her face, and suddenly brushed her lips and stopped there. Leah tensed up.
''..no..'' she whispered, but then the tongue was brutally forced into her mouth.
She tried to scream, but the only thing that came out was a muffled whining sound. The monster tasted like death and the scent of rotting corpses, and she could feel his teeth against her lips – the were sharp as needles, and the metallic taste of blood came along as well.
It was too much. It was too close, too dark, so much death and blood, this huge wall of indestructible power and muscle, forcing her against the slimy wall. This kiss, a tongue forcing its way around her mouth, these sharp teeth, the disgusting smell of death..
Just as the monster put its hands gently on her shoulders, she passed out.

...I won't even comment on how disturbing I think this turned out, and re-reading this my only thought is 'ew' and 'wtf is wrong with my mind'.
Anyway, I'm probably gonna continue it, so please tell me what you think so far!